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If you’re a busy parent I guarantee that saving time is a top priorities. During the summer months finding ways to make errands shorter not only help me spend more fun time with my girls but also helps leaves me less stressed.

Ever find yourself dreading going in the store? Yeah me too! Sometimes you have a sleeping baby you really don’t want to wake up, sometimes it’s a battle to justify getting everyone in and out of the store, and other times I’m under the weather and just wish I could just stay in my car with my sniffles.

Whatever reason you dread going into the store help is here.

I recently discovered CVS/pharmacy’s new Curbside Pickup, a really cool, time-saving feature.

Here’s How It Works:

Head to the CVS Mobile app or the CVS website. Find a location near you and follow the instructions for Curbside Pickup to start shopping.


CVSPharmacy App


After processing your order CVS will text you that your order is ready and send you a pickup pass to use once you get to the store. (You can also track your order.)


CVS Curbside Pickup Processing MommyB


Typical transactions may take around an hour to fill.

Once you receive the text that your order is ready head to the CVS you placed your order with and find the CVS Curbside Sign like this:


CVS Curbside Pickup Sign MommyBKnowsBest


Then you wait for your order to be brought out to your vehicle.

The CVS employee scans the pickup pass and your transaction is complete.

Quick Details:

· The service is currently available in 3 select regions (with plans to roll out later on): Charlotte, Atlanta and San Francisco

· To use the service, customers can choose from thousands of non-prescription items through either the CVS Mobile App or website, and have them delivered curbside at a local CVS Pharmacy location within an hour

· No markups or added costs (LOVE this!!!)

· You can link your ExtraCare number to your account and earn quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards and receive weekly ad sale prices on CVS Curbside Pickup orders (please note: item pricing will vary by store)

My Experience:


CVS Curbside Pickup Purchase MommyB


The service is awesome. It’s easy to shop and add your items if you know what you’re looking for. You can check out their featured items, search by department, or the search bar allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

During my use I put an item in my cart that wasn’t available at my local store. The system texted me right away letting me know I had to update my order and the store even called to clarify. Though they’re working out a few bugs I know I get the service of a live person at the store who is working hard to ensure my satisfaction.

I realized a couple of the items I had in my cart were on sale either with coupons from my ExtraCare Card or the store’s regular sale prices. Yippee!!


CVS Express Pickup MommyB



After placing my order I received the text it was ready within about 10 minutes.


CVS Curbside Pickup Ready MommyB


We hopped in the car (really I could have taken them without shoes or in their jammies since we didn’t have to get out of the car, hooray!!!) Once we pulled into the CVS parking lot my sister timed how long we waited for our items and it was under a minute!!! I was pretty impressed, and the service was excellent.

Seriously, doing this every time I shop would be a huge blessing. I love that CVS is starting this service and hope that more places follow suit. Now I can grab sunscreen on our way to the park if I forget it or order medicine for a headache and snacks for the kids while I’m running errands. Because we all know even the most well-behaved kiddos sometimes have a hard time “running into the store” and sometimes we just “don’t wanna”.

What’s Cool for You

· READERS/FOLLOWERS: Get $10 off your first curbside pickup order, no minimum purchase – using the code: 10CVSCURBSIDE (Expires 8/7/16)

***This code can only be used within the CVS Curbside service feature within the CVS Pharmacy app.


CVS/pharmacy is giving 3 lucky readers a chance to win a $50 CVS gift card. All you have to do is try out CVS Curbside Pickup and tell me about your experience. You can post a comment here, come post a picture/comment/video on my Facebook page @mommybknowsbest, tweet me @mommybknowsbest using #cvs and/or @cvs_extra, post an instagram picture and tag @mommybknowsbest @cvspharmacy #cvs, send me a snapchat @mommybknowsbest. I will be choosing the 3 best posts on July 31st, 2016 so be creative and don’t forget you have to try the service in order to be chosen to win a giftcard.

**Must be over 18 years old to enter.


I can’t wait to hear how your experience with CVS Curbside Pickup goes. Don’t forget, no minimum purchase required using the CVS app and code here in this blog post AND document and share your experience on any of the above mentioned social media platforms to win!!! 


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  • I am so loving this service! It has so many uses for me and my family! I’m glad nobody is sick right now, but I know it will be used then. Double bonus is a brand new CVS is opening near us any day now!

  • I love the idea of curbside pickup and I’d love to try it for CVS and I got all excited reading your post but unfortunately I checked and they don’t even offer it anywhere near me. I hope I can still be entered though.. since I shop at CVS weekly the old fashioned way. 🙂

  • It is 95 degrees here in NH and I feel sick from the heat. I have a headache too. I’m not sure that I could handle being in the store to look for advil. It’s awesome to be able to sit in the car and have someone bring you something to make you feel better. Yes, and a candy bar too for good measure.

  • Following a doctor’s appointment where both of my babies received shots, I pulled into the drive-thru at CVS. I explained that I had just gotten the boys settled down and asked if I could just buy one bottle of Infant Tylenol. The pharmacist said I would have to come inside or do curbside pickup. I told her I couldn’t come in and asked how to do the curbside pickup.
    So I pulled around and parked, downloaded the app, registered, ordered the Infant Acetaminophen and waited. It was 11:33pm. Several minutes passed before I received a text message saying that my order was received and would be ready by 12:45pm. I waited 15 minutes since they knew I was outside–surely it wouldn’t take long for them to pull one thing off the shelf and take it outside. I still hadn’t received the promised text stating it was ready for pickup, so I went and got a coffee (where the drive-thru is useful to a mother with her two sleeping children) and returned to wait another 30 minutes. Finally I left frustrated and decided to wait until we reached our destination to get the Tylenol. I asked my husband to pick up the Tylenol on his lunch break. At 2:00 I received a text from CVS stating they were still working on my order!!! It still lists the original pick-up estimate, but you can see the picture was taken after 2:00pm. Thankfully I was able to cancel my order at that point.

    I am disappointed on so many levels. The fact that the pharmacy would not sell me Tylenol at the drive-thru is unfathomable, especially when I told them I had the babies in the car. Obviously one or both of them was in pain or running fever (since I was buying Tylenol) and to tell me I have to wake them up when I just got them settled so that I can bring them both inside by myself is downright mean. Furthermore, the pharmacist neglected to tell me the curbside pickup would be an hour-plus wait. She knew my exact situation and that I was planning to wait in the parking lot. Then to have it take several hours longer than the “guaranteed” hour is ridiculous.

    I sent an email to CVS customer service and they replied with “sorry you weren’t pleased”. I think I’ll look for a small local pharmacy. CVS curbside is not mother-friendly.

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