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Lately Nick Jr. has been making a lot of changes, and not everyone is happy about them. First, a new Marina appeared on The Fresh Beat Band with no warning or transition, then Nick Jr. lied about when new episodes of Fresh Beat Band would appear, new show Mike the Knight aired on February 6th in the US, and now a slurry of changes have hit the channel and parents are not happy. Here are just a couple of comments from Nick Jr.’s Facebook wall this morning:

Nick Jr Facebook PagePersonally, I think that Nick Jr. should have learned it’s lesson from The Fresh Beat Band and the uproar from parents being upset about such an abrupt change with no transition or warning. Some parents hate change and will be upset regardless, however I think there are parents/viewers who would have been more receptive to the changes had Nick been more up front with things going on behind the scenes.

Sprout does a great job of introducing new characters, like one of their Sunny Side Up Show co-hosts Liz. Weeks before they broadcast Liz they showed her on breaks in-between the show, they also let children know who the host of the next week’s show will be. Disney Junior too is among children’s programming that understands that children transition better when change is slow rather than overnight. Disney Junior has been showing off commercials for one of their upcoming shows, Doc McStuffins throughout their normal programming and even recently announced that they will be airing programming for the younger crowd all day. {Which I personally am very excited for since we’ll have an alternative to other channels that we watch solely because Disney Junior changes to cater to older kids at a certain time of day.}

So it’s not that Nick Jr. couldn’t transition, however we may never know why they didn’t choose to transition more slowly or keep Moose and Zee around. No more recycling Gnomes on Ice cups, silly songs about candy canes and candy corn, and fun learning games about the hidden letters Big R and little r.

What are your thoughts? Are you bothered like so many other parents, do you want to Boycott Nick Jr., or could you and your children care less?

What programming will you and your children continue to watch?

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No to Nick Jr.?

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  • We’re mostly all Disney Junior but we did just add the additoinal channels so we get constant Nick Jr.

    What will they replace them with? That’s sad….my oldest is 7 and I’ve know these little guys for 7 years!

  • Remember Blues Clues, the Joe was introduced before Steve left. Change for children should always be introduced. It is not a difficult concept.
    As a parent of a child with learning disabilities, I have to continuously remind my child of pending changes. If I don’t, the tantrums are enormous….just like what parents are verbalizing with the changes on Nick Jr today.

  • Well we watch everything on Netflix and don’t have cable so I don’t even know who Moose and Zee are (gasp!) However, it seems like common sense to ease kids into new things without being abrupt about it!

  • We only have time to watch recorded TV during the school year but this summer we’ll return to watching regular TV & I’m quite sure the proverbial “fit will hit the shan” when my little “I hate change” child sees all the changes to Nick Jr. My child does not do well with transitions and needs lots of warnings and build up to a transition, abrupt changes generally precede massive meltdowns. Thanks Nick Jr. Glad to hear that Disney Jr. is going to all day programming.

  • Ok, the original Marina got married and decided to do more “grown up” things. Not a big deal really but I don’t understand why she had to be replaced and pretend like she was the same person. WHy not have Marina say goodbye and introduce this new person as Marina’s sister or just a new person altogether ala Blue’s Clues.

    Nick Jr has become Nick 2 and they changed their demographic from 2-6 to 4-8. With NO WARNING.

  • I liked Moose and Zee a lot, and so did my 2-year old. We don’t watch enough television for him to really notice, but I don’t like that they just decide to up and change things and have obviously not responded to the outcry about the changes. And the new Franklin is even dumber than the old Franklin.

  • I do not like how they changed nick jr. they never give any warning or let anyone know they are going to change the programming. When I was younger my generation grew up with nick jr. noggins “Face” now my son has or had Moose and Zee they were cute and adorable entertaining as well as educational. My son is really upset with the change he loved the songs and puzzle time. We have been watching you tube occasionally we he needs to see moose and zee.Its not the same you can go buy any thing online from dora right down to yo gabba gabba but you can not find nothing for moose or zee. They need to bring back moose and zee!!!!

  • As long as “Gabba Gabba” is around, I am oooookay with it. …But we will miss the ‘Music’ song sing by Moose.

  • Nick Jr, cut a lot of their original “Noggin” channel shows: Upside Down show, Franklin, Miss Spider, no more Moose and Zee. Seems like the channel became commercially-driven for merchandising opportunities (Dora and Diego…enough is enough!). I miss the old Noggin, and now Nick Jr. looks like every other Nickelodeon channel; big mistake. You can sign a petition to get Moose and Zee back:

    I hate when good things change.

