How to Throw an Adult Ice Cream Party {Giveaway}

This summer I hosted an extremely fun back-to-school ice cream party for the kiddos, and it was an amazing success. I am the type of person that loves get-togethers anyway, so any reason to hang out with good friends is a good reason.

How to Throw an Adult Ice Cream Party

After the party I kept thinking how much fun it would be to have another ice cream social, but for just the adults. Really, the best way to dress up a typical ice cream party and make it more adult friendly is to change up the flavors. 

First, choose “grown up” flavors that are a good blend of decadent and delicious. Make sure you feature a variety of flavors, so you please different palates of those who are attending your party.

If you took original ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and made them grow up they would probably turn into, Blue Bunny’s Premium flavors: Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake™, Dulce De Leche, Cup O’ Coffee Cake™, and of course Double Strawberry. All tastes that are mature, but fun, and {because Blue Bunny uses quality ingredients} full of creamy goodness.

After choosing your ice cream base flavors, consider your dessert “vessel” {if you will}. When it comes to an adult ice cream party think outside the cone. Purchase waffle cone bowls or go a little chic using martini glasses, or even consider serving small balls of ice cream as ice cream fondue with scrumptious toppings to go with!

Speaking of toppings, my last tip for how to throw an amazing adult ice cream party is the toppings!! Let’s get creative here folks. Think fresh, think a little on the expensive side {and if you can’t go $$ fake it}, and think big!!!

Here are some adult toppings that I strongly suggest adding to your ice cream bar:

  • Macadamia or another “exotic” nut
  • Premium chocolates, shaved or broken into bits
  • Fresh fruits like dragon fruit, mango, pomegranate, or lychee
  • Cultural foods including Mochi {a gummy rice based treat}, or perhaps a drizzle of Vegemite
  • Plants, that’s right I said it. Consider buying or growing fresh mint and lavender and adding them to your frozen treat

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Collage

Now that you’re ready to host your adult ice cream soiree, pick some great friends, a nice setting, and have a flavor-filled night!! Here’s your chance to win some ice cream for your very own party. One lucky reader will win 5 Blue Bunny Bucks, to spend on whichever (5) Blue Bunny Treats your heart desires. 

Enter here:

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Blue Bunny for the treats in order to host this soiree. I am not an official spokesperson for Blue Bunny, however if I could wear a bunny suit I would sign up immediately. I write about Blue Bunny because I like their products, and hopefully my posts reflect that sentiment. Please know that the above words and images are my own honest thoughts, yours may vary, but it’s doubtful.


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