The Next Big Leap in my Life – She turns 5

MIss A turning 5

 This little er, big girl is breaking my heart. This year Miss A turns….5. Ack, I get agida when I event think about that number. For me, being a stay-at-home mom and extremely hands-on with my girls from birth, “5 years-old” means she’s growing up. The older she gets the less she needs mommy, she’ll be in Kindergarten in the Fall and inevitably I’ll see her less during the week, and that means that some day, she’ll be grown, hopefully go to college and have her own family.

Now before I get too far ahead of myself, because I often tend to do that, {I’m a worrywart you see} I know this is the normal progression of parenthood, however it seems like a big leap to me. Before she turns five, and goes off to Kindergarten I want to enjoy the rest of this school year and summer celebrating four!

We have decided make a checklist of 4 big/new things to do before she goes to Kindergarten.

  1. Get her hair straightened {temporarily} for her birthday party.
  2. Take a family trip to SeaWorld, she loves exploring new things.
  3. Sign her up for a semi-competitive sport.
  4. Invite one of her friends over for a sleepover.
I think these “goals” will not only help us transition from preschooler to big girl, but make the rest of our time before Kindergarten starts even that more memorable.

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What’s your next, “Big Leap” in life? What do you want to accomplish before that leap?

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  • Hey, guess what? You’re a fantastic Mama :). I, too, really struggled with Reagan reaching this stage. The birthday itself didn’t bother me too much. It wasn’t until Kindergarten registration and screening that I really started to struggle, and then of course came the big send-off in September. Many people shrugged it off as “Oh she’ll be fine, don’t worry.” That wasn’t the problem. I knew SHE’D be fine. It was me I was worried about! For some different perspective for you- as a working mom the realization of all of the time I had missed with her set in, and that hope of maybe someday working from home, etc. was suddenly gone. There wouldn’t be another chance. She’ll now be in school until she’s an adult. I felt like my heart was broken! My advice- take it one day at a time. Cry all you want, and all you need regardless of anyone else. It’s a big adjustment, but as each day passes a new routine will become and you’ll be able to enjoy new discussions and things with her. You’ve done a wonderful job with Avery, and her personality and inteligence is a direct tribute to you and your family. She’ll do just fine, and so will you! 🙂

  • My next big leap…I’m not sure it’s BIG, but my 5 year old is just about ready to learn to ride her bike with out training wheels! I’m nervous! She’s not! My husband plans to do it next month. I remember her 1st steps and now to think it will be her 1st real big girl bike ride! Wow, how time flies!

  • 5 is so tough and wonderful to watch! It is hard but man can a 5 year old be an impressive sight. They are just so independent. Enjoy your days and remember she is always you baby girl!

  • My next big leap is so far away from your adorable 5 yr old…my former 5 yr old will be 19 and graduating from cosmetology school in March. I have no clue how I will prepare for this leap… 😉

  • Oh, those were the days. My little big boys are in their 20’s now, and I can clearly remember the youngest’s first day of K. One of his classmates threw holy hell when it was time to go in to school. I thought mine might decide to join in, but then he gave me a look that clearly said “What the?…” and I knew he’d be fine. Enjoy! My next big leap…do I have the gumption to stop coloring my hair after 35 years?

  • Aw sweet! Kudoes to you for taking the time to make her last year before school special! Enjoy your time, they grow up way too fast, but school is a blast too!

  • Lots of great things to do before kindergarten. As a full time kindergarten teacher, I think you and your daughter seem like you will be well prepared!
    My next big leap will be sending my 2 year old to preschool in the fall. My baby will be a big girl. 🙁

    • Thanks Kerri, I know she’ll be in good hands, however it’ll be interesting to have her away from home every day (she’s in 3 day half day Pre-K right now). I am secretly excited for her too but of course another part of my big girl growing up.

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