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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters – Predaking Review

As a Dad to two daughters, I get plenty of chances to play with toys. Of course, the majority of them don’t look like the toys I played with as a kid. So, I was excited to help out MommyB by reviewing the new PredaKing Transformer.

I was impressed with the amount of detail on PredaKing. The dragon heads have skin like spikes and extensions. There’s some hieroglyphic-like lettering on the wings, and Overall, he’s one of the best-looking Transformers I’ve seen. Admittedly, I only have a handful from the last 4 or 5 years. He’s very pose-able in his robot form with joints in his legs and arms. Also, his claw-like hands open to hold his weapons. As a robot, his weapons are two of his three dragon heads that turn into working rocket-launcher like guns.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters MommyB

It’s rated a 2 out 3 on the difficulty scale and I would say that’s probably accurate. I had trouble changing it from robot to dragon mode the first time as the instructions were good, but not great. I may be a little rusty though and Transformer fans used to playing with the current generation of these toys might not have any problem at all.

I’m partial to vehicle-based Transformers, but the dragon mode looks pretty good. The guns turn into the other two dragon heads and just as when they were guns, they shoot fireballs. So parents, be aware that this toy has projectiles! Overall, Predaking is a great-looking Transformer that I’d imagine kids would have a lot of fun with. Again, I’d say it was a little difficult to transform, so I’d recommend it for slightly older kids or those with lots of experience.

How many of your kiddos play with Transformers??

I received a Hasbro Transformers Prime Beast Hunters action figure in order to give you my honest thoughts on this product. The thoughts and opinons above are my own, yours may vary.

NEW My Little Pony at Build-A-Bear Workshop {Giveaway} CLOSED

My Little Ponies Build A Bear MommyBBuild-A-Bear Workshop is bringing the magic and friendship of the My Little Pony brand to their stores. For the very first time, you can make-your-own Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash!

The My Little Pony plush allows Guests to engage with these iconic characters in new and exciting ways at Build-A-Bear Workshop and uniquely personalize Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash like never before. You can add a signature cape, style their beautiful mane and tail, add shoes, or even clothing.

Occasionally, we watch My Little Pony on tv and I love the fact that the shows and characters I really liked when I was little are back out for my little girls to fall in love with too.

Rainbow Dash Build A Bear MommyB

Miss A and Lil’ C both loved the fact that Rainbow Dash got to come live with us. Lil’ C even tried Rainbow Dash’s brightly colored cape on just for fun. I mean come on, can you really turn down a face like this?!?!?

Build A Bear Rainbow Dash MommyB

Both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Pony retail for $24 at Build-A-Bear Workshop {without any extra clothing or accessories}. The question is….can you really just pick one??

Pinkie Pie vs Rainbow Dash MommyB

To give you a little hand, here’s your chance to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop so you can experience the magic of creating your very own furry friend no matter who you choose.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also be sure to check out Build-A-Bear Workshop on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.



We received an adorable Rainbow Dash in order to provide feedback. The opinions expressed in this post are honest, however yours may vary.

Incredimail – New iPad App

Today I am able to share with you a little more about Incredimail, and their awesome new iPad App. The new App introduces a completely new UI concept for email that allows users to flip, peak, and quickly scan through their emails to provide the most pleasant email experience.

Incredimail logo

Having three email addresses {one for personal, one for and one for} I feel like I am always “digging” through emails. I have several blog subscriptions to sites that I totally adore, receive Facebook notifications for everything that’s happening on my three pages, get a bunch of regular emails from companies with coupons and updates, and of course emails from friends/family, and pr that I work with or that want to work with me.

While you may not have three emails {or maybe you have more} going through email can be a bit boring and I know for me, I often spend way too much time reading emails that I could have just deleted had I been able to see all the contents without clicking on it and reading all the way through.

First, you have to check out this video to learn more about all the awesome things that the Incredimail iPad App can do and then I’ll tell you a few of my favorite things I discovered while using the App myself.

How cool right? I love that it’s not like anything I’ve seen or used yet and there are so many features that can make our lives simpler when it comes to email, and Incredimail is available for free download in the App Store.

Personally, I love the ease of use that the new Incredimail iPad App offers. Their platform is so cool and let’s me see my emails, and images associated with the emails right on my screen. I can view about 5-7 emails at a time, depending on the length of the emails. I love that I can hover over the email and scroll to read the entire thing or skip ahead to another email. I can also delete the work emails that say, “Good Morning XXX” instead of, “Good Morning MommyB/Jenn” right away without having to officially open it.

