Guide to Myrtle Beach in the Fall

Thank to for hosting our trip and the following businesses for their great hospitality.

Have you ever considered visiting Myrtle Beach in the Fall? Think about it, no crazy traffic during summer holidays, not to mention shorter lines and waits at well-known attractions. Imagine being able to go your favorite Myrtle Beach restaurants and venues not having to worry about masses of people.

While you may not be taking a dip in the water (unless of course it’s an indoor heated pool), consider visiting the beautiful beaches with a cool crisp breeze instead of the hot sun beating down on you. Don’t get me wrong I love summer and all that comes with it, but I think there is something to be said for the beach during Fall.

While Myrtle Beach may not be the obvious choice for a Fall family trip, it’s a great place to visit, and has something for everyone in the family. With plenty of indoor attractions and outside activities we are always entertained. Here are a few of our favorite places and things to Stay, Eat, and Play at in Myrtle Beach that are perfect for a Fall visit.

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Eat, stay, and play at Springmaid Beach Resort. If you want to stay oceanfront when you head to Myrtle Beach Springmaid is the perfect location. This resort offers several lodging choices including a pet-friendly choice. All of the buildings are steps from the sandy beaches and gorgeous waves.

Springmaid Beach Resort also has its own pier with fishing, shops, and an amazing view. Admission to the pier is free if you are a registered guest at the resort. We enjoyed the fact that they had several pools and had a choice of indoor and outdoor swimming while we were there.

The staff at Springmaid was super helpful and the newly renovated room that we stayed in was large enough for our family of four. We loved that our balcony faced the beautiful resort grounds and of course the ocean. It was so cool to watch the sun set from our very own balcony patio.

We weren’t huge fans of the breakfast buffet, although they did have a lot of different foods to choose from. I think if we liked eggs though we would have been in heaven because the omelet bar and Chef Ray are very well-known.

Check out Springmaid Beach Resort’s website for more information, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Of course while you’re in town you’ll want to find places to satisfy your hunger. While there are many, many, many, many, places at Myrtle Beach to cover that basic need, there were a couple that we visited that we really enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

Lunch at Myrtle Beach

While searching through our Visit Myrtle Beach guide we found several yummy looking lunch spots and settled on Ultimate California Pizza. We had never been before and the menu sounded great, plus both of our girls love pizza. The restaurant was clean and the decor was fun and upbeat. The service at the location we visited was great and the food was amazing.

The menu and choices at this restaurant are almost endless, even the children’s menu had quite a few items on it, so there’s definitely something for everyone in your family. I like that I could get the girls personal pizzas with a whole wheat crust, but wish they offered a side of fruit at no extra cost for the kid’s meals. My Moon Doggie pizza was loaded with toppings and super delicious. DaddyB ended up getting a salad but wishing he ordered the pizza too!

I would definitely recommend Ultimate California Pizza locations in Myrtle Beach for a fun dine-in experience. For menu, locations, and pricing check out their website.

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Dinner at Myrtle Beach

When we chose to dine at Angelo’s Steak & Pasta restaurant, little did we know this was more than a standout eatery. This restaurant is filled with friends, family, great food, and a whole lot of heart. Owners Angelo and Angela Antonucci know the value of giving back to others through their continued success.

Upon our entrance I quickly noticed several photos of animals and information on a missionary who is supported in part by efforts from Angelo’s Steak & Pasta restaurant. While we were visiting we had the pleasure of meeting a local balloon artist who was raising money for an upcoming missions trip. Not only did we get the girls a couple of cute kitty cat balloons but were able to donate to a great cause.

Throughout our meal we received amazing, friendly service not only from our server but the entire staff. The girls loved their meals, but I think DaddyB and I were blown away by our entrees. From a recommendation by our waiter Chris, I ordered the Chicken Marsala that was sweet and unique in a great way, the portions were HUGE and although I wish I could have fit every bite in my stomach there was just no way. DaddyB proclaimed that his ribeye was the best steak that he has EVER had, no joke. I kid you not, he probably talked about the steak for weeks after our visit. Not only that but we were able to try out an in-house rum cake that was very tasty.

