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Momnesia Mondays

Momnesia MondaysWelcome to today’s Momnesia Mondays, in case you didn’t read my first post here it is: basically each Monday I’ll be writing a post on my Momnesia, in hopes that maybe I can feature your Momnesia moments as well! Momnesia means that time in our lives when we say we’ll always or never do something and because we’re parents and go through different experiences our opinions change. In my personal opinion having Momnesia is good, it means there’s growth and acceptance going on.

So here’s to my first post on an actual Momnesia topic. The topic of the day???? Baby leashes!

Whether you call it a baby leash, safety harness, backpack harness, safety strap, kid keeper, harness buddy it’s all the same thing. You know those contraptions that you put on your child with the long strap with a handle made to keep your child close. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Baby LeashBefore I had children I swore I would never use one of these things, I thought parents were being lazy and inhumane and actually after I became a mommy I still felt the same way. I’ll admit, there were times when I thought if they need a leash to control their children why did they even have a child.

MomnesiaI had only seen one child on a leash, never more and I hated it. It was until I met a dear friend with twins that I realized that baby leashes are okay, but only if you have multiple children. That way my brain could rationalize. There’s no way someone can keep an eye on two children so baby leashes are okay, but only for more than one child.

Now that I’m a mom of two I definitely understand parents wanting to use the baby leash, especially if their children are very close in age or their going to a high traffic area where their children would be in a sea of people or worse yet cars. Read More

Momnesia Mondays

Momnesia MondaysOn our way back home from the Type-A Mom Conference I was talking to Daddy B and somehow one of my mommy brain moments was reffered to as, “Momnesia,” and I thought that was a great name for a website. I don’t really want to own two mommy sites, nor do I have the time, so I thought maybe I could incorporate my momnesia into this blog.

I really want to let everyone, parents and non-parents alike know it’s okay to think one thing and do another once you become a parent. I think that’s really the true spirit of momnesia. There were many things I swore I’d “NEVER” do when I became a mommy that I find myself doing all the time, or even moments that I’ve looked at someone and rolled my eyes only to do that exact same thing with my child. Really in parenthood, whether we like it or not, some things just work for our children and some don’t.

My mommy motto is, “No matter what, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else you really just have to do what is best for your own family.” So I hope you’ll take a moment, ready my Momnesia Monday posts, think about some situations where you’ve had momnesia, dadnesia, kidnesia and maybe even share some stories here too. Check back each Monday for some Momnesia favorites from me, your very own MommyB Knows Best.