Invisalign – The Real Tooth Fairy

Invisalign_logoVote for Invisalign™ as the new Tooth Fairy. No, Invisalign™ won’t put money under your child’s pillow in the place of a lost tooth, but in my opinion what Invisalign™ actually does is much more beneficial, sorry Ms. Tooth Fairy, you may need to start looking for another title.

Invisalign™ is doing amazing things in the world of orthodontics for children and teens, and for adults as well. Straight teeth are important for all ages to ensure proper chewing, improve self esteem, and can alleviate or prevent physical health issues caused by poor teeth alignment.

In fact, about 4.5 million people in the U.S. are wearing braces or other appliances to achieve a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, according to the American Association of Orthodontics and one in five of those orthodontic patients is an adult. At some point I may be one of those five patients.

My toothy story:

In general, I have teeth that are relatively healthy, but unfortunately my mouth is too small for all of my teeth. At age 28 I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and much to my surprise I only had two instead of the average 4. {I won’t complain though because I know this meant half the healing time and half the cost.} My teeth are crowded and as a result, some of them are now crooked or overlapping. I can really notice the lack of space between my teeth when I floss and not only is it harder to make sure my teeth are clean, but it’s frustrating as well. As I grow older I feel like they are just getting more cramped and as I’ve been looking at options with my dentist and online I came across Invisalign™.

InvisalignWhy Invisalign is Awesome:

Why wouldn’t I go with braces, they’re traditional, proven to work, and er….shiny?? Honestly, after doing my research, and getting to speak with some professionals at the Invisalign Teen™ Breakfast at Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta, I learned a few things about the benefits of Invisalign™ over any other orthodontic options.

How the Tooth Fairy, er, Invisalign™ works:

Invisalign™ and Invisalign Teen™ is a really great system for straightening your teeth. Your dentist or orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and then take x-rays, pictures, and make impressions of your teeth in order to map out your treatment plan. {They can even show you how your teeth will adjust throughout the program to your final result. Pretty cool huh?}

Once you get your custom fit aligners, you wear each set for 2 weeks, are able to remove them to clean your teeth and eat. About once every six weeks you check in with your doctor who will check the progress of the Invisalign™ system and after your set amount of trays are completed then you end up having a great smile with less pain and no unsightly metal brackets. That’s a win in my opinion.

With the Invisalign Teen™ program there are even more cool benefits:

They’re clear so they don’t stand out as much as braces.

Invisalign™ is much more comfortable than metal braces and you don’t have to worry about scraping your cheeks and gums.

It’s great for children who are active and/or involved in sports, no more worrying about mouth guards because Invisalign™ is sleek and fit to your teeth.

The Invisalign Teen™ program provides up to six free replacement aligners if they get lost or are broken.

The aligners have a blue compliance indicator dots to make sure they are worn for the correct amount of time.

If you think your child may benefit from Invisalign Teen™, check out some frequently asked questions, watch great videos where real teens and their parents discuss the benefits of Invisalign and how it works for them and their family and get benefit and pricing information to help make the most educated decision for your child.

Or if you think Invisalign™ may be right for you, take the self assessment here:

Tooth Fairy

Sorry Tooth Fairy, I think you’ve been trumped.





This is a sponsored post by Invisalign™, however the words expressed in this post are my own. This is not a review of the actual services of Invisalign™ and I recommend you speak with your dentist or orthodontist if you have questions about the Invisalign™ program where it is applicable to you or your child.


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