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chicBuds ReviewLook what I found in my stocking! Actually chicBuds sent me a sample to try out for my blog and all I can say is I’m a lucky mommy. I don’t even know where to start with these amazing head phones. I think it was love at first sight 🙂

From the flavorful packaging descriptions that almost make you want to bite into these yummy ear-glitz electronics to the amazing functionality it’s a product that every mommy should own.

I’m not huge on buying things just because they’re cute so there’s a chance I might not have picked these up on my own, but honestly these are the best headphones I’ve used for several reasons.

If you’re a sucker for Swarovski like me, each piece is adorned with about 85 crystals. The fact that mine came in Watermelon, (the oh-so-adorable and delicious sounding, pink crystals,) made me love them even more. One of my favorite things about chicBuds though is that if even if you aren’t a pink lover like me, you can get them in a variety of colors and patterned crystals and the headphones themselves come in both white and black.

I’m a Breast Cancer Awarness Advocate so these chicBuds are another one of my favorite styles:

chicBuds Review BCA

Going back to my, “okay so these things are pretty, but what do they actually do” point. These bling-ed out, functional headphones have a handy clip so you can attach them to your top and not worry about them flying across the room, park, grocery store, when you’re chasing your kids around aka getting your daily allowance of exercise.

Look ma no more tangles! One of the biggest “Ohs and Ahs,” of chicBuds though is their built-in retractible feature. These babies retract at 5 different points, so no matter what your personal preference is you’ll have a great fit.  Not only do they have a pamplet that comes with each set of headphones but there is a page on their site devoted to explaining the correct way to use this feature: How It Works. What an innovative idea, my favorite feature of chicBuds by far.

chicBuds have they’re awesome line for women and they also have products for kids and dads too. Don’t ask me how, but DaddyB gets his headphones tangled as soon as they come out of the box so I am considering getting him his own set of rockBuds.

Want to know where to get your own chicBuds products? Find them at a Store Near You or buy them on their website Follow them on Twitter for more products and information:

What’s your favorite “flavor” of chicBuds???


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