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Peek Away Nursing Kit {Guest Review}

Peek Away Logo

For being such a natural thing, breastfeeding is not always so easy.

On a previous Mommy B guest post, I shared 8 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding. It’s been almost four months since I wrote that post, and I still have some challenges.

One thing that has not changed in the nearly seven months I’ve been nursing is the need for a pillow to help position my daughter to my breast. I always use a nursing pillow in the house and a travel version (it’s inflatable) that I leave in the car and take with me as needed.

Even though the pillow is inflatable, it’s not always convenient to tote around, but for me, it’s essential.

Peek Away LogoThat’s why I was very excited when I learned about a product that is a pillow, nursing cover, changing pad and purse – the Peek Away 4 in 1 Essentials Nursing Kit.

The Peek Away is approximately 13 x 6 x 3 ½ inches when it’s folded. It has hooks and a strap that can be attached so you can carry it like a purse. You can also use that strap to secure the pillow around your waist. It also features a nursing cover with a “rounded” collar so you can peek in on babe while he or she is nursing. The pillow unfolds into a changing pad and there is a pocket with a reusable wipe container. There are also two additional pockets you can use for keys, your cell phone, credit cards, etc.

It was designed by a husband and wife who found it was difficult to travel as frequently as they did while conveniently nursing and having the essentials they needed easily accessible.

Overall, I think the design and functionality of the Peek Away is fantastic. What a great idea to have something that you can use for a quick errand or travel (especially air travel) that can function in so many ways.

However, there are several areas that can be improved to make the kit, which retails for about $45, a truly remarkable product.



  • The multi-function strap cannot be used to secure your pillow around your waist since you’re likely
    going to use it primarily for the nursing cover. This is really a small detail and in my experience, the
    pillow didn’t really move much anyways.
  • The pillow turns into a nice, cushy changing pad although it would be great if it were a tad bit longer.
    The integrated wipes container is a fantastic idea, but it needs to be a higher quality plastic as it’s not
    very durable.
  • The fabric used for the newer prints (bright, pink or green floral) is not what you would expect for
    a $45 price tag. It’s on the thinner side and in bright light at the right angle, you can see through the
    nursing cover. However, it’s lightweight which keeps you and baby cooler. In addition, the stitching on
    the kit is inconsistent and doesn’t look polished.



The owners of Peek Away are aware of the quality concerns with the current kit which are a result of the manufacturer not following the company’s specifications for materials or workmanship.

They are in the process of addressing these concerns and selecting another manufacturer to produce an improved, higher quality product and anticipate having them available in the Fall of 2012.

Peek Away PicturePeek Away is offering an incredible deal on the current lot of the floral kits – 65% off the retail price. You can buy one on their website for only $16.99. At that price, the kit is affordable and while it does have some minor quality issues, it is still functional and could make nursing-on-the-go an easier experience for you and your baby.

Peek Away provided products for this review, however, the opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Jamie BioAfter a 13+ years PR/communications career, Jamie K. recently took on her most challenging job yet – as a fulltime CFO (chief family officer). Currently, she lives in Alabama with her husband, an officer in the Air Force, and her toddler son and infant daughter. She’s a big fan of deal sites, attempts to be eco-friendly, and struggles daily with the great balancing act of being a super mom.

Little Miss Matched – Fun Clothes for Girls

Little Miss Matched

Little Miss MatchedIn case you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, or really cute presents any time of year, and have a little girl, I highly recommend Little Miss Matched. I recently stumbled upon Little Miss Matched, although I have friends who have known about them for a while.

As I was looking through their website I found some really cute items and thought they would be great for Miss A. They have fun, quirky styles for girls of all ages. Through my searching I also found out that their sock line, which is probably their most popular item, carries socks for babies age 6 months and up, toddlers, girls, women, and even men! Now DaddyB is pretty conservative with his socks so I’m not sure that he’d wear them, but I know my younger sister who is 14 would LOVE some of their styles. I think their city-scape socks are pretty cool.

Whether you’re looking for fun accessories, sock bundles, or even cute clothes I suggest you check out Little Miss Matched, Miss A LOVES her socks, I think mostly because she can express herself even though she is required to wear a uniform to Preschool, and I love it because I don’t have to worry about matching socks when I’m folding laundry!

Little Miss Matched

How much fun right?!?! If you want to check them out head over to Little Miss Matched’s website: and check out their last minute gift ideas and great shipping choices!!

