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Stella & Dot Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Stella & Dot LogoMeet Stella & Dot, if you haven’t already. You may have heard of Stella & Dot, have a  friend who knows a consultant, or even own a few pieces of their jewelry yourself. But how much do you really know about the behind-the-scenes details of this company?

Do you know that Stella & Dot was founded by, Jessica Herrin, a mom of two girls, and that Stella & Dot was first called Luxe Jewels back then? Did you know that Jessica made the jewelry in her own home and started selling with trunk shows? {Like so many moms today!} Have you heard about the Stella & Dot Foundation, where Stella & Dot give proceeds from some of their jewelry to three different charities helping empower women and girls? Well now you know!

Stella & Dot do so many great things for women alike and they’re also manufacturing and selling some pretty fun pieces of jewelry too. After speaking with Stella & Dot Stylist, Erica Burton, I looked through their extensive catalog and so many pretty pieces jumped out at me because they were flirty, and different from what I see in the stores. I ended up choosing a set of clover earrings and a beautiful clover key necklace to wear and review and loved them both. When they first arrived I got a sweet treat because they were packaged in some of the cutest packaging I’ve received to date, and I’ve gotten a lot of packages! The cute designs, fun comments, and great reusable packaging was a great first impression on me. Read More

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks Giveaway {CLOSED}

SmartKnitKidsSocks run aplenty in the “B” household, in fact I think I could go for weeks on end and not run out of socks for Little Miss A, impressive, I know. Although most of the time she ends up wearing the same 3 or 4 pairs (after I wash them).

Recently, I was approached by SmartKnitKIDS to try out their, “Seamless Sensitivity Socks.” Normally, I probably would have passed, again, mountains-of-socks, however after checking out their fun, buggy, website, I found that these socks have an even greater purpose than just keeping “piggies” warm.

SmartKnitKIDS are perfect for children with sensory processing differences, and are hypersensitive to fabrics and seams. They are great for little feet and will not wrinkle or bunch. Albeit they look a little weird not having any seams and fit a little differently I know Miss A appreciates the comfort and at 3,4,5 and up who’s looking at your socks anyway! Read More

Things Sleeves are Good For

Momma's Sleeve And now for a moment from every mom on the planet with…”Things Sleeves are Good For,” going out to all the  momma’s with sleeves by MommyB Knows Best:

Sleeves are good for keeping your arms warm, of course!

Sleeves are good for wiping noses, but you already knew that didn’t you?

Sleeves are good for wiping faces, you knew that too right?

Sleeves are good for opening doors with dirty handles

Sleeves are good for making snowballs when you don’t have gloves, yes I did use this method, don’t judge, it’s North Carolina!

Sleeves are great for hugging your kids!!!

This has been a message by MommyB Knows Best. Stay tuned for a new installment of the, “Things Sleeves are Good for,” series. Please post the things you think sleeves are good for in the comment section under this post and they will be considered for the next, “Things Sleeves are Good For” post!

BobbleRoos Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

BobbleroosFor some reason, as a mom who either has most products or has tried them out, I have yet (until this review) been approached to review pillows and blankets. I know it may sound simple and maybe even a little different. At first I was a little skeptical too, but as soon as our BobbleRoos products were delivered the girls were fighting over the pillow and blanket, (I swear they put the kid version of catnip in these pillows, I call it “Kidnip” see:

BobbleRoo Girls Read More

Virescent Fundraiser Eco-Bag Winner

Virescent LogoWow it seems like forever since I’ve drawn a giveaway winner. I guess maybe that’s because there has been so much going on in life lately. Things are going great though and I hope that each of you are having a wonderful year so far. Hope you enjoyed your Groundhog’s Day too!

And now, for the winner, of a Virescent bag…..the grand prize winner this giveaway is…… Read More

Mami’s and Papi’s {Guest Post}

Mamis and Papis LogoIn my efforts to save money, be a little more “green” and provide more natural care for my son, I decided to venture into cloth diapering last fall – when he was already 14 months old. When someone first mentioned cloth diapering to me, I balked at the idea. I was envisioning the cloth that you fold over and pin (called pre-folds). While those are still made and actually quite popular when babies are newborns, the world of cloth diapering has come a long way and it’s actually very overwhelming for a newbie.

