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Play Date TipsWhether you are a pro or a newbie at play dates each one can be a challenge. From meeting new people, figuring out what to wear, and even play date etiquette, yeah, that’s right, there are definitely some do’s and don’t in the play date world, but don’t worry I’m here to help as much as I can.

General play date tips include dressing according to what type of play date you’re having, if you’ll be on the ground playing with your child wear something comfortable, or if you’re having a fancy brunch (yeah right!!) wear your cutest (stain proof) dress.

Aside from the obvious, making sure the time and location are good with you and your child, there are a number of things that come into consideration for a successful play date.

Attending Play Dates at Someone’s Home:

– Check to see what the age range of children will be to be sure that your child will be able to connect. Most of the time 4 year olds don’t want to play with just babies and vise versa.

– Get a feel if the toys will be age appropriate and what kind of child proofing is done within the home. With older children come small toy parts and perhaps not as much child proofing, of course I ALWAYS think parents should watch their children at play dates, but going to events that are age appropriate will save you some of the stresses of checking baby’s hands and mouth every 5 seconds.

– Make sure your child is healthy, no one likes when their children are sick and even worse if you’re the one who caused it you may not be invited to another play date in the future.

– Offer to bring a snack, even if the play date is only for an hour snacks may come in handy for calming children down before the trip home.

Always offer to help clean up, even if you don’t end up cleaning it’s still nice to extend the offer.


Attending Play Dates at a Public Location

Print directions or type in the address on your GPS before you leave so your familiar with the area

– If this is your first get together be sure to tell a friend or spouse where you’ll be

– Be sure to sunblock, bug repellent, hydrate, potty your child up accordingly before heading out.

– Ask what other attendees will be wearing/what color their stroller is or some identifying item so you won’t have to ask everyone at the location if they are in your play group.

– Wash your and your child(ren)s hands or sanitize before and after play and be sure to follow the sick rule for both in-home and public play dates.

Play dates are supposed to be fun so following these few simple steps will make your job less stressful and able to enjoy playing with your child and meeting new parents and their children.

What play date tips do you have?? Have you ever been to a “crazy” play date, tell us more!!


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