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HCG Diet and Parenting

I’m sitting on my couch ready to go through work emails, put up posts on reviews that I’ve been working on and doing some social media. I am a person, who, like some of you, like to have background noise on while I work, and the television landed on the Dr. Oz show.

Before and After MommyB

I admittedly haven’t watched talk shows since I was pregnant with Little Miss A, in 2006, but in case you missed it today is her first day of preschool. So, as I work I hear more and more about weight loss, {which is something I’m working on right now in lieu of the weight I gained from my pregnancy with Baby C}, and my ears are turned on when I hear, “lose weight” of course.

I have about 25 pounds to get down to a healthier weight which may not seem like a whole lot to some people, but being 4′ 10″ makes every pound count.

On the show, the HCG diet was mentioned. I will point out that I am not an expert on the HCG diet, but one of my blogging friends Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life wrote a great, informative post on HCG – The Facts.

Basically on the diet you super load on calories, {over 3,000 calories a day} the first 3 days prior to the injections. Yes that’s right you have to give yourself a daily shot of the HCG hormone. Once you start the injections you begin your food plan. The food plan with this diet is to eat 500 calories a day, high protein, low carbs, low fat and no alcohol. {Did I mention it’s 500 calories}? Now there are other crazy things associated with this diet {like many other fad diets}, like taking a break to “re-sensitize your body” and the cost. However the part that struck me most was injecting yourself with hormones and basically starving yourself {the average person should consume about three times that amount *this number varies on age, weight, height, activity level and more factors, but is a general idea}.

My problem, being a parent, is how am I to be an example to my girls when they see me doing the HCG diet, or any fad diet for that matter? Yes, I know this can apply to so many areas in life, but that’s exactly why I, personally, am trying my hardest to be an example in all realms of life, because the choices I make will impact their lives. No I am not perfect, no one is, and most of us want the best for our children. I want my children to grow up watching me exercise, be a healthy eater {which I am currently working on}, and have the occasional treat too.

Healthy Kid MommyBKnowsBest

Watching this episode on the HCG diet really made me think about the message I want to send to the girls, and perhaps you as a parent do too. Although it’s not easy for most of us to find time or energy to work out, and sometimes even hard to eat healthy being busy or on-the go; I feel that in the long run if I can impact my girls and encourage them to be healthy from the get-go that they’ll have more of a fighting chance against the genes, and diseases that run on both sides of our families that are made worse by weight gain.

Isn’t seeing mommy and daddy the most impactful way for them to learn anything?

What do you think about dieting and being a parent? Are there ways you are teaching your children to “follow your lead” or are there things that you do that you hope your children don’t inherit?

Superior Taste Buds love h2o

When it comes to spring water I can honestly say I have my favorite,s and then there are those I just can’t stand the taste of. I’m not going to call any of them out in this post, however Daddy B thinks it’s funny that I even notice the difference in their taste, but I often tell him I have superior taste buds anyway. {Don’t laugh, I think it’s true.}

Recently, I was offered the chance to try out h20, a natural spring water from Canada, and I found that I really loved the taste of. I kid you not, it’s up there will my all-time favorite {or favourite if you’re from CA} waters, very crisp and totally refreshing, plus, it does NOT come in a plastic bottle, hooray!!

h2o Natural Spring Water

I’m not completely eco-friendly, however I do like to recycle and try to do my part. h2o’s packaging is 100% paper, from “responsibly sourced well managed forests, a renewable resource, unlike plastic bottles made from oil”.  And in my opinion the packaging is pretty too, see:

Here are some really great facts that I love about h2o and some random ones I found out on my own too:

  • h2o keeps contents safe up to 5 years compared to the 2 year shelf-life of plastic bottles
  • h2o does not roll around in the car if you drop it on the ground like other water bottles {yes this did actually happen to me}
  • h2o has “wings” {aka the flaps at the top that kids can hang on to so they don’t squeeze the drink} like our favorite paper milk and juice box containers
  • h2o, even though the bottle is not see-through, has really great packaging so those of you who are bothered by not being able to “see” what you are drinking can look down the top and see for yourself, crystal clear.