If you get a chance to visit Angelo’s Steak & Pasta’s new location, you’ll be sure to have a memorable family meal in a beautiful facility. I can definitely see why Angelo’s is a longtime favorite of locals and visitors alike for many years. Please support this great establishment by checking out their website and following them on Facebook, but even more importantly, visiting their restaurant.

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The Skywheel at Myrtle Beach offers up fully enclosed, temperature-controlled gondolas. Plus, shorter days equal earlier sunsets, equal amazing views!! My family and I were blessed to experience the VIP gondola that Skywheel offers and enjoyed the comfortable leather seating, and the unique view that the glass floor gave us. We rode at night and the lights both on and around the Skywheel were incredible. The ride was long enough for us to get a great view of Myrtle Beach and some fun pictures and videos to remember our experience by as well.

This activity was definitely one that I would like to make sure we do every time we visit Myrtle Beach. For a family with children ages 3 and up, who aren’t fearful of heights, I would say this is a must-do while visiting Myrtle Beach.

Skywheel Myrtle Beach is open year-round {except Thanksgiving and Christmas day} from 11 am and currently closes at 10pm Sun-Thurs and 11pm Fri-Sat.

Children 2 and under receive a complimentary Angel Ticket, ticket prices for children and adults range from $9 to $13 depending on age. Skywheel Myrtle Beach also offers Senior Citizen and Military discounts. To purchase tickets, check out VIP ticket prices, and see great video and images of the Skywheel in Myrtle Beach, head to their website: and follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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If you are anything like DaddyB and me, you may have a preconceived notion that anything with the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not name attached to it is weird, grotesque, or scary. When it comes to Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, that notion is a complete misconception. I’m so glad that we asked our friends and readers’ input on whether or not this aquarium was safe for us to visit with our timid little girls.

While we just missed the last showing of the mermaids and I know the girls would have loved that experience, there was plenty to see, and experience.

We had an amazing time checking out the exhibits. We loved visiting Ray Bay where we saw a variety of really cool manta rays and stingrays.  The girls were a little intimidated by Dangerous Reef tunnel. Once DaddyB and I assured them how awesome and not scary it was we were able to walk {or ride the moving walkway} through the underwater tunnel and see sharks and other ocean life swim overhead.

The girls also loved the hands-on experience that the Discovery Center offered. They were able to see some water creatures up close and personal. While none of us picked up a horseshoe crab {we let the other visitors do that}, we were able to learn a lot about them from the very knowledgeable staff on hand.

Ripley’s Aquarium Myrtle Beach is definitely a destination you and your family can spend all day at. They also have a snack bar and some really great deals in their gift shop. We purchased an adorable pink manta ray and a beautiful, sparkly mermaid that the girls picked out at a great price.

We would definitely recommend Ripley’s Aquarium if you are visiting Myrtle Beach any time of the year. For ticket information and to see other Ripley’s attractions head to their website, follow on Facebook and Twitter too.

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You may not think of visiting the Children’s Museum of South Carolina when you’re headed to the beach, but if you are looking for family friendly play areas in the Fall or really any time of year.  The museum is not only educational, but it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.

We had the pleasure of visiting the museum during our Visit Myrtle Beach trip, and enjoyed our hours of play there. Don’t expect to be wowed by a million-dollar facility, rather expect to be impressed by the creative exhibits and the museum’s desire to grow.

The girls loved putting on a puppet show for us, playing sock hockey, pretending to be news anchors {I liked this activity too}, pretending to be medical and dental staff, of course practicing their skills on mommy and daddy, and so much more. The creativity that was pouring out of them was so inspiring.

Coming from Charlotte and being spoiled with amazing children’s museums who have great financial backing, it definitely touched my heart to see the Children’s Museum of South Carolina and physically see their needs for visitors and donors.

The staff that worked there were very kind and welcomed us, the facilities, while not new, were clean and open for the kids to safely explore. I implore you, if you live in the Myrtle Beach area, consider visiting or donating so other families can have a great learning experience and if you’re just visiting don’t be fooled by the outside facade of the building, inside are memories waiting to be had.

