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MyClyns Review and Giveaway{CLOSED}

May 14, 2010 No Comments »

Even though cold and flu season is almost over, that doesn’t change the fact that I am a total germ-phobe! Lucky for me there the Clyns company has made something... Read More »

No Slippy Hair Clippy Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

May 10, 2010 No Comments »

If you’re the mom to a little girl you may have seen a million different places selling hair accessories. Well here’s one place selling a million different hair accessories that... Read More »

Canker Cover Spotlight and Giveaway {CLOSED}

May 5, 2010 3 Comments »

Are you one of the 56 million people affected by painful canker sores? If you are like me, these little bumps annoy the inside of my mouth making it difficult... Read More »

Lip Clear Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

April 16, 2010 No Comments »

I don’t know how many of you, my awesome readers, have ever had the privilege of being completely annoyed by a cold sore.  Unfortunately, I am very familiar with cold sores and... Read More »

Jovan Satisfaction Spotlight and Giveaway {CLOSED}

April 5, 2010 No Comments »

Okay so the slogan (and online commercials) may be a little goofy: “Improve your love life 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.” But Jovan really is standing behind their... Read More »

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

March 26, 2010 2 Comments »

In recent studies the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) significantly increased the recommended daily fiber intake standards, and recommend 25 grams of fiber per day for four-year-old children. Wow, that’s... Read More »

Softlips Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

March 22, 2010 6 Comments »

I noticed with all of the snow and colder weather we’ve been having here in Charlotte that my lips have been extremely chapped and dehydrated. DaddyB is one of those... Read More »

Bellies and Babies Review

March 16, 2010 7 Comments »

Bellies and Babies offer a wonderfully relaxing experience for any mom understanding that pregnancy is a beautiful occasion that needs to be enjoyed. (Would you please tell our husbands this?!?)... Read More »

Lock & Mane Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

February 15, 2010 1 Comment »

I first heard about Lock & Mane on Twitter and was overwhelmed, (in a good way), at the number of hair care products that they carry. It could be that I’m... Read More »

Be Nice Review

February 5, 2010 4 Comments »

I find it so hard to get my 64 ounces of water especially now that the cold weather is here. I’m just not interested in H2O even though I know... Read More »