David Arquette and EcoMom Fight Childhood Hunger – #It’sAllGood Campaign

ecomom_logoI hope that we, as a country, are at a point where we realize that starving children are not just a problem in third world countries, but a large problem here in the United States as well. Personally, it bothers me {in a good way} to see people begging for food, I have yet to see, with my own eyes, a child in this similar position. However, just because I have not seen it in my own life doesn’t mean it’s not a very very real and sad issue in our country.

That’s why I am writing about the, “It’s All Good Campaign”. EcoMom co-founders Jody Sherman (CEO) and Emily Blakeney (Chief Mom Officer) are championing the “It’s All Good” nation-wide giving initiative to feed children across the U.S.  Teaming up with actor and father David Arquette, to bring aid to the hunger struggle that faces about 1 in 5 US children. The goal of this awesome campaign is to feed at least 100,000 hungry children in the U.S. this year.  David Arquette, committed super dad and three+ year volunteer as well as a long-term supporter of Feeding America.

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So how can you help??? For every purchase YOU make through ecomom.com, no matter how big or small, the site will donate three healthy, nutritious meals for a day for a child between the ages of 4 and 18 months. You heard me right, 3 meals for a day for one child, just for making a purchase from the site that’s filled with a bunch of stuff you’re probably already buying anyway.

What are you waiting for? Help me, by doing your part. It takes a village to raise a child, let’s build up our population and take care of the children that need us.

I am going to receive $50 for writing this post. I commit to spending the entire $50 {if not more} on products fro ecomom.com. When I receive my products, those will also be given to a family in need. I know some of you even may be struggling, but for those of you who have extra and are willing to give I pray that you consider it. There’s no reason children should go hungry if we can help it. 

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