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The Fresh Beat Band Season 3This past Friday, like many families mine tuned in to Nick Jr.  to watch the season premier of The Fresh Beat Band and see (for the first time), the new Marina. While I was away at the Type-A Parent Conference, I had Daddy B tape the new, season 3 episodes of The Fresh Beat Band for me so I could see for myself.

Here are brief synopsis of the two first episodes and some of my personal thoughts (yes I am being uber critical just so I had something to write on both sides, so if it sounds nit-picky that’s exactly what is, really the episodes aren’t horrible and someone will find something they love and hate in both). Since so many of you are weighing in on the original vs. new Marina issue post that I wrote (you can see here: I thought this would be a great place for you to share your thoughts on the episodes. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, I’m just excited to hear what you have to say.

Graduation Day

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season begin with a graduation, however it seems like production for the Fresh Beat Band has been nothing but different from day one. So to follow suit, in the first episode of season 3, the Fresh Beat Band members graduate from music school. {I feel like this may have been their way to phase out Ms. Piccolo, but why didn’t they do something with introducing the new Marina in this episode too??}

Twist, Shout, and Kiki day dream about their futures after school is out and what careers they’ll take on. Twist wants to fight fires with jelly or a pretzel salesman – astronaut, Shout wants to be a tennis player – conductor, and Kiki wants to be a race car driver -ballerina, but Marina doesn’t know what she wants to be. The Fresh Beat Band tries to help their friend Marina figure out what she wants to be with suggestions like a chef, construction worker, and a chef. In the end, they realize they just want to be in a band with their friends…The Fresh Beat Band.

We liked: The fact that they didn’t stereotype any particular jobs to certain genders. We actually really enjoy the new, “Here We Go” song that’s been playing a lot and in this episode, my 4 year old sings along every time she hears it, which she did not with previous Fresh Beat songs. I think that the new faster, {maybe a little more “radio-friendly” songs} fit the actors vocals a little better too. I feel like, “Here We Go” has replaced, “Friends Give Friends a Hand” in this season. That they are featuring a person in a wheelchair this season, hoping that they show more diversity throughout the season for children who are watching. And lastly the fact that Shout is no longer wearing shorts!! Hallelujah!

Songs include; “Looking For a Friend Like You,” and “Reach For The Sky.”

I didn’t like: The opening song changes, I think the original song was more fresh and fun personally. So annoyed with the fake smoothies, I guess it’s easier but looks too cheesy IMO. Twist’s rapping {although my husband thinks it’s hilarious and loves it}.

Pepperoni Pizza Jasonlam

Photo credit: jasonlam

Giant Pizza

A new neighbor is in town and Twist’s nose leads The Fresh Beat Band right to him. Harper (played by Shane Blades), runs the Singing Pizza Cafe – “Where every pizza is served with a song sung acapella (without any instruments).” The theme of the day at the Singing Pizza Cafe is Pirate Pizza day. The Fresh Beat Band volunteer to help Harper open the Singing Pizza Cafe. Twist, Shout, Marina, and Kiki hand out pizza samples, make lots of pizza (including one HUGE pizza to feed the masses) and of course singing a song to the Singing Pizza Cafe customers. Songs include “A Friend Like You,” “Good Times”, and of course their signature, “We Had a Great Day.”. Both of the new songs sound like they are songs from Black Eyed Peas, although I can’t find anything online to prove that they have similar song-writers or producers.

We liked: The pizza guy, Harper, he’s kind of funny, although still trying to feel him out to see if he is a good fit with the rest of the cast. How everyone politely shouted, “Pizza Please.”

We didn’t like: The way the small flying pizzas looked, the mock-pepperonis looked disgusting. Marina as a pirate. Cheesy “favorite things” line by Reed. The fact that they even have the Junior Beats, why not just have the awesome dancing kids just be kids and not have to “look” like any of the older Fresh Beat Band members?

Looks like a new Fresh Beat Band episode is coming up on July 8th, will you be watching?