Incredimail iPad App Interface

This innovative Incredimail iPad email App layout also makes it easy to scroll though pages of emails so I can determine which emails are urgent and which can wait, for me, it’s a game changer and I prefer it over my current email platform, now I’m spoiled!

I also enjoy the options that Incredimail give, allowing users to expressing their personality or even emotions through emails. Email is slowly becoming more personalized with signatures, and emoticons, however there is still much to be desired when it comes to sending an email to let that person know who you are. While email will never rival face-to-face when it comes to figuring out a person’s intent, Incredimail takes personalization one step closer.

I can send a message using your favorite of several different stationary choices for each and every email. I can only imagine that selection will grow as Incredimail grows as well.

Incredimail iPad App compose MommyBKnowsBest

Incredimail iPad App Stationary MommyBKnowsBest

Adding photos to your email from your camera roll is easy, in fact I emailed the above screenshots from my iPad to my laptop to show you email options and what it looks like when you compose an email from Incredimail’s iPad App. But that’s not all you can do with Incredimail.

Users can enjoy the following services with Incredimail for the iPad, including:

  • Unified Inbox: Add as many email accounts as you want and view them in a unified inbox, or view each account separately. Incredimail currently supports Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and any other IMAP account.
  • Quick Peeks: See a quick preview of emails directly from the inbox, without having to open them.
  • Photo Inbox: In addition to the regular email inbox, enjoy a photo inbox that features photos from friends and family, keeping you fully up to date with the people that matter most (starting with Facebook photos, others will be added soon).
  • Link Previews (a.k.a. Snippets): All links sent to you including photos, videos and articles, are presented as a preview within the email for a pleasant and uninterrupted email experience. Links you send are also viewed as previews by the email recipient.
  • Email Stationery: Enjoy a specially designed email stationery collection to add a personal style to emails you send. Additional stationery and rich content coming soon.
  • Built-In Web Browser: Search and browse the web right inside your inbox, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.
  • Future features to include: POP3 email support, other social platforms like Facebook messages, Twitter and LinkedIn, and more photo integration with Picasa Web, Flickr and Instagram.

Let’s see your email platform do that!! Seriously though, through using this App I have found that I don’t want to revert back to my old email system, that seems both boring and time consuming. Whether you use email only as a means to communicate with others, or if your entire day runs on email, I think it’s a great App and would highly recommend downloading the free Incredimail iPad App, but I’m warning you, you may not want to ever switch back…

Check out Incredimail for yourself and download the FREE App here: Incredimail iPad App, check them out on Facebook too and tell me what you think!!

Is there anything that bother’s you about your current email system? What is it?



I received compensation for this post. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions.

Celebrate Milestones with Build-A-Bear

It seems like when our children are growing up there are so many milestones to be celebrated. When they’re babies we look forward to them holding their head up, sleeping through the night, and rolling over. Then as toddlers we welcome the day they walk, talk, and their personality shines, and the milestones continue.

As my girls grow I find myself in some pretty big milestone times. Lil’ C will be 3 at the end of March and becoming a big girl. We’re working on potty training, getting a big girl bed, but mostly saying, “goodbye” to paci {her pacifier.} Miss A on the other hand is now in Kindergarten, and as of today has lost 2 of her baby teeth. Those are some pretty big milestones if you ask me. And I’m not the only one who has great things to celebrate. As I talk to a lot of my friends and even asked some of you via my Facebook and Twitter accounts, your children are growing and accomplishing some pretty awesome things too.

I love celebrations, big or small, and enjoy making my girls feel special during those moments, in hopes that they’ll be excited at their progress and be able to hold those memories dear too. As I thought more about celebrating milestones my thoughts kept returning to one of our favorite places to celebrate, Build-A-Bear Workshop®. In the past we have taken our girls for different occasions, but never experienced a true Build-A-Bear® party.

Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop® we were able to invite some friends who were also celebrating milestones to experience and rejoice in their accomplishments. Let me introduce you to our friends and tell you a little more about their milestones.