  • I stumbled upon your blog and was glad to see that I’m not the only parent who hates the new Nick Jr programming changes. My child isn’t all that attached to Moose and Zee, but it’s all of the other changes to the lineup (new terrible shows are on when we used to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, etc.) that are disruptive.

  • This is completely ridiculous. First of all, all I ever hear is how bad it is to let your kids watch tv. I hear it so much that I was surely the only mom who did let her child watch tv. Now I’m reading this and all the comments from parents that are obviously logging many many hours of tv, everyday. All I have to say is you know not what you do if you proclaim these “better parenting” behaviors falsely. One day you will have to answer for your lies. When a person brags about being a superior parent you are belittling other parents, and it causes a lot of stress for those parents. My son has autism and all he watches is Nick Jr. He likes it, it keeps him calm and comfortable. So I keep it on most of the time even if he isn’t watching. He has great difficulty transitioning to change and he has not had any problems with the changes in fact I think he likes it (and he was a big fan of moose and zee). Personally I’m glad for the change. I liked m and z but the repetition was a bit much. Change is good. If this is causing you this much distress all I can say is I wish I had your problems. Maybe the guy that did the voice quit. Maybe he went on to bigger and better things. Or maybe he was a jerk and no one could stand him. Ever think of that? Get over yourself and your mindless complaints. Find something real to fight for. Good Lord

    • i agree that moose and zee were a but too repetitive, but they didn’t have to kill them off. my boys love moose and zee and good thing i have some episodes of backyardigans with them doing their sing alongs. we dance to them. as for moose’s voice, that voice has been with nickelodeon since i was a kid and i’m pushing 30. maybe he retired, but i dont think he was jerk and was let go. either way i hope they bring them back at least for the millions of parents and kids who like them

  • Quisiera saber que paso’con Moose and Zee,ellos eran los que inspiraban a mi bebe a ver TV todo el dia,hasta a mi me tenian entretenida con sus canciones,ensenanzas,palabras,juegos ect,ect,ect; ademas con ellos estaba aprendiendo “English”,….No se como contactar ese canal O’ me gustaria saber si lo sacaron del aire! O’ si hay que ordenarlos,ya no es lo mismo sin Moose and Zee. I hope bring back to the caracters Moose and Zee. Siceraly: Jovanny Henriquez. 🙁

  • @juan That’s not true, moose came from Noggin when Nick bought them out, they got him too. That all happened around 9 years ago-ish. Stick stickly had a
    Moose ish voice but I don’t think it was the same guy. When people our age were younger, nick jr had face, haha, and he had a kid voice.

  • @G-Maw Wonder Pets were so terrible. That duck with the speech impediment drove me nuts. My 9 year old was 3 when the show first started, and regressed to baby talk like that retarded duck. Soooo glad it’s off! But yeah, Dino Dan is awful.

  • @Cherl I agree that they’ve changed their demographic. I never really thought of I before, but when you put it that way you’re exactly right!!

  • What were you thinking when you added the show for moms. surely there is a later time that you could have added that program. I can’t imagine that those registering a negative complaint but at least we can express our opinion

  • I was originally disappointed that Moose and Zee where taken off the programming. My son learned so much more by just watching them, it’s sad that something so educationally fun was taken away. Now they have added Nick mom which I feel is not even needed. There are plenty of channels for us moms to watch than to have to take over our children’s channel…Sad.

    • Tina, I completely agree with you, on every point in your comment. The more Nick changes and the more outrageous they behave with programming, changes in shows the less I turn to that channel. On a nice note we’ve been enjoying Disney Junior, and even their evening programming is wholesome for the entire family.

  • All of you who say no more of the old nickjr are crazy.First of all it is way more funner then the new one. Little kids should be able to see the older nickjr. Think about all of the little kids who loved those games and how heart broken they are now. All of the cute little peple of of the old nick jr are gone. I do not know how the people who hate the old nick jr can sleep. I have been looking for the old one for hours now just for my little sister. I want her to know what the old nick jr games are and how fun they were. you guys are crimanals.

  • I loved Noggin and Nick Jr. Moose and Zee have thought me lots of things and their interactive games before the show started were literally amazing. I loved their songs too.

  • i dont like the fact they took noggin off the tv. my oldest is 12 and she misses them. i wish the other two grew up to the same watching the same thing. #bringbacknoggin

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