As I began researching cloth diapering (CD is what those in the know call it), I was astonished to realize there were so many kinds of CDs – hybrid, all-in-ones, pockets, fitted, etc. No, CD today is not like it was 30 years ago – or probably even 10 years ago.

In my quest to learn more, I somehow came across the BEST online retailer I’ve found for cloth diapering – Mami’s and Papi’s. and also joined their Facebook community. I quickly learned “Mami” and “Papi” are Candace and Frank Laguna; parents of three, who began their business in July 2010 as a way to earn an extra income as a supplement to “Papi’s” military career. “Mami” and “Papi” were temporarily staying in the same city I currently live in while he received medical care for injuries received during training. Because of that, I had the opportunity to meet them in person. Read More

Virescent Reusable Bags Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Virescent LogoWe all know that as adults it’s hard to find time to get things accomplished, heck I have days when it’s hard for me to even muster up the energy to tie my shoes much less volunteer. And while I always have good intentions on helping out, not all of them are something I follow through with. I know it’s sad, but perhaps you can sympathize with me.  News articles document overworked Moms just like us those who want to help but have volunteer burn-out.

I always hear parents complaining about their children’s fundraising efforts as well, “There are so many!”, “Why do they make the kids do this?”, “I’m so over it.” Well, let’s add one more eco-friendly fundraiser to that bunch, how about Virescent. But wait just a minute, Virescent isn’t really your average fundraiser. First off, it doesn’t involve candy, magazines, or wrapping paper, I know you’re thrilled about that! Read More

My Baby Clothes Boutique Spotlight and Giveaway{CLOSED}

My Baby Clothes BoutiqueAs Baby C gets bigger I’m finding that  lot of her big sisters clothes are just a little off size and season-wise, even though they’re only 2 months different season wise. Unfortunately lucky for me, I get to do some baby clothes shopping.

I recently checked out My Baby Clothes Boutique. They offer the latest trends in baby clothes at very affordable prices.  We are allowing the reviewer to pick from our catalog, using a $25 limit on the product. Read More

BabyBond Nursing Cover Review

BabyBond LogoI’m not one of those super earthy moms, I didn’t have a midwife (no offense to anyone who is or did, that’s just not me), but I am a nursing mom. I never nursed Miss A in public, I’m not really sure why not, maybe because it was all new to me, I used a blanket to cover myself at home and stayed away from public places at feeding times.

I used to be extremely discrete about nursing, (and pretty discrete in general) and love that it’s a bonding experience between me and baby. Because there are so many people in public settings I don’t enjoy feeding my babies in public, when I had the choice. Now that I have a 3.5 year old, who’s very active I’m just not able to have that quiet time all the time to nurse. I can’t expect Miss A to sit in a changing room or in my car for 30 minutes expecting her to behave, and it’s just not fair to keep her in the house all the time. So I suck up my worries and I nurse Baby C in public. I’m sure it probably bothers some of my friends a little and makes strangers a tad uneasy, but I’m feeding my baby and nothing more. Read More

Holiday Gift Guide – No Slippy Hair Clippy {CLOSED}

No Slippy Hair Clippy Holiday Gift GuideIf you have ever seen my girls you know that they were born with heads FULL of hair. In fact Miss A has about 10 dolls worth of hair on her head, and most days overwhelms me. But I did pray for little girls with beautiful curly hair before I had children, and I really do love it but it’s just a challenge some days.

Lucky for me No Slippy Hair Clippy makes it a little easier for me to do my job and be the best amateur children’s hairdresser I can be. Our favorite clippy has always been the Michelle:

No Slippy Hair Clippy MichelleIt goes great with everything and I love to put it in as an accent when Miss A wears her hair up. Not only is it really cute and fashionable but it, and all of No Slippy Hair Clippy’s products are amazingly crafted, you can immediately tell the quality as soon as you take them out of the cute packaging. At great prices to boot, this is my all-time favorite hair clip store. Check them out here: Read More