Lou Malnati’s Taste of Chicago Pizza {Guest Review}

I received a sample of Lou Malnati’s Taste of Chicago Pizza for this review.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to experience the taste of the local cuisine. Each great city in the US has food that they are known for. New York has its bagels, Kansas City has its barbecue, and Wisconsin is famous for cheese. If you grew up in one of these locations, your connection to the local food is something that stays with you throughout your life and you go out of your way to find an authentic example in your new locale.

For lovers of Chicago fare, Lou Malnati’s might just be the solution for you. Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago is a nationwide delivery of all of your favorite foods famous in the Chicago region. In their catalog you can order burgers, polish sausage, Chicago-styled hot dog, corned beef, pastrami, specialty popcorn, cheesecake and other amazing looking desserts. The food is perfect for parties, for gifts (they offer several tasty gift packages) or for that meal to remind you of home.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on two styles of Lou Malnati’s deep dish Chicago pizza, a traditional pepperoni and a crust-less, gluten free sausage pizza. The pizzas were delivered frozen to my doorstep in an insulated Styrofoam cooler and were ready to pop into the freezer to be eaten later, refrigerated or cooked immediately. Being a pizza lover, I was so excited to try them that I had to cook them immediately.

Lou Malnati's Taste of Chicago Pizza MommyB

The pizzas come with easy-to-follow instructions and they came out perfect! It was so easy. All you have to do it open the plastic, take the pizza out of the tin that it comes with, grease the tin, put it back and pop it in the oven. The best part is there nothing to clean up afterward; simply throw the package away.

The pepperoni pizza was loaded with several layers of quality, spicy pepperoni. The sauce was chunky, fresh and delicious and the crust was flakey and buttery. My entire family loved the pizza. My 5 year old, who never eats pizza crust, ate her entire piece and raved about the crust, while my mom, who has eaten deep dish Chicago pizza in Chicago, said it was very authentic and delicious and my husband loved it as well and the only complaint was that it was all gone.

The crust-less, gluten free pizza was a great way of experiencing deep dish pizza without all the carbs. It came with a pork sausage base, layers of mozzarella and chunky tomato sauce. It is a perfect treat for low carb diets or someone who is gluten intolerant. Again, the instructions were simple and it turned out amazing. The sausage patty like base was seasoned very well and was not overpowering. It still tasted like you were eating pizza and it hit the spot for me. It was great to be able to eat a slice knowing that I could stick with my gluten free diet. I think I speak for many gluten-free people when I say I have missed pizza the most. This is a perfect solution to fill that craving!

Overall, I highly recommend Lou Malnati’s Chicago deep dish pizzas. The experience and convenience were exceptional and I look forward to trying many of the other items in the catalog. You can check out their catalog for yourself here: www.tastesofchicago.com

What food product Lou Malnati’s Taste of Chicago makes your mouth water?

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