NickJr. Lied!

I wish I had gotten a screen shot of the image that prompted this post: Fresh Beat Band Season 3 – New September Episodes, however I didn’t, because little did I realized that I would watch NickJr. and check their website the 26th through the 29th (today) in search for the “new” episodes they were touting. Lesson learned.

I am wondering though if any of you saw it, and watched, waited, and watched like I did in hopes of a new episode or more, according to their claims. I’m glad I didn’t let Miss A know that I had seen this because she really would have been bummed out.

If you have a screen shot I’d love to post it on here, or even if you saw it with your very own eyes feel free to chime in. I’m just wondering what is going on behind the scenes with this show, will they cancel The Fresh Beat Band because of the negative responses and feedback that people are giving on the way they handled the Marina switch? Are they just dragging us along and if so, for what? It would be nice to move on if the show was over and incorporate new programming into our schedule instead of hoping to catch a new episode of The Fresh Beat Band.

I know many of you and your children are big fans of the show in general, so I’d love to hear you weigh in on this issue. Are you waiting for new episodes and sick of them showing one with the old Marina and one with the new Marina? It is confusing your children even more, or do you not care at all? Perhaps you’ve already moved on to other programming? Would love to hear your thoughts on The Fresh Beat Band.

Also here is a screenshot from of the episodes that were slated to be produced, maybe already filmed, who knows???

Wikipedia The Fresh Beat Band Season 3 Episode List

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  • This bummed me out too. But what I remember seeing is a promo for two new episodes for the first week of October. They even showed up in my DVR schedule. The episodes were the one about robots and the one where Twist becomes a rap superstar. And according to the above list, those eps are very far apart. I have no idea what’s going on. But they did put out that “friend like you” music vid, so I still have hope that the show will continue.

    • So weird, another one of my readers said she watched the Ghost Town episode that Nick Jr. is showing off on a video on their site (if it’s still there). I didn’t hear anything about that on my end. Either way it seems like Nick Jr. isn’t doing a great job of trying to retain viewers, maybe secretly they want the show to flub so they can promote something else?

  • Our 2 and 3 yr. old are HUGE fans of the show especially since Nick Jr. plays the “Friends like You” commercial and they think they are actually touring like max and ruby, etc. Can that actually become a reality? Or is that just too much to ask for since we can’t get new episodes as promised? We really hope that Nick Jr. continues with the show. We believe the show has awesome potential! This show can have awesome marketability with a clothing line, tours and music CDs. I have attempted to download music for my children and been unsuccessful. Has anyone had success, please let me know?

  • My son loves the yo gabba gabba cd in the car but I would love to mix it up with a fresh beat CD. He loves the songs and he even sings some words which is not too bad for a 16 month old. Sometimes I catch hime doing moves from the end song too!

  • I absolutely love the fresh beat band and so does everyone that watches my daughter. If they seriously cancelled it I may find some millionare and start a Fresh Beat TV Station. I have a 1 year old daughter and one day my friend came over with her 3 year old and asked if she could watch nick jr for a few and the fresh beat band was on…IMMEDIATELY my 6 month old daughter (she was at the time) starting singing, clapping, and bobbing all around-she loves it and its not a fluke–whenever I turn it on she goes nuts! now that she can walk she literally dances all over the place! I have downloaded their songs on my Zune mp3 player and they are in constant rotation in the car. Since she is 1 the Marina switch didn’t really affect her–although I really think they should stop showing both in ads and episodes because an older child would get confused. IM SO HAPPY OTHER PARENTS LOVE THIS SHOW TOO!! I would be sad if they cancelled it–she is so cute dancing and singing to them!

  • I love to find this info, I really didn’t know what to say about the new Marina, I expected they named her differently or even presented her like Marina’s twin sister. But for my 10, 6, and 4 years old daughters this change needs an explanation. Although they still sing the songs. LOVE THE SHOW.

  • I am assuming, you have indeed seen some of the new episodes by now. I think they just pushed back the episodes by a few weeks, to help promote the toour they are indeed going on.

    We love the Fresh Beat Band…and our excited to be going in February 🙂

  • Loosing the original Marina = Poor choice.
    Not only are my kids dissapointed in the unexpected change, but even I have become quite disinterested in the new, abrupt decision to replace the best part of the show (well, okay, second best to Twist, with his famously crooked teeth…Love it!). So it leaves me to wonder: Should I soon expect to be surprised with a spontaneous alteration to EVERYTHING that is comfortably normal? Our trust as staunch patrons of The Fresh Beat Band time slots has been moderately shaken with such an unexpected, undesirable shift…enough to re-think our regular viewing schedule.
    C’mon, Disney, what were you ppl thinking??! Cute & Quirky trumps classically trained and seemingly perfect, any day.

  • I, from experience, believe that switching marina’s was a big mistake. My child is 2 yrs old and he won’t even look at the fresh beat band anymore. He notices the change as well as his 6yr old sister. They both run inside of their bedroom whenever the fresh beats come on. my husband thinks its a phase and they will get over it but i don’t think nick did a good job in messing with the children’s minds.