This great water is available for purchase on their website in singles and packs, and in single 16.9 ounce bottles at Super K-marts. Pricing is average in my opinion and for the taste of the water I’d personally pay a little more than they are asking, but that may just be my superior taste buds talking 😉

Also, h2O has also launched a special online sweepstakes. One winner is randomly chosen every 2 days to win a Rio DVD and a 6-pack of h2O natural spring water. Check out rules and enter at now through September 30, 2011 (at 11:59 p.m. PST).

Do you have a favorite spring water? If so, what brand is it?



I received samples from h2o and their partners in order to complete this review. The samples in no way effect my opinions on the product. The words above are my own, completely honest opinions. Thank you for taking the time to read the review and if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them! 



Little Looster Potty Stool Spotlight

Little Looster Logo For those of you who have conquered potty training you know that it is truly no joke. When it comes to teaching little ones how to use the toilet there are often many steps, tricks-of-the-trade and different techniques used in the process. Obviously because it can be a grueling process anything that makes potty time easier is welcomed.

One of those tools that make potty training one step easier is the Little Looster – Looster Booster. The Looster Booster has no installation, it’s as easy as using a stool, but covers more surface area.

Looster Booster

Not only is the Looster Booster easy to clean but it’s very lightweight and easy to move if you don’t want it in the bathroom, although Little Looster says it’s easy for parents to use the toilet with the Looster Booster in place. Even though the stool is lightweight the built-in grips at the bottom of the Looster Booster help to keep it from shuffling around or tipping.

Creator Monica Mylet is not only an inventor but she’s also a mom, so she’s built Looster Booster from her own experiences with her three children. How nice to have a mom who can relate standing behind a product to help other moms?!?

When I had first heard of Little Looster I thought it was an amazing idea and I wished I had heard about it sooner, but I’m very excited to be able to use it once Baby C is a little bigger.

If you are getting ready to potty train or have already potty trained and have issues with little one getting on the potty or losing the feeling in their legs I suggest you check out Little Looster’s Looster Booster. You can visit their website here: and check out their Facebook page here:

When did you start potty training? What tips and tricks do you use for encouraging your child to go potty? 

This post is a spotlight on Little Looster’s Looster Booster, this is not a review as I have not tried out the product with my own children yet, I will however update with a review when Baby C is old enough to potty train.

Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids

Rubbermaid LogoI love cooking for my family, on the nights I have energy, which I’ll admit is usually 2-3 nights a week. The rest of the nights I either call DaddyB to pick up food for the family, {how many of you do this too?} or I reheat leftovers.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of leftovers, so I have started reinventing meals instead of serving straight leftovers. I use ingredients from meals the night before to concoct a new, hopefully delicious, dinner. Rubbermaid makes it easy for me to make my reinvented meals for my family with their Glass with Easy Find Lids food storage containers.

Rubbermaid Glass Containers OvenBecause Rubbermaid’s Glass containers are made with tempered glass that means they are oven safe up to 425 degrees (but please remember that the lids are NOT oven safe and will melt and ruin your entire dish if you do not remove it.) So I can pop my concoctions into the oven and pull them out piping hot for the family to enjoy.

Not only is cooking made a little easier, but in my opinion my Rubbermaid Glass containers are easier to clean than my pans.  They’re also easier to organize because they have the Easy Find Lids System and glass bases are designed to stack neatly which prevents them from sticking together.

What mom couldn’t use great products to make their meals and clean up easier? If you want to check out Rubbermaid’s Glass with Easy Find Lids visit their website: and check them out on Facebook too:

Have you ever used Rubbermaid food storage containers? What are your favorite Rubbermaid products?

I received Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids products in order to give you a complete hands-on review. My opinions are my own, however yours may vary.

Champions Sports Performance

Champions Sports Performance & Training Center Parisi NC

Champion Sports PerformanceSince having Baby C I’ve been attempting to get fit and lose my baby weight. I don’t feel comfortable in this body, I don’t feel healthy, and I’m not happy, so I want to do something about it.

I know some of you may be perfectly happy with the way you look and to that I say, “Rock on mommas!!” But for those of you who aren’t quite there yet, I encourage you to get active and would love it if you follow my “Get Fit” Journey.

