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#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: Home is Where My Stomach Is – Favorite Restaurants



Hello friends!!! I’m excited to be back with another #vlogmom post. I was sad that I didn’t have time to answer last week’s question of what my ideal birthday would be like. Especially since, having a December birthday I often don’t get to celebrate as big as someone who is born in September…I have on occasion thought about doing a half birthday party instead. But I have been blessed with awesome family and friends that make my birthday special even though it shares a month with a couple other holidays and lots of vacation out of town.

This week’s question comes from Jendi of Jendi’s Journal, a vlogess herself if I do say so myself. Definitely lots of lessons to be learned from this lady when it comes to vlogging. Anyway…here’s her question…and my answer!!!

Tag, you’re it! Tell me what restaurant(s) do you love, but are out of reach. Can’t wait to hear them and while you’re here make sure you check out these fab vloggers and their answer to this week’s #vlogmom question:

Interview with Fresh Beat Band’s Marina – Shayna Rose & Elizabeth Shea – 2Carats – Part 2

2Carats Featured

2Carats FeaturedIn the first post of my Interview with 2Carats’ Shayna Rose and Elizabeth Shea Part 1 we chatted about their musical roots. In this part of the interview we talk more about 2Carats – coming up with a name, projects, and what’s coming for 2012 and 2013.

Love chatting with these fabulous ladies, they are obviously so much fun! Next time we’ll get a little deeper personally. Make sure you tune in to hear them talk about what style of clothes they are most comfortable in, favorite parts of life, and of course for you Fresh Beat Band fans, hear straight from Shayna, the source, as to why she is no longer Marina on The Fresh Beat Band.

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#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: A Chilly Tour – What’s in MY Fridge??


#vlogmomHey guys! How was your 4th of July?!?! We had a great mini vacation with my in-laws and enjoyed some fireworks in our own backyard.

I hope the summer is treating you well and I want to thank you for stopping by even though I know these hot months are filled with fun and activities! I appreciate you!!

Here’s a little something to cool you off {vicariously of course}: A tour of my fridge.

Dresden from  asks this week’s vlogmom question: What’s in your fridge????

Mine was actually mostly empty because of above mentioned vacation, so yes I did stock up, but only on things we normally eat {except the cherries, I thought they would be nice to try}. Here’s my video and I’ll list some of the products I pointed out after the video, not because I’m getting paid, but because they’re yummy and you should try them too!!

Trop50 – Made by Tropicana, Blueberries – Made by God, Stonewall Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing – EarthFare, Kalamata Olives + Artichokes = Deliciousness, Chobani Yogurt – any  kind really, here’s a link to my Chobani Fecipe, Butter – See next to Paula Deen in the Dictionary, Kansas Style BBQ sauce – Made by Wholesome Goodness, and feel free to ask if I missed anything too!!

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Interview with Fresh Beat Band’s Marina – Shayna Rose & Elizabeth Shea – 2Carats – Part 1

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and interview Shayna Rose, formerly The Fresh Beat Band’s Marina and Days of Our Life’s Stephanie AND Elizabeth Shea former Giant Recording artist and talent who has sung with the likes of Martina McBride and other popular artists. These two powerhouses form the duo 2Carats.

Enjoy Part 1 of our interview where we talk about Shayna and Liz’s musical roots:

Stay tune for Part 2 coming up next weekend where we talk more about their current work with 2Carats.

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Fresh Beat Band’s Shayna Rose and Liz Shea – 2CARATS Trailer by MommyBKnowsBest

While I was busy at the Type-A conference I had the opportunity to chat with Shayna Rose and Elizabeth {Liz} Shea from 2Carats band. Actually, this was my second time chatting with these lovely red-haired ladies. The first video turned out like this: 

Shayna Rose Marina Elizabeth Shea Interview

It was a straight up mess. Lucky for me Shayna and Liz were very understanding and neither of us wanted their heads cut off in the video {you can’t see their gorgeous smiles that way.} So I created a short trailer featuring “Shayna Rose, who starred as both the original Stephanie Johnson on NBC’s, “Days Of Our Lives,” and Marina on Nickelodeon’s, “The Fresh Beat Band,” and the talented Elizabeth Shea, former Giant recording artist and touring partner of Martina Mcbride.”

Check it out:

What do you think???

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#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: 3 Blogging Tips


#vlogmomHey everyone!!! So sorry it’s been forever since my last #vlogmom post. With the two conferences and the awesome trip to CVS/pharmacy headquarters June has been straight up INSANE for me!! But don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying all the work focused events.