Did you like either episode? Did you have a favorite? Why did you like the episode or why did you hate it??

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  • My kids loved the new shows and the new songs. We will be watching. No matter what people say about the new Marina or the how new season started, kids love it. It’s about the kids liking the show and not about the parents…

    • You know, you are absolutely right. I mean as adults we get to watch shows we enjoy for pure entertainment factor–kids should too…

    • You have a valid point but it is the parents responsibility to choose wisely what their children view on tv. So a parent has every right to form an opinion. But again, you have a valid point. Take care

  • OMG,
    I’m a Freshman in High School & I Watched The Fresh Beats Every afternoon With My Nieces. These New Changes Really Upset Me, Because, Personally, I Like The new Episodes, I Just Don’t Like The Outfit Changes, & Especially the New Marina! The New Marina is a Good Singer & All, But I’m So Used To The Old One, That There’s No One Like The Original!

  • hahaa wowwww… Whoever directs this show i wanna punch him/her in the face.. They shoudlve made a story behind why the original Marina is leaving.. Not like her real life marriage but you know what I mean. Im 15 and i watch the fresh beat band with my little sisters and they r like really ticked off that they dont see the original Marina. I personally think that the new outfits suck, the new reed looks whatefer, the new marina looks like she has no talent whats so ever. I mean.. Pshh whats up with the show… Even the little sidekick dancers or whatever u want to call them r being replaced. I know they arent the main characters but cmon.. I feel like the show got ruined JUST cuz the original Marina left. Im just going to stop watching the show and tell my little sisters to watch spongebob or something elsee. The show just got lame.

  • Our grandson, he’s almost 3, LOVES Fresh Beat. I record it for him and keep the recordings. He watches them over and over. Now with the new season all he will say is he wants to watch a new fresh beat. His favorite right now is Giant Pizza, although Pool Party is edging up on giant Pizza. He likes the graduation day one but he doesn’t ask for that one as often.

  • I am watching The Fresh Beat Band right now for the first time with the new Marina and I just don’t like her on my is just not the original and that sucks!!! I want the original Marina back, Perry doesn’t look like she belongs on the show…HA HA!!!

  • Hello all! First and foremost, I love the fresh beat band, their music, style and life lessons for children. I have 3 children myself. The music has progressed season to season. I must say that season three’s music is by far my children’s and also my favorite. I do think children will quickly get over the changes, my kids were excited about the changes but miss the original cast members and I do as well. The original Marina is classic. You cannot fool children nickjr they notice the difference so trying to pass off a completely different person as Marina isn’t working. Although the new Marina is still extremely talented as the rest, the original Marina is my favorite and will always be. She is also my children’s favorite. As long as the show focuses aim on the valuable lessons , I can’t complain.

  • I love the new Marina. She sings as well and is a much better dancer. So much better. The old Marina was so stiff and off cue, they would put her in the back-corner. Which size-wise, made the foursome look off balance. Their choreography is more complex and now they have someone that can keep up with Kiki. Either way, the actors are in fact adults and not making millions from being in the Fresh Beat Band. Old Marina wanted to get married and continue with her life…fine by me! The stories are still cute and as far as the kids go, the Giant Pizza episode taught about new friends and being accepting of new things. I love the change. 🙂

  • I personally dont enjoy the new Marina. She comes off as “fake” to me. Like shes trying to hard to fit in with everything. I kinda wished they hadnt changed anything including Reed and Melanie. I just dont enjoy it as much anymore and neither do any of my kids and thats 6 dislikes right there including me.

  • I told my husband that there was a new Marina and he wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure at first and then actually saw the first show. We weren’t all that crazy about the first one, but not sure we really like this one at all. My kids, 2 1/2 and 5 noticed that she changed. She has a really big mouth and tries too hard. Maybe once she gets used to the part, she’ll get it. It also looks like she wants to be center stage all the time. I really like Kiki and think she does a terrific job, along with the rest of the staff, but not a big fan so far of the new Marina. The only think I like is the color of her hair!

