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Momnesia MondaysSorry I abandoned you all last Momnesia Monday, the trip to Northern Virginia strikes again! We had some internet issues although honestly I don’t know if I would have been able to write anyway, being in an unfamiliar place with two little ones is not the best atmosphere for anything really. Speaking of which, I had different topics picked out for this post but have decided to write a little bit about Travelling for this Momnesia Monday. Hope you don’t mind.

With the holidays coming up I’m sure some of you, if not most of you, will be traveling quite a bit, whether it’s by air, road, or for you really lucky ones, by foot! Even though it wasn’t holiday travel this past visit to Virginia it certainly reminded me that we have another trip to visit family on Christmas, woe is me. Now don’t get me wrong I love seeing family and friends, but the getting there and being in unfamiliar, non-kid proofed surroundings makes me stress.

I’ve always been a little uptight about cleanliness and organization, I guess that’s what makes me “me” and a little Type-A too and I’m okay with that. Thank Heaven for parents who aren’t as fanatical as I am though as I’m sure it proves for a much less stressful trip. That being said, now that we have two children it’s even harder to travel, not only do we have somehow three times the amount of stuff, who knew a baby could make that happen ;), but we also have to try to find somewhere to stay where Little Miss A won’t wake Baby C up during nap time, and if we’re in a standard hotel or the car I go ahead and kiss those dreams goodbye right away. I’m not going to fool myself into thinking my un-meak 3 year old would have it any other way, and I love her energy but I’d just love to save myself a, “shush” or two.

MomnesiaI know I have a long way to go, but I’m trying to be more laid back and even more proactive (if that’s even possible). I bring sanitizer, lysol, outlet covers, along with our normal travel gear. We try to stay in suites or with family when possible so Baby C has the option of a separate room for naps. And I try to remember that it’s not the end of the world if Baby C doesn’t get her nap in the car, although it does make for very, very long trips when you have a screaming tired baby. I do wonder though why it’s legal to sedate your pets on long trips but not your children.

What have you learned from long trips with your child(ren)? Any tips you can pass on to the rest of us??

Check out this Swagger Dad video on how he gets his children to behave in the car:

{What are Momnesia Mondays?? Basically each Monday I’ll be writing a post on my Momnesia, in hopes that maybe I can feature your Momnesia moments as well! Momnesia means that time in our lives when we say we’ll always or never do something and because we’re parents and go through different experiences, our opinions of the way we parent change. In my personal opinion, having Momnesia is good, it means there’s growth and acceptance going on and even if we’re not changing our own styles completely perhaps we’re looking at other parents and families differently. After all, I believe that each family is different and as parents we have to do what we feel is best for our own families.}

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