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Playing games with my children is more than just spending time together. Studies have shown the importance of spending quality time, actively engaging with your child is to his or her development. On top of that, I find that games serve other important purposes as well. And the best part? The kids don’t realize it; the benefits may vary with each game:

  • Strategy
  • Decision-making
  • Social skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Math
  • Patience

This is just a short list, of course.

MommyB let Hasbro know how much my family loves games, and they asked if I’d be interested in writing a review. Imagine my surprise when my box came and we received TWO games.

Scrabble Alphabet ScoopScrabble Alphabet Soup

Initially, I thought my boys would not be interested. However, much to my surprise they actually picked this game first to play.

As long as your child can recognize letters, he or she can play. My boys are 12- and 11-years old. They vary in academic ability, typically avoid playing word games with me, claiming I know all the words because I am a writer. The beauty of this game is that it puts us all on the same playing level.

We had a lot of fun, and our game lasted only about fifteen minutes straight out of the box. After the winner was declared, they both asked immediately to play again.


  • No reading required (during game play)
  • Fast- paced
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches word spelling recognition
  • Kids will love it


  • Can be noisy (ours was!)
  • Little player interaction

I am planning on buying this game for my brother’s kids. At just nine-, seven, and four-years-old, it is one that they can all play together and don’t have to have a parent to help. I would recommend it to everyone.

Harry Potter ClueClue: Harry Potter Edition

When this game arrived, a reverent silence fell over the kids as they took in the box. You’d thought J.K Rowling herself delivered it. Usually, I don’t care for classic games that adapt them to current trends. Being that I am not a Harry Potter fan, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the game.

Set up took some time, and the instructions weren’t clear on many aspects. We dove in and learned-on-the-go, and in the end, it worked out well. And I’m not saying that a just because I won.



  • Interaction with the other players
  • Strategy skills needed
  • New elements to help solve the mystery
  • Don’t have to know about Harry Potter to understand (it does help)
  • Short game play


  • Complete board needs to be accessible to all players ; was awkward, but we just helped each
  • other with no issues
  • Instructions are unclear and hard-to-read due to dark colored paper.

For your Harry Potter fan, this game would make a great gift.

Harry Potter Clue Board

I would like to thank MommyB and Hasbro for enabling us to have a great afternoon despite our rainy day.

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned games for my review and honest opinion. I will receive no
other compensation.

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