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Birthday Bash – Got What it Cakes

Got What it Cakes Charlotte LogoBirthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes and have been a tradition since the beginning of time when man made the first Birthday cake from leaves and twigs. {Alright maybe that isn’t quite factual, but you could imagine something like that right?!?}

Birthday cake tends to be the “finishing touch” on a party, something that all the guests tend to look forward to and in our case the rainbow themed “4” cake by Got What it Cakes was no different. Owner Mandie Miller takes great care to produce an amazing product that looks great, and receives rave reviews in the taste department as well. It’s no wonder that Mandie and her cakes received a Best of the Best Award by Charlotte Magazine.

Mandie is an amazing baker who comes up with mouth-watering flavors like strawberry fluff, and peanutbutter cream, and is also, “mom” to two little girls as well! She’s amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend Got What it Cakes not only from my personal opinion, but also the many rave reviews I received when our party guests saw and tasted her cake.

Here are some pictures {compliments of Barbara Payne Photography} of the amazing rainbow cake she made for Little Miss A’s 4th birthday:

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Birthday Bash – Carolina Cakeball Rainbow Pops

In case you haven’t heard about cake pops in general, or especially Carolina Cakeball’s (I featured them in THIS post), cake pops you are really missing out. Cake pops are made from cake scraps, frosting, and a yummy candy coating, and though it may sound simple these treats are by far one of my favorite sweets these days.

Carolina Cakeball Company makes fresh cake pops that are moist and delicious and perfect for any occasion! I just found out they also ship their amazing products, so even though they are located near Charlotte you can get your very own Carolina Cakeball treats shipped right to your door (extra charge for shipping during the sweltering summer weather). Contact them on their Facebook page for pricing and more details:

They’re also great about customizing to your event needs, I can’t speak highly enough about them as a company, and on that note, this is the correct way to eat a Carolina Cakeball Company cake pop:

Carolina Cakeball Company Bites


I received product from Carolina Cakeball Company in order to write this review. The opinions expressed above are my honest opinions, yours may vary.

Birthday Bash – Sweet Tooth Unique Confections & Gifts

Sweet Tooth LogoFrom the first moment I walked into Sweet Tooth: Unique Convections & Gifts, I felt like I was at home in my hometown at a quaint cafe. I not only love the relaxed setting but the shop has so may great dimensions from Sweet Tooth’s own yummy treats to the cozy book corner, and even some amazing local crafts and gifts.

I really feel at home with I am at Sweet Tooth, perhaps because Sweet Tooth is a family-owned business. Located off Route 77 in Huntersville, North Carolina,  shop owners and parents, Sean and Diane Cox, make sure every customer is a satisfied one. They really make you feel like you’re one of the fixtures rather than a customer with dollar signs all over them, {that would look pretty funny wouldn’t it?}.

At Sweet Tooth, you will be tempted by such treats as DeLuxe ice cream, a variety of coffee and espresso drinks made from freshly-roasted Dilworth Coffee beans, a wide selection of SUGAR FREE items, and an array of both health-conscious and sinfully- sweet freshly-baked pastries.

Sweet Tooth is a great place to go to for your birthday party needs, they created these amazing owl pops for Baby C’s party made from moon pies, chocolate sprinkles, M&M’s, and white cookies. I was thoroughly impressed with the look for the finished product!

Sweet Tooth Huntersville Owl

Sweet Tooth not only makes great creations for parties, but they also have a party room, on-site that customers are able to rent out, while not a great location for a child’s party it would be great for teens and up!

If you’re in the area, I recommend you go check out Sweet Tooth’s warm shop and be sure to tell them MommyBKnowsBest sent you!! Find them here:

What’s your favorite sweet treat for birthdays?

I received samples from Sweet Tooth in order to complete an honest review of their products. This in no way changes the opinions expressed in this post. The opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. Your opinions may vary.

Birthday Bash – Carolina Cakeball Company

I love cake, do you love cake? If were were playing Family Feud and the question, “Name something you think of when it comes to Birthday Parties,” I’m sure one of the top 3 answers, if not the first, would be cake. Birthday cake has been a tradition since the middle of the 19th century (in Western Cultures) and has stood the test of time.

Occasionally, instead of birthday cake people will celebrate with another sweet treat, be it pies, cheesecake, cupcakes, and even the HUGE cookie cakes loaded with frosting. This year we celebrated Baby C’s first birthday with a number of different sweets, but our centerpiece was a cute creation from the Carolina Cakeball Company.