  • i hope they don’t cancel this show its my favorite kiddie show and im 10 i hate the new marina the other one was perfection and i do hate the one with a new marina and an old marina episode thing. i watched a episod a few minutes ago with the new one and now the old one is on tv. how old is the old marina and who did she get married to? just wondering.

  • by the way i hate the new change of wardrobe and the new way they are making there music sound how dare they do this the other marina is flawless this new one is flawful why did they have to change everything they couldve gotten a new group of junior beats and just saying that they always switch them i mean get 4 cute kids and stay with them for all the episodes yeesh. thats all i want out of it and the kids barely look identical to the fresh beats get them to be identical oh yeah i also wanted to ask what other career does the old marina have that she can persue? LET’S FIGHT NICK JR. AND GET THE OLD MARINA BACK. OLD MARINA. OLD MARINA. OLD MARINA.

  • I love the new marina. My kids love her. The newer music is so much better and less cheesy. My 2yo is obsessed with fbb and when the old episodes come on, we are so disappointed. Wizard of song is our favorite 🙂

  • My daughter is 2 n she noticed the difference right away. Seriously they couldve gotten someone that looked like the old marina. Atleast color the new marinas hair to match. You can def tell the difference between the two. Also they need more songs, they play the same songs over and over. It drives me a little crazy.

  • Eventhough I enjoy the new shows I prefer the original Marina, as well as, the original Reed his accent was smashing. I realize change is an on going element of television but she should have been part of the first CD.

  • She is not a poor choice for the role, although I to miss the Marina of old. She was very sweet and her smile was as cute as it gets. The new Marina has been active in the world of child development she 16 or so and deserves a little bit of respect and understanding She is steping into a role that has been defined by a completly different person for 2 years our children have taken to her just fine I think its the parents who dont like change NOT the childre. As far as the role it would have been a smarter idea to intro duce her as a different person all together and had Marina say good by in a finale it was proven to work very well with Blues Clues and could have worked here…….I like this website very much……that being said I would like to see more parents being “Proactive” rather than critical of such trivial things as tan actress. It would take no time at all to get real facts and info befor stating an opinion it also shows a level of maturity beyond that of a 3 year old.

  • I personally like the old Marina better. My daughter who is 3 noticed the change right away. She doesnt even like watching fresh beats anymore. When old episodes come on she will watch it but when the newer ones come on she will say,”I dont want fresh beats anymore” which is her way of saying,”mommy can i watch something else”. My 19 month old son doesnt seem affected at all,he still sings,dances,etc. I think it depends on the age of the child. I agree with someone who said they should have had a “goodbye” episode like they did on blues clues when Steve left and Joe took over. I think the reason why so many parents are upset is because the way this change has affected their children. I for one could care less either way,if my kids dont want to watch it anymore thats fine with me and if they do thats fine too. I dont agree with the way nick jr handled the change and I do like the old Marina better. I dont think the new Marina is a very good actress and in some episodes she trys acting a little too much like Twist. Handle things differently next time nick jr!!!!!!

  • My kids and I love the new Marina! She is young, fun, and prettier! I was a little disappointed at first about the change, but grew to love Tara. Wizard of Song is my kids’ favorite!

  • My two year old twins are addicted to fresh beat band.they will not watch any thing else.they run for the remotes if it is not on. They scream and throw tantrums if they are not allowed to watch…we parents love the show too.but we wonder if there is any issue to this addiction of theirs

  • I never liked the old Marina. I thought she was cheesy. Her smile absolutely annoyed me to bits. I love the new Marina! When the time comes to put on a FBB show, I try to find a new one. Does the switch bother my kiddos? Absolutely not! They know she’s different but they don’t care. They like the music and the dancing. Change doesn’t affect kiddos as much as we parents think… To read that parents are in an uproar over the switch just makes me shake my head. This is a preschool show. It’s for enjoyment and entertainment. Why all the negativity? I just don’t understand….

  • On the contrary I don’t like the new Marina she does not possess the charisma. that the first Marina had. As far as her smile its too much the only reason fresh beat. still exist is because of the other 3 members.

  • Instead of bringing in a new ‘Marina’, they should have given Tara Perry’s character a different name, that way Shayna could visit, once in a while, as Marina, and sing with the rest of them.

  • I am such a huge fan!! I want more Fresh Beat Band episodes, even they hardly even made any movie for it. I don’t mind about the old or new Marina. People on YouTube for the Fresh Beats Rathers the New Marina than the old one. Now it looks like people who commented on here wants the old one. Only show Season 1 for sure for the old Marina,
    Season 3 for the New Marina, and Season 2 might be both, check on Google first before you show your
    Kids about it. All I want is just The Fresh Beat Band to come back, with new episodes and concerts, never went to one
    Of their concerts, I would love if they continue no matter what happens.

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