I was able to try out some Little Miss Matched products in order to give my honest thoughts on their products. I was in no way swayed by the company and all the above words and opinions are my own. Your opinions may vary. 

Heelys Not Just for Kids

Heelys Wave Skate Shoe

Girls YellingI am the mom who rolls her eyes at the kids who race through grocery stores playing tag, I’ll admit it I’m big on manners and being respectful of others, is that such a bad thing? I feel like kids can be kids but also be mindful of others at the same time. Thus, one of the reasons why moms like me may not like Heelys shoes. In case you’ve never heard of Heelys, you probably don’t live on planet Earth, but they are shoes with wheels in the bottom, aka skate shoes, and have been very popular with children especially.

Well, now they’re asking moms to try them. I’m a mom, I don’t hate Heelys and secretly thought they would be fun to try out, although DaddyB said I should take out some extra liability and life insurance before attempting to manuver on Heelys.

My first few tries at Heelys were slow going, of course I wanted to make sure I didn’t die seeing that I still need to work on my will, and the girls would probably miss me. But after a few good tries I was rolling around in the kitchen and dining room. Read More

BePe Baby Slipper Review {Guest Post}

BePe Baby LogoMy daughter thinks she’s a ballerina. No, we don’t take dance classes every Tuesday evening after school. But we do watch a lot of Angelina Ballerina and we’ve learned a couple of moves along the way. The lack of instruction hasn’t hindered my daughter’s dancing skills. She can still be found skating, floating and dancing around the house in her socks. This scares me as we have hardwood floors and they’re not fun when you fall on them. And when she does fall, it’s not fun. I’m sure her sobs can be heard down the street. Like most four-year-olds, small accidents are tragic. And while I make fun, these falls do worry me. I’m your typical neurotic mom that wants to protect my daughter from every fall in life. Literal and Figurative. Read More

Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids

As you all know, my girls are little, at ages 1 and 4 {mostly for the 1 year old} I can pretty much get away with dressing them up in the costumes I think are cute. Miss A definitely has her input, but can be swayed for sure, as long as the costume is cute and girlie.

Last year the girls dressed up as Snow White and her, {ahem} poison apple. Baby C was a cute poison apple for sure though. See:

B Girls Halloween

Adorable girlies 🙂 I loved that they were themed too, and so did everyone at the parties we attended and houses we stopped at. The girls got lots of, “ooooohs” and “ahhhhs” and “Oh my goodness, they’re too cute” ‘s. I loved it. And this year while both of them are somewhat agreeable I decided to pair them up again.

Miss A has agreed, {and actually is excited} to be Toy Story’s own Lil’ Bo Peep, and Baby C will be her sheep. I am still deciding on which sheep costume I want for Baby C, but here is Miss A’s costume from and one I think is cute for Baby C too. What do you think?

Family Halloween Costumes

We were completely satisfied with the quality of the costume. I really like that the costume came with a cute shepherd’s crook to complete the outfit. Once Miss A put the costume on she did not want to take it off, but alas I convinced her. I love that  fact you can layer with long sleeves or take off the pants depending on the weather outside, because sometimes, depending on what area you live in you can’t tell if it will be warm or cool. One thing to think about when purchasing costumes it that this Halloween costume, and most costumes, do not come with shoes, which is not a big deal since we have a couple pairs of plain black shoes that will coordinate nicely. Also a small note our pants ended up being a little long on Miss A but nothing a little rolling won’t help, plus when in doubt I always say go with a bigger costume than smaller because it’s easier to make alterations.

I also love it when whole families dress up in a theme too, I tried to get DaddyB to dress up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba a couple of times, but he just wasn’t having it. Maybe in a few years he’ll warm up to the idea.

What themes have you dressed your children or family up as?

Have you seen any really creative costume ideas? has a wide variety of costumes whether you decide to go with a family theme or not, check their website out here:




I received a costume from in order to complete this review. My opinions in this post are my own, honest opinions. Yours may vary.



Thirty-One Gifts by Kellee Olmstead

Thirty-One Logo Kellee OlmsteadHi, I am Jenn, and I am a big diaper bag momma. I love carrying around big diaper bags solely for the reason that I can have the most random, hopefully useful items on hand when my kids {or sometimes other moms and kids} need something. It’s my bag ‘o tricks and although sometimes a tiny bit obstructive to my daily errands, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I hope that some of you can empathize with me on this. I know I’ve seen you out there, come on, admit it. Okay even if you haven’t can you at least pretend for a minute?? Okay, thanks!