Visit the Children’s Museum of South Carolina’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter for more information on admission, Fall hours, and how you can help them continue helping children learn and be creative.

Children's Museum South Carolina Collage MommyB


If you have older children while visiting Myrtle Beach this Fall, one great place to visit is WonderWorks. You may have driven past a WonderWorks in the past and just never known its name, but it’s pretty hard to miss, just look for an upside down building.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is located alongside other great activities and attractions at the Broadway at the Beach section of Myrtle Beach. Aside from being in a great location, there is plenty of parking, and this attraction offers indoor and outdoor dining even if you do not purchase tickets for a visit.

We took Miss A and Lil C who are currently 6 and 3 years old and realized right from the moment we entered WonderWorks that it’s better for older children at least school age and up if not a little older. If you have a child who has any sensory issues it would be a complete overload for them, however if you have a child who loves to move from one activity to the next but who is also patient enough to wait since this is a VERY hands-on attraction, this is the perfect spot that offers a lot of variety.

WonderWorks did have a lot of cool interactive games and learning opportunities, but we visited on a holiday weekend so there was a lot of waiting or passing on exhibits because of the crowd, which makes it a better location for Fall since crowds will be smaller.

For more information on WonderWorks Myrtle Beach check out their website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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If you have a true nature loving family, you will want to visit Brookgreen Gardens. Having a child who is afraid of bugs {and for good reason with her allergic reactions} and a beautiful, but very buggy nature excursion was not a great fit for us. However we did manage to have some fun, and escape the bug bites during our short visit.

When we arrived at Brookgreen Gardens we realized just how expansive the entire grounds are. I would recommend stopping at the Welcome Center upon arrival and figuring out where you’d like to visit first. We enjoyed the children’s play area that had a storybook theme and the mini on site farm.

Fall Hours for Brookgreen Gardens are 9:30am to 5:00pm now through December 1st and the park is open 7 days a week. The park offers several special events and programs throughout the year for visitors and members.

To check them out head to Brookgreen Gardens website, and visit their Facebook and Twitter pages while you are at it.

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Since it’s not too cold in Myrtle Beach in the Fall for outdoor activities, mini golf is still a family favorite for this vacation destination. We enjoyed golfing at Captain Hooks Adventure, one of many mini golf locations run by the Myrtle Beach Family Golf group.

We played at night because it was a little warmer during our visit, but in the Fall you’ll have a variety of times throughout the day where the weather is comfortable for the whole family. This course has two alternate paths you can take. We were directed to the children’s course that was a little less “scary” than the Lost Boys path.


During our game we were able to hear Tinker Bell and look for Peter Pan, so not only was it a fun mini golf game, but it was a neat experience as well. The girls wanted to bypass the Hook’s pirate ship hole because of the life-size Hook statue, but other than that all four of us had a blast. 3 of us even got a hole in one on different holes!!

I love that Myrtle Beach Family Golf has locations scattered throughout different areas of Myrtle Beach with different themes. Check out each location by visiting their website.


Visit Myrtle Beach in the Fall

MommyB Visit Myrtle Beach Bloggy ButtonWhether you’re coming for the beautiful resorts, delicious food, or the fun activities that Myrtle Beach has to offer, it’s a great family friendly location you’ll want to visit this Fall season. Make sure you head to
to learn more about the great businesses and services listed above and more great places to stay, eat, and play in South Carolina. Don’t forget to check out their website for coupons and find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

For awesome Fall deals on your Myrtle Beach trip head here:

Have you ever visited Myrtle Beach? Where are your favorite spots to stay? eat? and play??





The opinions and thoughts in this post are our own honest opinions based on the experiences we were able to enjoy through the hospitality of the above businesses and services. Your opinions may vary.

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  • I love Myrtle Beach. I grew up in Florida so we often visited the area on summer vacations and its just beautiful. I bet its fantastic in the fall when the weather is a little cooler, “a little” 😉

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