End of the School Year Classmate Gift Tag – Free Printable

Every school year we leave a little sad that we won’t see some of our friends. Unfortunately with private school none of Miss A’s classmates live in our neighborhood, but whether or not your child’s classmates are far away or closeby this cute End of the School Year Gift Tag is a great way to express what a great year your child had and offer opportunities for play dates in the summer.

In Pre-K I made this Sweet End of School Classmate Gift, and last year for Christmas I made gingerbread play dough with a sweet gingerbread prayer, but will have to post that later this year. This year as we were shopping for cute, little gifts for Miss A’s classmates we found ice cream scented bubbles in adorable ice cream cone shaped containers. I went with the ice cream theme and created this gift tag:

End of the School Year Gift Contact Tag MommyB

Our finished project (after our dollar store purchases and some ribbon):

End of the Year Classmate Gift Tag Printable MommyB


Click here for your —> FREE Printable version of this end of the year classmate gift tag as a pdf with 9 tags per page for you to print out, add your child’s name and if you like your contact information, {I use my phone number and email address}.

If you decide to use it feel free to email me a picture of your project or write about it on my Facebook page/Tweet me.


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  • Aww totally cute! I’m in the middle of making the teacher gift today.. she’s retiring and WHY did I say yes to this project?!
    But my kid needs to make a card for her so I might use your printable! THX!

  • It’s like you were reading my mind! I was just thinking this morning I needed to create something for my youngest as she has a few friends in class that she really likes and I don’t have any contact info for them! Such a great idea!

  • This is SUPER cute! And a clever way of reaching out to other families! Much better than the quick…hey…we should get the kids together, send me your number and I’ll txt you back. 🙂 Which I may have done a few times this year already. 😉

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