I know I can be happy with my mommy body, stretch marks, changes from pregnancies, nursing and all, and I’m excited to get there with the help of Champions Sports Performance. Read More

Mobile Breast Care Center by Charlotte Radiology

Miss A PinkValentine’s Day is coming up and when I think of this day I think of love and I even think of pink. You know what else makes me think of love and pink? Charlotte Radiology’s Mobile Breast Care Center. Pink because most forms of breast awareness is typically signified with a very bright pink color, and love because if you love yourself you’ll see that you’re important enough to get screened.

  • Women 40 years and older should get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years.
  • Women who have had breast cancer or other breast problems or who have a family history of breast cancer should speak with their doctor about when to start and how often they should have a mammogram performed
  • Although Breast Cancer hasn’t been a part of my immediate life I have seen the effects and even mourned their passing. Breast Cancer Awareness has always been a huge weight on my heart, and now that I have two little girls it’s even more important to me. Read More

    Mammogram Awarness in Charlotte

    Charlotte Radiology Mammogram Pink tires are “rolling” across Charlotte and surrounding areas! Why??? Charlotte Radiology, in an effort to increase mammogram awareness, are placing pink tires in local spots just waiting for us to find them. Did I mention that the tires are pink?

    Here are two simple steps to follow if you’re driving/walking/biking/flying/buzzing around Charlotte, this week and you spot a bright pink tire:

    1. Take a photo of the PINK TIRE (there are 30 in the Charlotte area, so you can make it a game to discover all of them, or just try to scope out those in your neck-of-the-woods) with whatever you have handy, cell phone or camera.

    2. Post the photo on the Charlotte Radiology Facebook page (be sure you like their page first, and feel free to tell them @MommyBKnowsBest sent you), also tell them where you found the tire, ( give landmarks or street address please.)

    The tires will look like this:

    Charlotte Radiology Pink Tires

    For every picture posted Charlotte Radiology will donate $1 to Ann’s Fund, which raises money to fund mammograms for underprivileged women in the Charlotte area. Isn’t that great? So be sure to get your friends to join in this great cause and their friends too. Let’s raise lots of money for those who are at risk but can’t afford a mammogram! As an added bonus your name will be entered to win a $100 gift card to Laura James Jewelry.

    Please don’t forget, if you are 40 years old +, or may be high risk be sure to schedule your mammogram today:

    (Also stay tuned for an even bigger, related announcement on January 21st.)

    If you’re in the Charlotte area and would like to go on a “MommyB Knows Best Pink Party” comment on this post. We’ll round everyone up, wear pink, search Charlotte for pink tires, and make money to fund mammograms for the underprivileged women in our “backyard”! Everyone’s invited, men, women, kids, let’s get out there and show our support.

    Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

    Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies

    In recent studies the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) significantly increased the recommended daily fiber intake standards, and recommend 25 grams of fiber per day for four-year-old children. Wow, that’s a lot of fiber to get into one child!

    Little Miss A will eat whole wheat bread, the occasional broccoli, raw spinach leaves,(I know she likes it and I can’t believe it) and of course her favorite fruits, but still, trying to make sure she gets all the fiber she needs does worry me.

    We had the opportunity to try out Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies. They’re made by Fleet and for any of you that know the name know they’re pretty synonymous with being a good bowel cleaner (to put it nicely.)

    Being a mom I want to make sure my children get their fiber not only to be healthy but also because I know that personally it helps them to be able to go #2 a lot easier. I’m sure most parents don’t want their children struggling at potty time either. Read More

    Bellies and Babies Review

    Bellies and Babies LogoBellies and Babies offer a wonderfully relaxing experience for any mom understanding that pregnancy is a beautiful occasion that needs to be enjoyed. (Would you please tell our husbands this?!?)

    Bellies and Babies facilities are located in Charlotte, North Carolina run by Angie McInnis, who’s original goal was to create and celebrate pregnant women by offering comfort during their pregnancy. This desire has spawned to include not only mom but also dad and baby in the massage process. Read More

    Be Nice Review

    Be Nice ReviewI find it so hard to get my 64 ounces of water especially now that the cold weather is here. I’m just not interested in H2O even though I know it’s good for me and this little baby that’s growing inside me. Well, I found a product that makes getting my daily requirement of water much easier. Be Nice Prenatal packets are not only a more flavorful way to enjoy your water, but they also include essential vitamins and DHA. You can drink Be Nice before, during, and after your pregnancy to get the benefits of this all natural product. Read More