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Momnesia MondaysWelcome to today’s Momnesia Mondays, in case you didn’t read my first post check it out here:, basically each Monday I’ll be writing a post on my Momnesia, in hopes that maybe I can feature your Momnesia moments as well! Momnesia means that time in our lives when we say we’ll always or never do something and because we’re parents and go through different experiences our opinions change. In my personal opinion having Momnesia is good, it means there’s growth and acceptance going on.

The words above are words that now describe me occasionally, not always, but definitely sometimes. It’s something  that I have said that I would never do, but somehow ended up doing anyway. In turn, I find myself becoming “that mom.” And although most days I’m okay with being “that mom” I always strive for the best for my kiddos.

MomnesiaBefore I had kids I was always on time, meaning 5-10 minutes early, I took pride in being punctual and married someone who, bless his soul, is not an early person, so if ever we were running behind (and even now a little,) I get agita aka really stressed out. I always wondered why people, including parents were late to work, late to appointments, late for life, and well yeah…MOMNESIA….now I totally know why! With making sure Miss A has snack, drink, goes potty before we leave, and Baby C has pacifier, toys, diapers, and wipes. Making sure I have whatever I need for said outing, Couponizer for shopping, dish-to-pass for play dates, and water for my  This is pretty much what my diaper bag looks like (not my actual bag):

overstuffed diaper bag

All that and getting 3 girls, myself included ready, dressed, hair, shoes….it’s just insanity and some days I can’t believe we even make it out the door before nap time. So, now, I’m the mom who’s late, who’s daughter’s socks aren’t matching and who occasionally forgets diapers because she didn’t reload the diaper bag the night before. Yup, that’s me!

Do you do anything you said you’d never do? or do something you really hated before you had kids?? It’s okay, I won’t tell 😉


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  • I joined your blog, I’m a member of Mom Bloggers Club. I home-school, but these days I’ ALWAYS late. I have learned to live with it and not get upset. The hubby ALWAYS lets it get to him. (I think we’ve switched personalities.)

    Come visit me when you get the chance. Have a lovely day. 🙂

  • I said I would never be that mom who is at a store/restaurant with a screaming kid. Well it happens more often than I would like. I’m sure I’ll become the running late mom when baby #2 arrives in January.

  • I’m in the same boat with you…I was always early. Now I’m generally a few minutes late. Add to that I never thought I would have the kid screaming in the restaurant or throwing himself on the floor and pouting — where ever he is when he doesn’t get his way. I also never thought I wouldn’t think anything of wiping nasty stuff right off LO’s face.

  • Love this post! I am the same way. Before kids, I was always 10-15 minutes early. I married a man that was nicknamed “late Josh LastName” because he was always late. This frustrated me but now that we have kids I am always late too! Today I even left the house without my cell phone.

    And I am the mom with the dirty van. I vowed I would always take in whatever we brought out. BUt that gets harder when you are pregnant, tired from a very long day out and about and would rather flop on the couch than carry armfuls of jackets, toys and mail inside.

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