Here are the delicious Neapolitan cakeballs we were able to enjoy with our guests:

Carolina Cakeball Co.

The cakeballs were turned into cakepops for the party and presentation, which made it easier for the kids {and adults} to eat them without getting too messy. These delectably drizzled cakepops came in three flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. My favorite were by far the fudgy chocolate, {says the choco-holic}, although I heard from different guests great things about each flavor.

We popped {pun intended}, a few of the extra cakepops into the favor bags so our guest could enjoy these bites of delicious cake at home, or just scarf them down in privacy. Carolina Cakeball Co. delivers great product and are increasing their business in Charlotte and surrounding areas. I’m not sure if they ship product as of yet, but if you’re in the Carolinas and want to get some of your very own cakeballs check them out on Facebook or call them at 704.743.3093 to place your order.

And for those of you who are cake purists, Baby C did have a cupcake for her birthday, see:Baby C Cupcake

I received samples of Carolina Cakeball Co. products in order to complete my honest review for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own opinions, yours may vary.

Birthday Bash – Sweet Tweets: Whoo’s One

Intricate designs, and playful themes, adorn the sugary creations by the one and only; Sweet Tweets. Self-described as, “Distinct, Unique, and Deee-lish,” and every word is true about their amazing treats. Sweet Tweets makes both cookies and cakes, and is located in Texas. While shipping a cake may sound like a good idea, opening up the box would be a different story. Lucky for us, Sweet Tweets ships their cookies, {insert excitement here}, so that everyone is able to enjoy their beautiful-goodness.

When I saw their designs I was in awe that someone could create such amazing detail on a cookie. I’ve seen the printables where bakers use photos and slam them on desserts but this goes above and waaaaay beyond! Each Sweet Tweets creation is hand-made, that means their each unique.

We asked Sweet Tweets to recreate our, “Look Whoo’s One,” theme onto a cookie, and here’s what they came up with:

Sweet Tweets Owl

Our owl from the theme, pink, brown, and white number “1”s and Neapolitan “C”s were the inspiration for the cookies and they turned out beautifully. Everyone at the party was so impressed by the look of these treats, and I was completely amazed at the fine details. They not only made a great addition to our dessert table, but they also served as decorations during the party and individually wrapped favors for our guests to take home.

Here are a few more shots of our Sweet Tweets:

Sweet Tweets CookiesSweet Tweets Cookies








{As you can see I put them in a cute tray and accented it with ribbon and gumballs to create color in between the spaces.}

Now when you think of cookies in general and looking at these desserts you may be saying to yourself, “Yes, they look great, but how to they taste?” I wish I could tell you in one word, but I can’t so I’ll say buttery, fresh, and delicious. Three words, not bad. The guests were also making comments on how they had tried similar cookies with designs but were used to them being dry and tasteless.

So Sweet Tweets gets an A+ on design and a big YUM for taste, a great combination in my book.

Sweet Tweets shop is currently closed for orders, but will resume their beautiful work on May 23rd. If you’d like to check out their website you can find them at: be sure to tell them MommyB Knows Best sent you!

What desserts have you used for parties that you absolutely love?

I received samples of Sweet Tweet cookies in order to complete my honest review for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own opinions, yours may vary.

Juice in the City: Johnny’s Red Bowl

Johnny's Red BowlIf you’re like me you’ve seen the signs all over Charlotte for Johnny’s Red Bowl or more prominently displayed as “Red Bowl,” and wondered what the restaurant was all about. Well if you’ve been interested in trying it out but not quite sure here’s a great opportunity to get some discounted Red Bowl.

Juice in the City is running a one-day-only, $5 for $10 discount at a Johnny’s Red Bowl near you. Check out their website for their menu, great for kids and adults alike. For easy access to this great deal head over to Juice in the City’s site, be sure to read the “fine” print, and tell me what you think after you visit!


Juice in the City Logo

Also be sure to check out this sweet Mother’s Day Extravaganza in honor of Juice in the City’s first anniversary. You could win a $250 gift certificate to local spas/restaurants of your choice just by signing up and telling your friends about Juice in the City! Sign up now and click the Mother’s Day Extravaganza button to enter!

As a Juice in the City Ambassador I received compensation for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own opinions, yours may vary, but if I didn’t think it was great, I wouldn’t write about it.