Lil’ C, who you may recognize as the youngest representative of the B Family, celebrated giving up, or saying, “goodbye” to her pacifier. We brought one of her pacis and she chose whether to put it in her bear’s hand, foot, or tummy. She chose Rainbow Bear’s {the name she gave her bear}, foot, so she could feel it whenever she wanted to. In celebrating this milestone it made the transition a little easier for her and is a big step towards “big girlhood”.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Paci

Miss A, is Lil’ C’s big sister, and obviously my daughter. When I approached Build-A-Bear Miss A had lost her first tooth, in the process of waiting for the date of our party she lost another! Losing a tooth for us, was a huge deal because it is one of the biggest physical changes of a Kindergartner. If you are celebrating a lost tooth you could purchase a pouch for the tooth, or put the tooth inside the bear if you choose.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Tooth

Miss P, actually had two pretty big milestones. She’s a potty-trained girl, which for some of us parents, getting through potty-training is quite the challenge and either way, it’s a great accomplishment and totally worth celebrating. P also recently started preschool, what a big girl!!

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Potty Train

Miss T is growing by the minute, just like most Kindergartners she’s diving into academics. When a child learns to read and starts to enjoy it and want to read to their parents that’s a huge success. Miss T celebrated her accomplishment with a pink Build-A-Bear® Hello Kitty® she had been eyeing for a while.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Reading

Becoming a sibling is pretty cool, in fact, when both my girls arrived my mom went to Build-A-Bear® and made them their very first teddy bears. Miss A got to help make a bear for Lil’ C when I was in the hospital after her delivery, a special milestone indeed. Now it’s Miss L’s turn to be a big sister, her mom is expecting her little brother this summer and she’s elated for him to join her family. It’s always nice to celebrate both the baby, but also the new big sister or big brother too!

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Big Sister Brother

Last but not least, some milestones can be a little bit scary or cause children to be a little nervous, especially when it involves some pretty big changes. When your child experiences life changes sometimes they’ll need a little extra comforting that a stuffed friend from Build-A-Bear® can provide, or some may deserve a reward for being such a big kid. Miss S recently moved to North Carolina, and her transition has been great. Miss S has been making new friends and enjoying discovering Charlotte, now she has a new friend to accompany her.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Moving

As I mentioned above, we had never enjoyed the experience of a Build-A-Bear® party.Moms and Dad (namely DaddyB – big props) helped the girls choose the animal of their choice, which they then named, stuffed, washed, and dressed. Not surprisingly, each girl chose an outfit and shoes from Build-A-Bear’s® Disney Princess line to make their special friend look as fancy as ever.

BAB Milestone Collage

I was specifically impressed with the way that our Build-A-Bear® party associate, Michael, was professional, but moreover fun {which wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but enjoyed by all}. He kept the girls engaged and giggling the entire time, and even got the parents involved and dancing too! As a mom who’s thrown a bunch of parties, I know first-hand that it’s a challenge to make sure all of the kids are entertained. Michael made sure he gave the girls who were not building their stuffed animal games to play, and activities to participate in which kept them in one area of the store and gave us the perfect party experience. See for yourself:


All of the parents commented on how much fun they and their child had during our party and it was one of the best, {if not best ever} ways to celebrate our children’s milestones. If your child is about to celebrate a milestone, or accomplished something awesome, consider taking them to Build-A-Bear® to pick out a new friend, or chat with your friends and have a Build-A-Bear® Milestone party of your own, the cost is no more than what you would pay for the items on your own, and you can make it an even bigger event for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Head to Build-A-Bear®’s website for more information or shop around and make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Twitter for fun updates, contests, and the newest friends in stores and online.



Big thanks again to Build-A-Bear® Workshop for the great hospitality and for helping us celebrate milestones. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions expressed by myself, parents, or children involved in this party are honest, real opinions

Gombby Channel App – Fun, Wholesome Learning

I am always on the search for wholesome apps that I know my girls can play and I don’t have to worry about them seeing or hearing anything that I wouldn’t personally share with them. Even moreover, when they are playing I prefer for them to be learning something whether it’s school related or values based.

Then I saw this video of a new Apple app. Check it out:

Gombby’s Green Island – Show Reel from Big Storm Studios on Vimeo.

Wow right?!?! Talk about an app that nurtures you preschooler in so many ways. This app builds character, instills values, and teaches children about how things work, and even offers three different language settings; English, Spanish, and Portugese.

Gombby app

Best of all, the Gombby Channel App is FREE and comes with 3 downloadable games. If you like what you see and want to encourage the growth and learning experience that the Gombby channel touts, you can purchase additional downloadable games.

