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Googly Band LogoRemember my post on Googly Bands?? Well if not check it out here: MommyB Knows Best Googly Bands Review. I really love these things and they’re a great, cheaper, alternative to some of the other trendy Bandz/Bands out there. Recently, I was approached by Imperial Toys with the opportunity to blog about two, yes two, of their brand new products…Googly Rings and Googly Charm Necklaces. The things they think of! Needless to say Miss A was delighted to try out Googly Bands Rings AND Charm Necklace, of course all at the same time. Here’s a cute shot of her modeling her new favorite Googly Bands products.

Miss A Googly Rings/Charm Necklace

I love the fact that these products are fun for kids to collect and that they come in bright colors. You can’t really see the necklace in the photo too well but the package comes with a necklace “string” with an enclosure, and several Charms to hang from the necklace, the nice thing is you can add so many more to the necklace, and if you really wanted you could probably even use the necklace to store your Googly Bands when you weren’t wearing them.

I love how the Googly Charm Necklaces hold all of the charms though so you don’t have any loose pieces, this may be a great choice if you have little ones that just have to have Googly gear or if you have a child that puts everything-in-the-mouth and like me are nervous about little pieces. The vibrant colors of the Googly Rings and Charm Necklaces help them to not blend in with the carpet or flooring, also helping us parents on the look out for choking hazards.

The Googly Rings are very cute, but not really for my 3 year old, because of their size they would probably fit bigger fingers easier, right now they’re way too big and easily fall right of Miss A’s little digits, so we’ll probably give them to Aunt H, who just turned 13, she’ll love them for sure.

Googly Packaging

Just like Googly Bands, Googly Rings and Googly Charm Necklaces come in many styles to appease the girls AND boys in your life, and you can collect them all, or mix-and-match at a great low price that won’t break the bank. That’s my favorite part!

Want to get your own or some for your kiddos? Check out Googly Bands Website here: to find a retailer near you. They’re pretty easily accessible.

Would you rather have the Charm Necklaces or Rings?


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