KitchenAid Rescue My Appliances Submission

KitchenAid SweepstakesI love to cook, I’m pretty good at it too, when I am actually in the mood to cook that is. Being a mom to two beautiful girls has brought me so many joys, enough laughter and smiles that by the end of the day I’m exhausted and the last thing on my mind is making a meal for my family. (Sound familiar???) Alas, I drag my tired mommy booty to the kitchen not only lacking energy, but also lacking inspiration, desire, and beauty. <Insert record scratch here.> Beauty??? What, you may be asking yourself, does beauty have to do with cooking dinner??

Well my dear readers some of you may be blessed to have a room in your home, or work that is new or just something you love, that is exactly what my kitchen is lacking. I remember when I worked for Windsor Communities and after a few months of working in a makeshift office, with no windows we moved into a beautiful, newly renovated office. The feeling was like inhaling on a gorgeous spring day, simply refreshing. I loved going to work, who wouldn’t with bamboo flooring and beautiful columns, a brand new desk and computer. That’s what I’m lacking in my kitchen.

While I’m not complaining, because I’m very blessed to have all of my appliances functioning and I know there are many people who go without, I would love to win KitchenAid’s Rescue My Appliances Sweepstakes. I feel that winning new appliances would not only make my kitchen look gorge, but help me on the many days that I’d rather take a nap on my counter top than cook a healthy meal. Photo of actual blogger on actual counter top:

MommyB Napping

So on that note, here are some pictures of my very white, not-so-new kitchen in their current state:

MommyB's Current Kitchen

Prizes include a double oven range, amazing refrigerator, gorgeous dishwasher, microwave combo oven, and beverage center. This is how my kitchen would look if I won 😉 Images not to actual scale (and meant to look funny.)

KAS Dishwasher

KAS Refridgerator

KAS Beverage Station

See?!?! So I’m begging ,pleading, kindly asking you to support me in my entry to win (fingers crossed) KitchenAid Rescue My Appliances Sweepstakes by voting for me. What’s in it for you?? Well, by voting for me here November 3rd through November 17th you are not only supporting your favorite MommyB, but you are also entering yourself for a chance to win one of their awesome KitchenAid mixers. (Additionally, be one of the first 500 people to vote and receive $25 off toward any home service order on!) Already own a mixer and not sure if you love MommyB that much?!? I know it’s not possible, but if by some chance there’s still that one person out there I will post pictures of our first meal stored, made, and washed in our brand new appliances, if I win.

***Should I win, ALL my current kitchen appliances including, the stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher will be donated to a local charity for someone in need.

I will update with the link to vote but for now check out the sweepstakes at for more information.

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