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MommyBA few months after creating MommyB Knows Best I wondered, “What makes me stand out from other mom bloggers?” I hadn’t the slightest clue, I thought about writing for the bi-racial crowd, doing articles on hair, controversy, etc since my daughters are biracial but then I thought I didn’t want to limit myself to speaking about just that topic, and I’m sure I could have still written pieces outside that genre, but I decided not to go with that knowing that I can always write posts in the future on that topic on my current blog. After not really coming to a conclusion about what I really wanted MommyB Knows Best to be like I decided I would just keep writing how I was and hopefully through writing find my niche at some point in time.

As I am preparing for the Type-A Mom Conference I’ve been reading a bunch of different blogs, and checking out some websites on ettiquite, dress, what to bring, all the stuff a newbie like me needs to know. One site I stumbled upon, Blog Conference Guide for the (Un)Experienced was amazing for doling out such information.

(I can’t quite remember from my very late night of research last night if I actually found this tid-bit of information here or another site, so I apologize.) As I was reading the post it continued to speak on introducing yourself to fellow bloggers and how you should tell them your name, your website/blog’s name and describe your blog and niche in a couple of sentences…again with the niche stuff!!!

Well I thought about it and as of right now I think I may have an idea of my “niche” if I were to have one. What is it?? Okay don’t laugh…. I think I’m pretty good at taking products and services to review (not including spotlights) and giving my readers an honest review and going above and beyond to test them out, even in weird ways.

Examples? I once tested a product’s stickiness using my daughter’s Step 2 table, and it held, I constantly push the weight limits on toys making Miss A (who’s about 38.5lbs) really pushing them to their limit. I try to really delve in to be sure I’m giving readers what they’re looking for and even sometimes have to do a post like, “Where are they now?” because sometimes my opinions of things have changed and I want clue you all in on that.

So maybe it’s really just quality control and honesty, but for now I’ll at least call it my niche.

Do you think it’s okay to call it my niche? What’s your niche/something you’re good at?

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  • I crochet, I taught myself about 3 years ago. It’s VERY fun, and extremely rewarding when I give it to someone and I get to see their reaction. I’ve made blankets, pillows, sweaters, but my favorite thing to crochet would be amigurumis, adorable little crocheted stuffed animals.

  • Your niche? I have no idea. Can’t come up with one of my own, either. I’m just kinda me, and nobody else is, so I guess that would be my sphere of expertise. Of course, that gives me an audience of precisely one, so that’s no good. I hate being asked to define my blog. It’s kind of amorphous and undefinable. I’m OK with that. 🙂

  • This is my first time stopping by, so I don’t have an opinion on what your niche could be! But, I like your description.

    I struggle with the word “niche,” but I think it’s b/c I have too narrow of a view of it, like that means I can only talk about one thing, ever…and how boring would that be! So, instead, I think of myself as a family life blogger(not mommy, though there’s that, too- but I probably talk about marriage and friendship more often than mommy stuff), as well as doing product reviews of things that families with young children can use. Because my blog is anonymous, you always get my honest take on everything.

    Hmmm, I really need to work on a better pitch. LOL

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to “meet” you and I will see you at Type A Mom!

    • Yeah I think even if I picked one specific niche I wouldn’t want my readers to expect only that topic, I think people get sick of one thing all the time. 🙂 Hope to meet you soon!

  • I’m just stopping by also! Actually, just found your blog today! I would say from what I’ve read so far on your blog, that your niche is “I love my kids.” That’s a niche right? All of us moms out there (especially ladies like yourself who are doing a mommy blog)love our kids and want to share with other moms what we are learning about what is best for our kids and the daily interactions we have with them as they are growing up. I am not sure if this really describes a “niche” but in my book, LOVE always has a niche, in this mommy’s heart!

    • Thanks Marla, and I really do love my kids 🙂 I don’t talk about home too much because we have a personal family blog for that but they just sneak their way into conversation and of course the reviews. Thanks for stopping by, glad you found me. 🙂 Can you tell me where you heard of MommyB Knows Best?

      • Yeh:) I found it through your ergo carrier giveaway! I’m trying to get one (just don’t have the funds to buy one myself) for my little boy (10 moonths old) Jonathan. 🙂

        • Glad you found my giveaway was it on Mom Bloggers Club, Twitter, Google??

          PS I don’t think I got your mandatory entry if you want to add that so your entries count.

          • I believe it was google! Thanks for letting me know about my mandatory entry! Sometimes, I have problems with following giveaway directions:)

  • “I try to really delve in to be sure I’m giving readers what they’re looking for and even sometimes have to do a post like, “Where are they now?” because sometimes my opinions of things have changed and I want clue you all in on that.”

    I love that you are willing to give updates. Most products seem great at first, but it’s nice to know if your opinion changes!

  • I also just found your blog today but I think that’s a great niche! I’m definately interested in reviews that “test the limits” of products so I will be keeping an eye on your blog for that reason 😉
    For my blog I think my niche would be that I limit my reviews/giveaways to popular “it” products as well as handmade stuff that goes along with the current trends (the “hautest” products for mom & baby)… so I guess you could call it “quality not quantity” or something along those lines.
    Anyways I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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