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Kai Lan Plush DollNi Hao, Kai Lan is an animated series that premiered on Nickelodeon in February of 2008 and is blowing up. The show teaches children Mandarin Chinese, about Chinese culture in general, and occasionally a few yoga poses.

The show helps to support social and emotional development for preschoolers through cause-and-effect problem solving. Along those lines Fisher-Price has created four very cute, plush, Kai Lan emotion dolls. We got to try out Sweet, but they also offer Giggly, Happy, and Silly.

Each plush doll comes with a cute plastic necklace for your child with the Chinese symbol and word of your specific doll’s emotion. Our necklace was Sweet, and that it was. It was the perfect size, well made, and totally safe. (Please note this product is recommended for children ages 3 and up.) My daughter loved wearing her necklace and felt like a part of Kai Lan’s super fab friends with the jewelry on.

Kai Lan Necklace

We like this doll because she is the perfect size for any child and is not too big or overbearing. Perfect for the family who doesn’t want stuffed animals and toys to take up too much room in their home. Because she is so cuddly and soft, my daughter likes to keep her in bed, and I don’t worry about her being uncomfortable.

Super Emotions Plush Kai Lan has soft, textured hair with cute fabric flowers, just like her character on the show. Each different emotion doll also comes uniquely dressed so you can collect all four and have that many different dolls for your child. Sweet Kai Lan is dressed in red, Happy Kai Lan is in yellow, Silly Kai Lan wears mostly light blue, and Giggly Kai Lan is adorned in pretty purple.

My favorite aspect of this doll is that it enables you to teach your child about their own feelings and how to express them through words. My daughter and I talk about what her “sweet” face is and it leads to us talking about other emotions and how to react in situations. So Super Emotions Kai Lan is a great learning tool for children of all ages as well as a playmate.

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