Lullabelly Review

Lullabelly ReviewSet up the “perfect classroom” to prepare your unborn infant’s brain for listening and integrating language sounds. If you’re looking for an innovative and comfortable way to bond with baby and share your favorite music, look for Lullabelly, a prenatal music belt.

Lullabelly has done its research in regard to the learning aspect of this great product. It has been found that music being played to an unborn child helps to stimulate intellectual development, engage attention, and encourages learning, language, and memory, all within the womb.

Aside from the many developmental aspects there are some key elements that make Lullabelly stand out. The incredible comfort, pleasing look, and flexible mobility of this product are great bonuses for any expectant mother.

Upon receiving this product I first noticed how extremely soft the belt itself is. Comfort and fit are key when you are expecting and Lullabelly scores points for both when it comes to their prenatal music belt. It comes in three fun colors: pink, blue, and green. Best yet, the material is machine washable just in case you have any mommy spills.

Created by a massage therapist and mom, Lullabelly works in conjunction with your favorite music player, be it a CD player, MP3 player, iPod or the like. If you have a music player that is not slim or compact, I would recommend using the belt clip on the device to hook to the belt. I found that placing my small but bulky player inside the pocket caused some minor discomfort. Once I attached the player to the outside of the belt I could move around the house freely and comfortably.

The adjustable strap make this belt easy for any size mom to fit around her belly. My Lullabelly fit with room to spare; however, Lullabelly will provide an extension strap upon request and shipping costs, to those moms who need a little extra room.

For your listening pleasure Lullabelly is equipped with the maternity belt, a speaker for baby, and if you purchase the deluxe package you also receive a dual earphone adapter and deluxe earphones with volume control so you can listen along.

One great thing about the built-in speaker is that it plays music to the baby no louder than a conversational voice, so you do not need to worry that the music will be too loud. Even so, Lullabelly allows you to adjust  the volume on this very slim baby speaker. While it’s recommended to limit music exposure to something with simple melodies and rhythms,  any music can be played.

Personally, I have a hard time finding any ear buds that fit me well, and the same goes for those of the Lullabelly. I just could not get them to stay in my ears. I do love the product, so instead I would have purchased the standard package and perhaps bought my own splitter and used my own headphones. The deluxe package is cheaper, however, than purchasing each item separately so if you don’t have a problem with standard ear buds for six dollars more, I would say this is the way to go.

Lullabelly Review

As an expectant mom, I can truly say this would be a great baby shower gift to give to any woman. We’ve been playing some classical, lullabies, and some soft Christian (Pray for Rain and Newsboys.) What kind of music would you play to your baby?

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