  • I really just hate that they are having her use the same name. My grandson is 3…he has NO clue what an actor is! So trying to explain to him why Marina looks different is a real pain! We have seen the new commercials and he keeps asking why they are not showing Marina!! I keep explaining that someone different is taking over her part….some day he’ll get it, but not today!

  • I love the original Marina but we’ll give the new girl a chance. The kiddos are gonna love it anyway because its got the catchy songs and dance moves and all the bright colors and cool designed rooms… from what I’ve seen the “new” Marina seems to be more outgoing and a spotlight stealer. What made us love the original Marina was her cute and sheepish personality..oh well it happens*shrugs

  • I have been a fan of the Fresh Beats since they aired when my niece was an infant, but their new look and sound have turned me into a fanatic. I think the biggest concern people have is with change. No one really likes change, and I have to admit, I didn’t want to like the new Marina. Even though the original Marina was my least favorite character (I thought she was stiff & uncoordinated, and being a drummer myself, it bothered the heck outta me that her drumsticks flew 2 feet over her head! Haha), I thought new Marina had to prove herelf. After I saw the Giant Pizza episode, she won me over. Her voice blends with Kiki’s much better (and let’s face it, Kiki’s a star). I LOVE all the rapping Twist does. He’s just plain good at it, and I love that the White guy does it and not the Black guy, like it purposefully fights the stereotype.

    All in all, I think the producers are taking a hit show, piling money into it and trying to make it soar. I love the new look of the Fresh Beats, and I will be first in line to buy up tickets when they go on tour. I think everyone will gets used to the changes. And let’s face it, even the Beatles had a different original crew. Best of luck to the original Marina, and welcome new Marina! See you all at the concert!

  • OMG PEOPLE! You seriously need to get a life. It’s a good kids show and you’re studying this like it’s a college essay you have to write about. Why don’t you guys just focus on adult things while your kids watch the show and stop analyzing this so closely.

    You need to get out more and have a drink or two with your girlfriends!!!!

  • How come there hasn’t been any new episodes? I bought the season pass on iTunes and i’ve only gotten 3 episodes for $25!

  • I am the father of a four year old and just like Blues Clues, My daughter likes the original Steve, not Joe! She don’t even want to watch Fresh Beat Band now. I really enjoyed her watching it as she participated asin dancing and singing around the room! My 3 year old son still likes it though, so now we have them split apart watching tv! The new Marina is definetly NOT a good replacement as you can see from the votes! Everyone liked the other Marina! I understand that things change, but there wasn’t much thought put into this! At least they are graduating, so there is a little plot that can be used to get another good Marina!

  • Am I the only one who notice Shayna Rose was not very coordinated and had trouble keeping up with the dance moves? I thought she may have gotten let go due to this reason until I read that she was getting married.

    She is a beautiful and talented girl regardless.

  • My son is four and wanted to know what happened to the other Marina, Shayna Rose? He doesn’t want to watch the show anymore with the new Marina, Perry. He doesn’t like the new clothes either. “Mommy how did they change clothes? Mommy why does Marina look so different?”

    • Looks like she got married, and is hoping to be on broadway, some say she was pregnant/looked pregnant in the Step Up episode but that has yet to be confirmed.

      • New Marina, Old Marina….. I wish them both the best, and I do believe, as an MD and mother of 4 children and 6 year-old twins (now) that both are incredible. We do need to be engaged for our children’s questions and concerns, and explain. I wish Hollywood would embrace the concept that honesty is always the best policy. We would not be having this chat response, if they had been honest to our children and introduced a new character, perhaps ‘new kid in school’ type of writing, and ‘Marina is moving’. Each year, children and families are faced with transition, people moving into and out of our immediate life. I continue to say that it would have been a great opportunity for the show to help our children and our families to this concept. It would have provided an opportunity to see that we can be happy for someone’s future, and sad for their loss in our immediate life, all at the same time.
        Each of the actresses are amazing, I believe that we, humanly, were forced by the writers, to compare and contrast the two actresses, because we and our children were forced to accept the lie. Unfortunately, as the shows want to depict “always tell the truth” the writers confuse the viewers with lies we are forced to over look and swallow and accept. Hmmm . And we wonder why our children don’t ‘accept’ this fallacy.