I have used a total of maybe 5 diaper bags since Miss A was born {4 years ago}. And the bags have just gotten bigger and bigger, but not huge, don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not carrying those ENORMOUS Army duffle bags around or anything. Sheesh! But I do have to admit after carrying around this one: Previous semi-big diaper bag I still needed more space, especially for my two girlies.

One of my friend’s Kellee Olmstead sells Thirty-One Gifts and I looked through her catalog trying to find a diaper bag and although they don’t list any bags specifically as diaper bags they have awesome alternatives. I ended up with this cute, black, Cindy Tote:

Thirty-One Black Cindy Kellee Olmstead

This great bag not only has a really clean look, but more importantly for my baby item hoarding issue, it has two exterior side pockets that I use for holding sippy cups {or sometimes stashing the poor Goldfish crackers that end up on the floor}, had an interior zipper pocket where I put my keys, and gum so the girls don’t get them, and three interior open pockets that I have random things like hand sanitizer, granola bars, bandaids, and of course crayons in. And even though all the pockets are incredible, I also love the open space of the inside, yes even after I fill up all the pockets I have room for coloring books, an extra change of clothes for baby, diapers/wipes, and so, so much more. One more thing, I also love that this bag comes with two leather-ish straps but that you can also add, and will probably want to add, an extra shoulder strap if you like to put your bag on your stroller and it also makes a nice accent if you choose a fun color to match any professionalization you add.

Luckily, Thirty-One offers bags like these so once I’m done with the diapers I can use this bag to tote my laptop, and other work essentials and still look cute doing it.

If you like the Cindy tote, or want to check out the other cute accessories that Thirty-One carries head over to: to check out Kellee’s website and place your order for bags that you can fill with all types of goodies, help you organize your home, or just look cute and fashionable.

Do you carry a small, or large diaper bag/purse? What are your essentials to carry?

I received a Cindy tote in order to write this review. All opinions are my honest opinions and not influenced by any outside sources, cross my heart. I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews and I would love your opinions too!

Perfectly Perrywinkle Back-To-School

Perfectly Perrywinkle Back-to-SchoolLittle Miss A, my oldest, my first-born had her first day of Pre-K yesterday. In preparation I made sure she had a few days of Little Gym summer camp since she’s been home with me 24/7 pretty much.

And even though summer camp gave her a little taste of what school would be like she was still nervous about going to school.

Days leading up to school DaddyB and I talked school up telling her what it would be like, how much fun she would have, and tried to calm her fears.

Miss As First Day of PreschoolYesterday morning when she woke up she was in a great mood, {which at 4 years old sometimes can be a toss up}, she got dressed in her school uniform, but most importantly added her Perfectly Perrywinkle headband to complete the cutest preschool outfit ever. {Sorry for the mobile pic but our main laptop is in the “shop”.}

Aside from being super cute the headband was customized to Miss A’s school colors, red, white, and navy, and at Perfectly Perrywinkle you can request colors to go with your child’s favorite outfit, your family’s favorite sports team, or you can select one of their pre-made headbands listed on their Etsy site.

The headbands are a little pricier than most of Miss A’s other headbands, but for one she can wear to school anytime we’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it, plus they make perfect gifts, *hint, hint!!

Perfectly Perrywinkle’s headbands are for any age, brand new baby girls through sassy moms and can dress up any outfit. The headbands and materials are made with great care and cute fabric and you can really tell. Make sure you check out their Facebook page and feel free to tell them MommyB sent you.

I received super cute samples of Perfectly Perrywinkle headbands for this review, which in no way effect my opinions expressed in this post. All opinions expressed are mine, however yours may vary,

Dearfoams Slippers {Guest Post}

Dearfoams LogoCall them what you will – house shoes, slippers, bedroom shoes—I call them love. Slipping on my pink terry thongs from Dearform are like wrapping my feet in a hug from a best friend. If I were forced to wear only one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be these house shoes.

As a person that 1) Does not like to wear shoes, and 2) Does not like things sticking to the bottom of her feet, these house shoes fit the bill—perfectly. Unfortunately for me, my husband has put the kibosh on my wearing my favored footwear past the mail box. His philosophy is that, “House shoes are for the HOUSE.”

