Medifast Food Reviews

Medifast Vanilla/Mocha/Dutch Chocolate(ready to-go) {LOVE THESE}
Medifast Cheese Pizza Bites {I may have to get used to these}
Medifast Carmel Nut Bar {I really like these, although I can only have 1 a day on my current plan.}
Medifast Mac & Cheese {this new meal is a little bland but with some pepper not bad}
Medifast S’mores Bars {these taste “buttery” to me, in a good way}
Medifast Chocolate Crunch Bars {I like these}
Medifast Sloppy Joe {reminds me of chinese food, not sure about the aftertaste or texture though}
Medifast Peanut Butter Soft Serve {smells delicious, love the texture but not the taste}
Medifast Cereal Crunch Cinnamon & Brown Sugar {me no likey}
Medifast BBQ Bites {surprisingly I really like these, they remind me of Hot Fries}
Medifast Brownie {not bad, not super flavorful and a little vitamin-y}
Medifast Chocolate Chip Pancakes {the chocolate chips helped but I didn’t like the texture}
Medifast Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks {didn’t love the texture but drank with a lot of water and it was edible}
Medifast Calorie Burn Strawberry Lemonade Flavor Infuser: {Yummy!! I’m not a fan of green tea or juices really but this is great, and helps me get my water in too!!}
Medifast Cappuccino: {Not bad, I really enjoyed this and it was filling}
Medifast Carmel Crunch Bar: For some reason I don’t like this as much as the Chocolate Crunch or S’mores bars.
Medifast Peanut Butter Crunch Bars: I really like these, they taste creamy.
Medifast Strawberry Crunch Bars: These are surprisingly yummy, I definitely recommend this.
Medifast White Cheddar Soy Crisps: I love these. I can’t believe it took me so long, but these are just like white cheddar popcorn.
Medifast Chocolate Chip Soft Bake: Because I enjoy the brownies I expected that I would like these even more, honestly though I’m not a big fan, although I hear there are a bunch of recipes that you can incorporate this into.
Medifast Oatmeal Crunch Bars: I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal, but I really liked these and the frosting gives it a good taste too.
Medifast Oatmeal Raisin Maintenance Bars: See above, not an oatmeal fan, and not a fan of these bars.
Medifast Tomato Basil Bisque: I love that it has sundried tomatoes and basil in it, it has a good taste, but something I’ll have to get used to as it’s not as creamy as the non-Medifast versions.
Medifast Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar: This one is pretty good, I really enjoyed it as a whole.
Medifast Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bar: This reminds me a little of the Oatmeal Crunch Bar and I really like it, sweet, and yummy.
Medifast Antioxidants White Grape Peach Flavor Infuser: I’ll pass on this one, for some reason I really don’t like the taste of it. I like grape and peach, but maybe the combo not so much.
Medifast CalorieBurn Mixed Berry Flavor Infuser: It’s not as tasty as the Strawberry Lemonade version, but I do like it. I feel like if I use around 10 ounces per packet it’s tastier and helps me want to hydrate.
Medifast Triple Berry Smoothies: I really like these, especially for the summer. Definitely good taste, refreshing, but a little more cleanup than the bars and shakes-on-the-go.
Medifast Cookie Dough Chewy Bar: This bar definitely tastes like cookie dough, I personally would have preferred the milk chocolate drizzle on this instead of the white drizzle. Overall a good bar, a little on the sweeter side for me though.
Medifast Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chewy Bar: I really liked the balance of peanut butter to chocolate in this bar and the chips gave it some additional texture. This is one of my favorite bars in the bunch.

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