Go ahead, try it out, you may just gain a happier, more respectful, and curious child. Click HERE to head to iTunes to download the Gommby Channel App. {It’s also a giveaway entry}. Also check out the Gombby Website where you and your child can check out Green Island, meet the characters, and find out more about Gombby.

MommyB Knows Best is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Make sure you follow as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning. Giveaway ends February 5th, 2013.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest thoughts and words. Yours may vary, but like mom always says, “You shouldn’t say you don’t like something if you don’t try it!!”

Announcing The Official #LEGOChannel on YouTube {$1000 GC Giveaway}

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen many of the B girls block creations. Building with blocks is one activity that my kiddos love doing, and they especially enjoy getting creative with Daddy B.

Because the girls enjoy blocks and LEGO® brand toys, we asked for LEGO® Friends block sets for Miss A. She absolutely loves them, is able to follow the clear instructions, and enjoys that these sets of blocks are extra girly.

Miss A and Lil’ C also like to play games on the computer occasionally, and because I’m online a lot I am fully aware of the issues of security, and am an overprotective mom in general. Because their minds and eyes are precious to me, we are very selective as to what they play and watch.

That’s why I really enjoy making my own playlists on Youtube for my girls. No ads, I can watch every second of every video that I place on their playlist before they do and not be surprised at what will come up. 

Ever since I was little, LEGO® has been a trusted brand, and remains so. With over 500 videos to chose from, The Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube is a great place to grab music videos, how-to’s, behind-the-scenes, commercials and more. Check it out:

It’s super easy to create a playlist on YouTube, so don’t worry!! Plus, your playlists can be accessed anywhere to help keep the kiddos entertained. *Confession – I often will hand my phone to Lil’ C while we are grocery shopping (and of course checking in on what games she’s playing and what she’s watching.)

Instructions to build a playlist:

  • Visit and watch one of your favorite videos
  • Click “Video Options”?
  • Select “Add To Playlist”?
  • Sign-In using your YouTube Login ?
  • Add your selected video to an existing playlist or create a new one?
  • To prevent non-LEGO® videos from being recommended, build your playlist using only ?Official LEGO® Channel videos. 

So if you’re looking for a different form of entertainment, and have a LEGO® fan, I encourage you to visit The Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube and build a playlist of your own, and let your kids help pick out their favorites too!


There is a lot of content on web; creating a playlist on the Official LEGO® Channel is a great way to ensure your kids are entertained and watching videos you can feel good about. 


Visit the Official LEGO® Channel to build your own playlist to watch with your kids and then reply below for a chance to win one (1) $1,000 gift card to buy your family’s favorite LEGO® products!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LEGO. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.

Holiday Gift Guide Featuring Fisher Price’s Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table

Fisher Price Piece of Cake

MommyB Knows Best's Family Gift GuideReady for another Holiday Gift Guide feature???

I’m not sure how you and your family celebrate Christmas, but we do things a little different here in the B household. In short, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ number 1. We select several opportunities to serve in our own community and donate all over the world with various programs instilling a sense of gratitude and servitude in our girls. We also tell Miss A and Lil C about St. Nicholas and the facts that we know about him as a person.

When it comes to gift giving we give modestly {in our own opinion} to family and the girls. They get a few gifts from us and other family members, and open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve. We also have gifts that we call, “St. Nicholas gifts”. These are “bigger gifts” that we assemble or leave unwrapped. Each girl gets one St. Nicholas gift each Christmas.

When I learned more about Fisher Price’s Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table, I knew that would make a GREAT St. Nicholas gift. It was pretty easy to put together all by myself, it took maybe 20 minutes or 25 if you include me running downstairs to get the batteries {which do not come with the play set itself.} Note to parents buy at least 6AA batteries for this set before you put it together/give it as a gift!!!


This gift is one that you may want already assembled for your little one to play with right away. It’s a really cool toy, that kids can use to enhance their imaginative play, be silly, and have some fun singing and dancing too. I enjoy the fact that the table has different height settings and is so versatile in general.

Fisher Price Servin' Surprises Collage

We can turn the table top accessories over and one side we’re cooking up a storm and the other side we can work on craft projects or just pretend to eat the yummy meal we just slaved over the toy stove for.

