Elusive Naps

Nap PillowWhat ever happened to naps? I used to remember them, the kids, not mine (that’s another post). I remember days where Miss A would take a 3 hour nap, not frequently but those were days that I didn’t know what to do with myself, do I stare at the wall, workout, catch up on television, power wash the house, organize my orange peel collection, the options are endless! Or at least they were….unfortunately for me once Miss A turned 3, coincidentally the same time that Baby C was born, naps did a disappearing act on me, grab your tissues people, we’re mourning the life of naps.

Here are some tips, (to make you giggle, not actually scientific) on how to get a better nap:1. Everyone knows most children sleep well in the car, so you can drive around your neighborhood for an hour and a half while they sleep, although you really can’t get much done around the house this way, and your neighbors may call the police after the 10th time you drive past their house.

Here’s a picture of the first time both of my girls fell asleep in the car, Baby C was under a week old and we had to take her to the doctor for a weight check up.

Girls Asleep

2. Dark places help children to sleep, so I say duck tape those curtains shut or plant a really big tree right in front of their bedroom windows, that’ll teach the sun for trying to keep your child awake!

3. Teach your child the importance of wearing ear plugs to

bed, maybe even make a game out of it. So that way the next time loud <insert service people here> come to your house, collect your trash, ring the doorbell 11 times, your child will sleep right through.

4. Got a kid that has to go potty every 4 seconds? Don’t be afraid to shop the pet aisle next time you’re grocery shopping, the creators of pet pee pads have got the right idea, just slap one of those on your child’s bed and you’re in business.

Fake Food Breakfast5. I see so many children falling asleep at the table or in their highchair, so sitting in front of food must be a good way to help your child sleep right?!? Purchase some fake food (less mess) or real food (more laughs) and place on your c

hild’s pillow and voila instant snooze!

Seriously, I hope you never try any of these methods, in fact just suck it up your kid is destined to drop their naps and they will never come back, just remember to enjoy them when you have subsequent children, while they last (the naps, not the kids). Here’s to those of you who’s children still nap, jerks!!!


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