Little Stinker Butt Spray Review

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LogoButt Spray? What’s that?? Well, I have to say this is the one and only time I have ever, or will ever say, “butt” and “yum” in the same sentence, but Little Stinker Butt Spray smells yummy!

I found Little Stinker on Twitter and thought it was such a neat idea. Little Stinker Butt Spray is useful for getting rid of stinky smells using natural, organic ingredients. By using safe ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, Little Stinker Butt Spray is 100% okay to spray directly onto your little one’s bottom. Can you believe that??Not only is this spray great for babies tooshies, but you can also find it useful as a diaper pail deodorizer, (you know those diaper pails get a little nasty, especially when your kiddo is eating solids), and if it’s bad enough to stink up the ENTIRE room, feel free to spray away!

Little Stinker’s Butt Spray also contains moisturizing elements, so if you’re feeling a little dry why not sneak a little spray onto mommy and go. Everyone will be asking what that heavenly scent is and for once you can tell them it’s you!

Little Stinker Review

It’s $11.95 for this 4 oz bottle which sounds a little pricey, but if you’re looking for something that smells better than those diaper pail deodorizer disks and is a multi-use product good luck finding something other that you can spray on both the pail and your child, well at least that is healthy for both.

Look out for more scents of Little Stinker’s Butt Spray along with a couple of nursing products coming out soon.

You can find Little Stinker at and also follow their tweets on Twitter at

What tricks do you use to make your diaper pail, or kid for that matter, smell “yummy?”

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