The “magic” serving tray brings role play to life for kids when it recognizes the food they’re serving with songs and different phrases like “Who wants pizza?” or “Mmmm, cookies!” There are also songs to teach kids about manners and clean up.

Best of all, being the type-a mom that I am and loving tidiness and order, the table has a cool “hidden” storage compartment for EASY clean up, no excuses young ones!

Today is my birthday so the girls even made me a Servin’ Surprises™ birthday cake, how sweet!!!

Fisher Price Piece of Cake

The Fisher Price’s Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table includes table with convertible stovetop, removable oven and “magic” serving tray, 4 slices of pizza with toppings & pizza cutter, 4 cookies with cookie sheet, 2 place settings: forks, spoons, cups & plates.

Want to add more to the menu? Bring other items like ice cream, birthday cake or kabobs to the Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table for more songs, more phrases, more delicious fun!

The Fisher Price Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table retails for around $70.00 making it a decent sized gift. Check it out here:

What are some “big” gifts you’ve given your children??

I received the Fisher Price Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table to review and give you an honest opinion of the product. The above thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own, yours may vary, but I encourage you to check it out for your child if age appropriate.

Holiday Gift Guide – Unique Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

MommyB Knows Best's Holiday Gift Guide

MommyB Knows Best's Holiday Gift Guide Deck the Halls and break out your lists it’s time for another installment of MommyB Knows Best’s Holiday Gift Guide for the family! In speaking with different families I know that some families provide lists of desired items and others have little to no ideas to go off of. Personally, I like a list for a guideline, but I love purchasing items that I think the gift recipient will be surprised by and love. Here are a few unique stocking stuffer and gift ideas that I wanted to share with you. I hope they can be helpful in your holiday shopping.

big-fish-games-logoThe perfect stocking stuffer for kids or adults, pick up a gift certificate from online casual games company Big Fish.  With most games available for download at only $9.99, Big Fish has something to please every gamer including colorful puzzles and brain teasers, educational games for children, and intriguing mystery and adventure games.


Bobbi-ToadsBobbi-Toads, a line of fun and fashionable shoes for young girls, features a faux set of toe nails on a stylish sneaker, allowing young ones to paint the shoes as you would your own nails. When you are ready to switch up your style and change colors, simply use non-toxic nail polish remover to remove the old polish, and repeat the process by polishing with a different color; it’s that easy!

CVS Phone CasesLooking for a personalized gift that any smart phone or tablet user would love?? CVS/pharmacy photo lab offers several selections and templates to design a fabulous phone case for someone special. Here are my photos, thoughts, and ordering information: CVS/pharmacy smart phone case review.


The Little Gym FamilyTired of toys consuming every area of your home?? What about a gift that will give your child hours of enjoyment and learning but just doesn’t fit into a box? We love The Little Gym classes for both our girls, whether they are in ballet, gymnastics, or one of the many active classes The Little Gym offers they are learning skills both physically and socially. We have classes at The Little Gym of Huntersville/Lake Norman but you can also find a Little Gym class near you.


CVS Beauty Collage

Stocking stuffers can be the last item on your shopping list and sometimes the most difficult. I love shopping for little trinkets at CVS/pharmacy. When it comes to my stocking stuffer wishes I’d pick the CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare Beauty Club picks. Some of my favorites are Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Nuance Salma Hayek Walnut Body Scrub {it’s to die for!!}, and for fun, Katy Perry Lashes Oh My!{choose something modest or get fancy!} to name a few. All of these products are around $7 and under in CVS/pharmacy’s Beauty Club, perfect stocking stuffer price and size.

Our favorite Christmas movie to watch with our girls is Veggie Tale’s St. Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. We like this movie because it tells about the person St. Nicholas and explains the reasons behind why we give gifts at Christmas time, something we try to teach our girls. You may even want to consider buying this one to watch before Christmas gets here. The lowest price I’ve found the video so far is on Walmart’s Website.




Won’t you share??? What’s going in the stockings at your house??

And if you like this post Pin it!!

MommyB Knows Best's Family Gift Guide


This list of products is part of a sponsored post. However, if I didn’t think the products would be good for my own family or yours I would not list them on my site. Your opinions about the above products may vary, and isn’t it nice that we’re all individuals?!? 



Can’t Get Enough of Nick Jr.’s Peppa Pig Products


I posted about how much my girls, Miss A {age 5} and Lil’ C {age 2.5} love the Nick Jr. show, Peppa Pig in the post, We Love Nick Jr’s Peppa Pig a few months ago and now here I am raving about them again. It’s seriously good stuff though!!

