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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, 10 days to go to be exact. I love getting my husband and girls gifts for Valentine’s Day to show them that I care, and to be completely honest I like getting Valentine’s gifts and treats as well. It’s a fun holiday to celebrate whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or the entire family.

I enjoy getting at least one edible treat for this holiday and this year I got a taste {literally} of Valentine’s Day early. Harvard Sweet Boutique sent me some samples of their brownies and cookies so I could tell you what my honest thoughts are on their products. But first, let me tell you a little more about the company itself.

Harvard Sweet Boutique Logo

Harvard Sweet Boutique is a gourmet, all-natural dessert company that offers hand-made goodies for any occasion. The mouth-watering artisan brownies, decadent cookies and dissolve-in-your-mouth toffee can be easily bought online and shipped to friends, loved ones and business associates for any occasion. Even for those with specific dietary needs, Harvard Sweet Boutique offers low-carbohydrate and gluten-free treats! They have a huge customer following and have been featured in national magazines like Every Day with Rachael Ray and InStyle.

My first thoughts when I received my package was how great their presentation was. If I had been receiving this as a gift from hubby I definitely would have been beyond excited to open it. As I opened my package I saw a bunch of individually wrapped treats to enjoy. As far as the look of the treats they were okay, the Vanilla Sea Salt Carmel Brownie was a little gooey in the package, but the only item that was damaged was my, “Perfect” sugar cookie. See the irony?!?! I’m not too picky though when it comes to looks of the goodies, I’m more about the taste. Although I must say the Mint Chocolate Fudge Brownie did look pretty in it’s package.

Harvard Sweet Boutique MommyBKnowsBest

Now, to the taste, in my opinion, the most important factor, among presentation and price. I did taste each of the items in my basket and my favorites by far were the brownies. If you are a center-brownie person, and like the really fudgy ones these will make your mouth happy. I loved the Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel Brownies, there were a few spots where the salt was concentrated, but all together this was the best brownie I have ever eaten. I also really enjoyed the Mint Chocolate Fudge and regular Fudge Brownies.

Harvard Sweet Boutique Brownies

As for the cookies in my box, to be completely honest, I wasn’t super thrilled about them. I like my cookies like I like my brownies, soft and a little gooey even. But for those of you who like crispy cookies you will totally enjoy these. My girls, however loved each of the cookies they got to try out. When it comes to cookies they’re not picky, but the conversation heart sugar cookie was their favorite I assume because of the way it was decorated.

One last thing that I can TOTALLY appreciate about Harvard Sweet Boutique is that they have gifts in several different price ranges. I like that they have some treats that are under $20 and even a fun Miniature Brownies & Bars box for only $11.00, that’s pretty decent.

Visit HarvardSweetBoutique.com for your gift orders whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or another occasion this year. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!


As I mentioned above I received samples of Harvard Sweet Boutique products in order to give you my honest opinions of their products. The opinions and thoughts expressed above are my own thoughts, yours may vary if you are a brownie corner connoisseur.  

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