Anyway I’m back into the vlogging thing this week, even though my video is a little choppy, kids in the background etc, I hope you’ll forgive me!!!

This week’s question comes from Hillary over at Check her out and here’s the question and my answer:

So how about you? What are your blogging conference tips?

CVS/pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Program Commercial

CVS Pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Logo

Okay guys, quick post {which is very atypical for me, but I’m getting ready for Type-A tomorrow}. I heard from the PR company that my video that I worked on for the NEW CVS/pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Program is live!! You can now see the commercial here through my site:

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I received compensation for this video, however any opinions regarding CVS/pharmacy are my own. My family has been a fan of CVS/pharmacy since before I began blogging. Your opinions may vary, but if you haven’t checked out CVS/pharmacy I strongly encourage you to do so, we love it.CVS Pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Logo

CVS/Pharmacy’s NEW Website and Rhode Island Trip Report

CVS pharmacy Website

Thank you to those of you who have been super supportive of me working with CVS/pharmacy. I know many of you love what they do as a company as well and I learned so much about them on my trip to Rhode Island this past weekend.

One of the biggest “surprises” of the weekend, {and there were many that I’ll be sharing} was the reveal of CVS/pharmacy’s newly renovated website that went live last Friday. All I can say is, “What an improvement.” If you didn’t see their website before the revamp here is a screenshot in it’s busy glory:

CVS Screenshot

It’s not horrible, but there’s a LOT to look at for sure. Now here’s their new look:

CVS pharmacy Website

It’s definitely more streamlined regarding the way it looks, plus it has some great new features, not to mention that a lot of the pages are available in Spanish too.

The NEW CVS/pharmacy website is personalized to you and your family and greets you with a big, “Welcome to your new pharmacy.” This next step in technology allows us, as users to view deals and coupons specifically under our accounts, link accounts within family members, and gives a unique pharmacy experience.

Just the prescription features alone have blown me away. I can get an SMS Alert (text) when my prescriptions are ready, can manage prescription refills, see how many have been filled and refilled, view detailed descriptions of the medications including images of medicine, interactions, warnings and more. For me, this opens up a whole new world of managing my family’s health.

Here I am giving a very brief recap of my first day learning more about CVS/pharmacy, how seriously they take customer service, quality care, and going above and beyond for us, the consumer.

As I mentioned I had the opportunity of trying some pretty cool products out, which I’ll have a fun review post coming up with details and pictures, including when and how much you can purchase those items for. In the meantime I’m enjoying being a CVS/pharmacy guinea pig.

I can’t wait to share even more #cvssneakpeeks with you all but right now I’m going to announce the winner of the CVS/pharmacy gift card from my post about the New CVS Pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Program:

And the winner is:        Tina M!!!!!

Congrats Tina, I’ll be emailing you for your information shortly! For those of you who entered but did not win I will be giving out the second gift card hopefully soon and posting more #cvssneakpeeks, make sure you subscribe to my blog for the fastest updates: and if you’re on Twitter follow me: MommyBKnowsBest and look for the hashtag #cvssneakpeeks

UPDATE: To see my CVS/pharmacy ExtraBucks Rewards Program commercial head here:

I was not compensated for this post, however I have worked with CVS/pharmacy in the past and have received complimentary products mentioned in my vlog, regardless CVS/pharmacy has been my preferred pharmacy/drugstore long before I was a blogger because of their exceptional customer service. The opinions expressed in the above post are my own, yours may vary.

#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: Junk in my Drawers


#vlogmomNow by, “Junk in my Drawers” I don’t mean my pants people!! I mean my actual drawers. This week’s question for #vlogmom comes from my dear, sweet friend Megan who writes at Her question is…..”Share 3 items from your junk drawer or car console.”

Here we go…….

There you have it, my junky junk drawer. What cool or random things do you store in your junk drawer or car console??

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#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: Flawed at Birth


#vlogmomHello my lovelies!! I hope you are having a great week. This week, as usual is a little insane for me with being Miss A’s birthday week and all, but I look forward to sharing some fun crafts and ideas from her Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat birthday party in the coming weeks.

This week’s #vlogmom question comes from Tania at Her question is: “What is Your Biggest ‘Character Flaw’ or something you struggle with?” And here’s my answer: {ignore the messy hair, lack of makeup, I was in a rush ;)}

So, are you up for the challenge?? What’s your biggest character flaw or something you struggle with???

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