Juice in the City: Deal and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Juice in the City LogoHaven’t heard of Juice in the City? Well that’s a shame! I just recently made some great connections with Juice in the City and can tell you it’s worlds different than the other discount/coupon sites out there. Juice in the City Charlotte launches today! And being a Charlotte resident I couldn’t be happier.

Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE giving back when it comes to community. Juice in the City not only works with local businesses to give companies more exposure, but they’re also using Local Business Consultants aka moms like you and me, who’ve tried out products and services and can attest for the quality. So when I buy coupons from Juice in the City I know I’m getting a great deal for good products and services.

Today’s featured “Juicy Deal” for my local area, Charlotte, is half off at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar so you purchase $20 worth of yummy food for just $10! Most of their burgers are under $10 so you can get a meal for you and a burger buddy! Also, be sure to read the box on the left hand side, this section will let you know when the deal expires, and how to use your discount in the best way.

Ready to get your deal?? Here’s the scoop: Just like most deal sites, you MUST sign up for a complimentary, “no-strings-attached” Juice in the City account. Each day features a different deal, so make sure you get yours while it lasts.

If you’re one of my great readers in another area of the United States, {sorry to my International readers, JITC isn’t worldwide…yet!} check out your great city’s deals, and look for new JITC websites popping up soon!!

What cities would you like to see Juice in the City feature?

In honor of their “opening day” in Charlotte Juice in the City is giving one of you, my fabulous readers a chance to win a $25 gift certificate towards their great deals.

How to Win



Using the comment box directly below this post, submit your name, an email address that you check regularly, and the entry you are submitting one comment per entry. *Please note the Mandatory Entry MUST be submitted you can qualify for additional entries.

Mandatory Entry



Create an account with Juice in the City here: Sign me up! (remember to complete this entry first and comment letting me know you did for all additional entries to count.)

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  1. Follow Juice in the City on Facebook
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  3. Purchase today’s “Juicy Deal” and let me know you did


Giveaway ends tomorrow, April  12th @12:01 am. The winners will be chosen at random, verified, emailed, and announced in a Winner’s post. The winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email from MommyB to claim the prize, if the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen at random. You must be a US resident and 18 years or older to enter.

I received compensation for this post in the form of money and Juice in the credit. The opinions expressed in this post are my own opinions, yours may vary, but if I didn’t think it, I wouldn’t write it.


Chocoley Chocolates

Chocoley Logo Just in time for me to start losing this baby weight comes Chocoley Chocolates. All kidding aside Chocoley is amazing.

For candy making this is the best tasting stuff out there, trust me, Little Miss A agrees, and I’d know because I’m a HUGE choco-holic. In fact, Miss A and I had some fun using the Kids Chocolate Candy Dipping Kit recently to create our own concoctions. Take a look: Read More

The Ugly Truth about Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts

Pine NutsPine nuts? I know, you’re thinking, “you’re off your rocker lady,” or “what did pine nuts ever do to you??” And I will tell you precisely what these tic-tac sized nuts did to ruin me for days.

{cue mist and dreamy music} It all started on a normal day, hanging around the house. I had noticed a funny taste in my mouth after I had eaten a snack. I could swear it was medicinal in flavor but hadn’t had any medicine in my system for a while. I figured it may be the awesome new Trident Vitality gum that I had bought recently. So, I just went on with my day, but every time I ate something the aftertaste was always the medicine taste. Read More

Feed the Moement Giveaway {CLOSED}

Moes LogoFunny enough to say I have never stepped foot into a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant, however I have eaten Moe’s food. Hubby and I often find ourselves eating late at night after the girls go to bed because our night schedule gets pretty hectic between dinner, bath, and bed, it is what it is.

Hubby is a HUGE fan of the, “Joey Bag of Donuts” and recently started liking their quesadillas too, while I’m more of a rice bowl gal myself, but their menu lends to several different dishes because you can customize with several fresh, free ingredients. Some of my favorites are of course sour cream, pico de gallo, and I am a hardcore cilantro fan!!

One of the great things I recently learned about Moe’s is that they serve some pretty healthy, wholesome foods too. They have a gluten-free section in their menu, low-cal options, and have a vegetarian menu as well! They even take the care to be sure not to prepare the veggies in the same area as the meat, which I’m sure every vegetarian appreciates, especially on Meatless Mondays. Read More