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MommyB's Q-Vids Okay y’all (as they say so quaintly down here in the South,) I’d like to introduce you to one of my newest blog features since my redesign….MommyB’s Q-Vids!! Hooray, I’m super excited! Since this is the first ever Q-Vid I’ll tell you a little bit about them and then you can grab your favorite movie snack and watch the short snippet of me, MommyB.

~I had been interested in trying my hand at “vlogging” aka video blogging for a little while and one of my great readers, Jenell emailed me with a suggestion to ask you, my readers, questions about life, the hard stuff, and things that would get people thinking. So, I decided that instead of traditionally writing a post I would create a segment where I ask you the question, it’s a little more personal that way too, don’t you think? Thus was born: MommyB’s Q-Vids.

So each week (please don’t hold me to this) or so, I will be hopping on here with my blue-eyed self to ask you a question, it will be a random question, (I’d love suggestions if you’d like to comment or email me,) in hopes that you will take a moment to leave a comment in the form below the post.

So check out this week’s question:

I’m really excited to hear what you have to say, and again, don’t forget I’ll be featuring a couple of my favorite answers from you next week, so make sure you comment away and share with your friends too! Thanks again for being great, and loyal readers!! I’m so blessed!


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  • yay for your first vlog post! well, when my kids were littles i was probably more of a type A parent but now that they are older and self sufficient i’m turning to be more of a spontaneous parent. so much easier to just get up and go!

    happy friday friend!


  • You did so well!! Great job, you are natural in the front of the camera! I used to be more type A parent too, but I have learned to let go and now I try mainly teach my kids to use their own noodle, so they learn problem solving skills, instead of just me trying to tell them exactly what they should do.

    • Thanks Katja, that’s so sweet of you to say. I’ve tried to work on being more laid back too, maybe when the girls are bigger I can let go a little more….maybe…:)

  • Aren’t you cute?! Good question, too. I am definitely not a type-a parent (hope Kelby won’t kick me out for that), or an attachment parent. I guess I’m an old-fashioned parent. What I say, goes. I hug my kids a lot. I take a day at a time deciding what’s best for each kid.

    I don’t worry much about theories or philosophies. God didn’t send these people down here with instruction manuals. What on earth makes people think they can write them any better than He does?

    Where the Bible speaks on childrearing, I obey it. It really has surprisingly little to say on diapering, co-sleeping, homework, and video games, so I just play it by ear most of the time.

  • I am a tough parent. Possibly a Tiger Mom. Tough love. Crying will get you NO WHERE in life. And I speak honestly and frankly with them.

    But, but, but

    I do let my kids know just how much they mean to me on a regular basis. While they may misbehave like crazy when I am around, I usually get great reports from teachers. They seem to be little angels at school.

    And every so often, I spoil them like crazy.

    So all of this put together probably means that I am not very consistent with either parenting styles. Ah, well, try harder today, right?

  • I am a very pregnant, new-mommy-to-be of fraternal, twin girls. 🙂 I’m type A by nature…wondering how that’s going to pan out in parenthood. I’ve been making myself a “Newborn Notes Cheat Sheet” so that I can get estimates for how long my babies are supposed to: _________________(fill-in-the-blank on average).

    I am feeling a huge drive to “nest” and get the nursery ready and in order, WITH CHECKLISTS. I have definite ideas about how I want to parent, based on observations of various different parents and their methods of discipline and how their kids respond.

    I know that all kids have their own personalities and that they don’t fit into a cookie cutter with all instructions provided, but I am trying to be informed so that I can know what MIGHT happen! TYPE A?

    • So excited for you Rigel!! Your two girls are going to have a great mommy regardless of what you end up doing. You definitely have to read my Momnesia Mondays post. Things I thought I would never do/say and how they’ve changed since I’ve been a mommy…and are still changing.

  • I am more of the easy-going type. We {try to} function on a foundation of mutual respect and responsibility. As long as my kids are calm and quiet (I seriously hate noise and chaos) and they are doing good things then I am happy. I love to be hands on and involved with my kids. I have high expectations for them, and have always taught them to be very independent from an early age (ie–even my 5 year old knows how to cook simple meals). They know what is expected, and for the most part they do it.

  • SO cute!! great job!!
    i? am a spontaneous parent. completely. a little bit of everything and i have no clue when that little bit of everything is going to present itself.

  • Your video was fabulous, great work, and I can’t wait to see more!

    What type of parent am I? I am a FIRST TIME PARENT. I think all of my experiences as a mom relate back to the fact that this is the first time I have done this. Every milestone, every fear, every worry, every triumph, all new, and I cope with it as it comes. I notice I am becoming much more relaxed and confident as my son grows and matures, but I an definitely still a major rookie.

  • I think I am pretty type-a…most days we are on the same basic schedule but other than that things are pretty relaxed. Since my son broke his leg I am a big-time hoverer quickly turning into a helicopter mom on the playground! We are working on that 😉 I am also very free with the kisses and hugs but no is no. I try to say yes more than no, but if it’s NO, that isn’t going to change.

  • Great job!

    I’m a combo. I’m pretty relaxed about a lot of stuff. I don’t overschedule, I don’t hover, I don’t compare myself to other moms, I don’t live and die by any parenting books. But at the same time, I’m very strict. It’s my way or the highway!

  • Nicely done! You would not know this is your first vlog, unless you hadn’t told us. And I like the question. Funny. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked nor have I really thought about what type of parent I am. After reading your other replies and thinking for just a bit, I’d say I’m an evolving parent. With each kiddo (I have four) I think I adapt my style a bit as my comfort & confidence levels increase. I’d say I’m rather relaxed in many areas, but I do have rules and breaking them have consequences. We like to laugh, we hug, kiss & cuddle and we try to learn from our mistakes. Working for a children’s hospital for more than a decade, I’ll admit, has made me a bit of a helicopter mom. You don’t see injuries from accidents in a 20 county area and easily erase all the possibilities of things going wrong from your mind. But I’m trying to relax. An area where I’d say I’m most improved is ‘catching my kiddos doing something right, instead of always telling them what they’re doing wrong.’ Thanks for asking.

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