Dearfoam DF726 Pink Berry StripeThe cushioned soles hold up beautifully to the number of miles I can put on just by simply walking about the house. The thong style emphasizes my love of flip-flops and to not feel confined and overheated by a full house shoe.

I’ve looked at other house shoes in the past and regrettably purchased other brands that promised the same comfort that Dearform slippers offer. My frugal side reasoned that the lesser-priced slippers could not be superior to the Dearforms. Lesson learned, however. Those so-called comparable brands would be somewhat satisfactory for a week or so, but alas, in too-short time the cushioned-sole would have broken down, or a strap would have broken, or some other malady forcing me to purchase an alternate pair.

When I was asked to review a pair of Dearforms, I couldn’t send my reply back fast enough. I knew that these were the Cadillacs of bedroom slippers, and it was my turn to take them for a drive. I will be forever grateful for my chance to give my input. Don’t let the price of the slippers fool you. It is worth the extra investment. The life you will get out of them will only cost pennies in comparison to the cost of replacing multiple lesser-quality brands.

Time will take its toll on my review pair of house shoes. And when that sad day comes, I will mourn until my replacement pair comes.

Heather Bio Pic

Disclosure: I received no compensation for writing this post other than the review pair of house shoes/ slippers/bedroom shoes. All opinions, while thought to be true, are mine. I Blog with Integrity.


Heather spends her days (and many late nights) trying to meet the demands of life as a wife, mother, and writer. She blogs about nothing in particular at Cool and Hip, I am Not and is occasionally spotted on Twitter @coolandhip.

Cute Beltz Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

CuteBeltz LogoI love finding great Easter gifts for my children’s baskets that don’t include candy, yet sometimes it’s just hard to find cute gifts that they’ll love and use. But guess what? I found these adorable belts called Cute Beltz that come in many styles for children size 12 months to 6 years.

Mommy’s B{eloved} – I love that the Cute Beltz come in D-ring AND velcro options because Little Miss A can’t quite get the hang of the D ring all by herself and when she goes potty the velcro makes it so much easier to get her pants on and off, so important for potty time and children who like to dress themselves, but can’t quite do it all on their own.

Both boys and girls can enjoy Cute Beltz and each gender has several styles to choose from so if your little one needs belts for several outfits you are in luck and should easily find something to coordinate. I like these for gifts because they’re the perfect price to gift to someone. Read More

BrightZoo {Guest Post}

BrightZoo LogoSpring is upon us with its trench coats, daffodils, fresh air and incredible urge to shop. How can you ignore your “beachy” instincts when vibrant colors, lighter fabrics and whimsical patterns greet you in-store? Visions of your son in a fresh champagne linen suit (Mr. Handsome before he plays soccer in it) or daughter in a pastel sear sucker dress (Little Miss before she drops a chocolate ice cream cone on it), no doubt conjure an exquisite family portrait.

Yes, a seasonal new beginning. But while Spring cleaning inspires you to redesign your home, your closet and your make-up bag, you can rarely afford to re-style all at once direct from the pages of the luxury fashion
magazines you adore. Thanks to our super power savvy mom smarts, we know these days it’s easier to shop quality and avoid paying full price. But the challenge remains: Who has the energy to race to the outlets with little ones in tow? Even when Spring IS calling?

It’s just these types of parenting lifestyle realities, along with style and affordability, that inspired our team to create BrightZoo – an online member mom marketplace where discounted designer and secondhand maternity and children’s products live side by side.

BrightZoo trunk shows feature high-end specialty items at insider prices, for both mom and her brood. And BrightZoo also offers parents the opportunity to buy or sell the essentials – fashionable maternity and children’s clothing, as well as key family items like gear, toys, books, electronics and more. A one-stop shopping arena for parents who are pressed for time and relieved to know they’re getting the best deals out there.

BrightZoo PictureVisit Brightzoo this Tuesday when our Featured Trunk Shows include a fresh mix of collections up to 75% off, including designers Lunette (precious girl clothing), Soft (organic cotton toddler wear), Tree by Kerri Lee (nursery and gift items), Petit Couture (modern luxury basics for girls), Mai Flores (jewelry for Mom) and Adore la Vie (for the elegant little girl). This limited time trunk show ends Friday, so be sure to browse quickly for yourself and your family.

Visit us and register at:
Visit this week’s trunk show at:

With Love,
Kelly and Jessica – BrightZoo Founders