  • My now six year old daughter loves The Fresh Beat Band. It is cute to see her get up and dance and even sing with them. We do not like that they are adding dancers to their songs, It takes away from the Fresh Beats. Sorry but we do not like the new Marina. We want the original Marina back. She had a bright and innocent shine about her. She was fresh and lively. Will you give her back please…

  • i am 11 and i have a 4 year-old sister she doesn’t like the new marina.WE WANT YOU BACK ORIGINAL MARINA !!!!!!!! i’m so glad your geting married congrats but WE WANT YOU ok with the new marina,but. so welcome new marina and good luck original marina

  • In regards to the “new” Marina, my 4 yr old don’t even like to watch it really when she in on. She says every time that she hates the new Marina & likes the “old” Marina better. She will watch the episode with the rock star jacket board game theme, but she looses interest in the others that Ms. Perry is in. My daughter complains about her the entire time she is watching it.

  • We all LOVE new Marina in our house! We actually just deleted all our dvr’d episodes with Shayna! We don’t care for her at all in this family! New Marina rules! She’s a WAY better dancer, singer, actress and is just all around more fun and prettier and less annoying. No more annoying funny face making!

  • Seriously I think the old marina should come back. The new one can’t even sing she sounds really bad. She is a weirdo. I use to watch the Fresh Beat Band with my 2 year old brother with the old marina but now it’s just boring.

  • Wow, there is a lot of hate going on for the new girl. Way to teach kids about acceptence and how to adapt to change.

    The way some of you are talking, you would have thought the new girl robbed a bank or something. I mean really it’s still the same old show, there’s good lessons to learn and fun music to dance to.

  • I personally like the changes on Fresh Beats. Before they seemed just totally “out there”. I found it really annoying, totally unbelievable. They seem a little more real now. I like it.

  • I love the new Marina she is absolutley a better singer actor etc… And lets not forget the “old Marina” left.

  • I am a father of a three year old boy who loves the Fresh Beat Band and I must admit, so do I. I actually like Tara Perry better as Marina. Nothing against Shayna Rose. I used to watch her on Days Of Our Lives so I like her, but there’s something about Tara I like better. My son likes the music from the show and so do I. I bought the cd and keep it in the car. I have to confess that I have a little crush on both Yvette and Tara. I think they’re both cute and extremely talented. Plus they are adults even though they play as teenagers. My son and I enjoy watching the show and listening to the music.

  • We absolutely love the NEW Marina!!! She’s a terrific dancer (unlike the former girl) and is really funny and outgoing, not quiet and timid. Too bad they’re not coming to our city as part of their tour!

  • I also am disappointed that the original Marina was not provided an explanation for her departure. My 5-year-old twins noticed immediately and were confused about someone pretending to be Marina. It would have been a healthier transition for children who believe in object permanence, and believe in 100% literal perception (when you say the bug man is coming to the house, they believe that a man, who is also a bug, is coming to the house). to have a comfortable departure reason and celebration for her departure, with an opportunity to discuss emotions, happy for her and sad to see her go, and perhaps introduce how to say goodbye to a friend. Opportunities lost with an easily recognized lie, instead.

  • Hi I’m a fan of the fresh Beat and thanks to my one year old know 3 I’m sorry to say but I’m not one on change I’m like the person that stated she is not big on change…I have seen the knew one for a few months and the knew one just don’t do it for me I kinda wish they would make. Her hair more of the first marria any way line she said my 3 year old don’t care so I leave it a lone lol!

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