Just in time for the holidays there are some new toys and products at Toys “R” Us for your Peppa loving family. My girls were able to play with and test out a Peppa Pig stuffed toy, the amazing Peppa Pig playhouse, a fun Christmas themed book, and a new Peppa Pig DVD.

Peppa Pig Collage

My girls fell in love with every.single.Peppa product we got, and here’s why…

Peek ‘n Surprise Playhouse and Peppa & Friends: Painting Together pieces by Fisher Price – This playhouse was super cool because the pieces that come with the house are “magical” but not really. For example one side of the bed is an image of a freshly made bed, and the other is a messy bed with toys. This feature is the same for the washing machine, oven, and most of the pieces that come with the house, I thought that was so neat, and the girls had no problem switching the sides and have been playing with the house regularly.

Peppa Playhouse Collage

Hug ‘n Oink Peppa by Fisher Price – This toy has several Peppa Pig original sayings, lots of giggles and is super cuddly. We had a hard time sharing this one, so we may have to buy another so each girl can have their own. Peppa’s dress comes off, so my girls had fun dressing her in their doll clothes too, and she retails for $21.99, not bad for a good-size stuffed animal who talks.

Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List Book and Muddy Puddles and Other Stories DVD– Kept my girls entertained, and laughing in typical Peppa Pig family style. We love the Pig family antics and these two products gave us nothing less. My girls have asked to watch the DVD over and over and over again, but we decided not to let them because we don’t want their eyes to fall out of their head {note: watching Peppa Pig repeatedly has not been proven to make children’s eyes fall out}.

If you want to hear more about this fun show {and the cool products featured in this review} head to the official Peppa Pig website – and like their page on Facebook: Peppa Pig Facebook Page!

What television show related toys have you bought for your kids??

I received products as a member of Child’s Play Communications review team. I was not paid to review these products and all opinions are mine and my family’s true opinons, would these adorable faces lie to you?!?! Even though they’re our opinions yours may vary, and you can have adorable faces too!! 

LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock ‘n Learn Party

LeapFrog Rock 'N Learn Collage

When Miss A was two years old I hosted a rock ‘n roll play date for our friends and their children. It turned out so cute, all the kids were dressed up, Miss A had her fro-hawk and we jammed to some fun kids music.

When I was given the opportunity to host another rockin’ party, this time with my youngest, who is also two years old I was so excited. We love music and we love love love learning, and with LeapFrog’s two newest Touch Magic toys we can get the best of both worlds.

LeapFrog Rock 'N Learn Collage

The LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar is the perfect toy to jam on. Both my girls, age 2 years and 5 years old and all ages in between at our Rock ‘n Learn Party loved becoming a rock star. The guitar is super lightweight, doesn’t have raised buttons, so it’s very easy to play, and has 10 built-in songs for variety.

While the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus isn’t as predominately rock ‘n roll themed like the Rockin’ Guitar, this toy features adorable animals playing all sorts of instruments, and has a keyboard section at the bottom of the toy. Once again, music and learning in one! This toy is also very lightweight, easy for travel, and features activities to build letter sounds and letter recognition, early vocabulary, and more.

What I LOVE about both toys: They have a “parental” off button on the back, as well as 2 sound settings. As a mom this is important to me because we own some toys that have 1 sound setting and I wish with all my heart I could turn down. They’re also reasonably priced at $24.99 a piece retail. And lastly, I think it will last longer than some toys with parts because there are no parts to break off (with the exception of the guitar strap.)

I encourage you to go to your local Target to play with the toys yourself and see the quality and check out the features in person.

In true rock star style LeapFrog is hosting a music video contest. In 3 easy steps you could win $500.

LeapFrog Rock N Learn Contest

Step 1: Submit a video of your child jamming with their Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar or a homemade guitar to http://www.touchmagic/

Step 2: Share your video by promoting on Facebook and email so that your friends and family can vote.

Step 3: Videos will be judged and the five videos with the highest votes will have a chance to win a $500 gift card.

*Get more information and see rules and regulations at the website listed under Step 1.

As a member of BSM Media I received the LeapFrog products in order to host my LeapFrog sponsored party. The opinions in my post are my own honest opinion, yours may vary.