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Easy Cadbury Easter Egg Recipes

I love Cadbury Creme Egg

The Cadbury Egg is my all-time favorite candy no matter what time of year. Obviously they only offer it in the Spring, but a few friends have encouraged me to freeze my beloved sweet so I can savor it’s goodness all-year-round. Mmmm, can you taste it???

If you love Cadbury Eggs like I do you don’t want to stop at just the candy. This year I decided that I was going to make some yummy creations, easy creations with my scrumptious creamy eggs.

I love Cadbury Creme Egg

Because the girls keep me very busy during the day I had to choose recipes that would not only be easy but fast too. Some of my recipes are more like my fecipes (aka fake recipes, no I didn’t spell it wrong), but they’re still fun and filled with Cadbury goodness.

Cupcakes with a Cadbury-licious Surprise:

I used a box mix for my cake batter, however if you’re a scratch baker I applaud you!!

Cupcake Liner

While you pre-heat the oven and get the muffin tins ready be sure to freeze the Cadbury Eggs or Cadbury Minis:

Cadbury Creme Egg Minis

Mix the ingredients:

Cadbury Cupcake Collage

And voila??? This is how mine turned out, not quite what I was expecting:

Cadbury Cupcake

Of course I wanted my cupcakes to turn out like Zoey’s: Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes but now realize that I should have put the frozen Cadbury eggs on TOP of the batter not in the middle. I will definitely have to give it another go-round.

Here are a few other fun Cadbury Egg Cupcake related recipes too:

Cadbury Frosting:

More Cadbury Frosting:

My second “recipe” or add-in is Pudding with a hint of Cadbury Egg:

Using Jell-o’s Temptaions Dessert Kit in Chocolate Truffle Indulgence, I added ingredients {very simple} and made the pudding, after which I placed a frozen, halfed Cadbury Egg on. *Do not place egg decoration on until you serve as it will absorb moisure from the pudding and become a little soggy.

I love the way the halved Cadbury Egg looks:

Cadbury Pudding Collage

Here are a few other ways to incorporate Cadbury Eggs into an even sweeter treat:

Cadbury Eggs Benedict:

Cadbury Chocolate Pancakes:

And of course several ways to make your own Cadbury eggs at home featuring one of my favorites from

Have you ever made any Cadbury Egg Creations??

Tropical Foods Dipping Chocolate – Valentine’s Day Treats

Dipping Chocolate

One of the sweetest days of the year is right around the corner and celebrating with kids now gives Valentine’s Day new meaning. I love celebrating holidays with my kiddos and enjoy seeing their faces when we get to bond and create. Of course we’re always making crafts and occasionally we get to create some tasty treats too.

Miss A and I made these yummy treats last Christmas:

Chocoley Chocolate

We like to dip things in chocolate because well, everything is better with chocolate when you’re a self-diagnosed choco-holic. We’ve dipped cookies, marshmallows, and carmel.

Dipping ChocolateTropical Foods is hosting a contest asking bloggers, “What are your favorite foods to dip in chocolate?”And by nature, I MUST answer. I think my all-time favorite thing to dip would have to be Oreos. At Christmas time they are extra tasty with peppermint shavings. However, if I were concocting something for Valentine’s Day with the kiddos I think I would make heart shaped cake pops from red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, and cover in their White Chocolate Dipping Chocolate, but you can’t forget the heart shaped sprinkles. I also really enjoy dipping pretzels, homemade caramels, making frozen bananas, and fresh strawberries!

My awesome friends shared their dipped goodies with me.

Lolli from, “Better in Bulk” has a “unique” technique for dipping her truffles:

Dipping Truffles - Better in Bulk

Finger-lickin’ good huh??

My friend Michelle from, “Honest and Truly” makes this delicious chocolate drizzled popcorn:

Drizzled Popcorn - Honest and Truly

Head here for the recipe:

Now that you’re in the dipping mood too, if you were asked, “What are your favorite foods to dip in chocolate,” what would your answer be??

I am blogging for a chance to win Tropical Foods blogger contest and because I personally enjoy Tropical Foods products. I have worked with Tropical Foods in the past as well. All images posted are either my property or given consent to use for the purpose of this blog post by the image owner.

Torani Flavored Syrup Saved My Coffee

Torani Logo

Coffee DrinkingRecently I became a daily coffee drinker. In previous years I would drink an occasional frappucinio {which I just learned the correct spelling of tonight}. Normally I will have my Diet Coke with or without caffeine, really I drink it for the carbonation and flavor. However I just can’t bring myself to drinking it in the morning, but still need a little caffeine boost after working late at night on my sites and projects and getting up early with the girls.

Coincidentally, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home from Miss A’s school, and even though she doesn’t go to school far from home it’s a quick pick me up, and they have drive-thru. What more could I ask for {other than a Tim Horton’s in the South, but that’s another post.}

I have however, been trying to be more frugal with my spending and don’t brew my own coffee, {wishing for a Keurig}, so I found Starbucks VIA on the shelves at my local Super Target. They have iced coffee packets, hooray!! I found the slightly sweetened version which worked, added a little bit of natural creamer and again it was decent, and gave me the little pep that I needed for my day. And then, I found Torani Syrups…{cue heavenly music}…

Torani Logo

I got to try out Torani in Hazelnut flavor and Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie, and also got some coupons that I gave to my church’s coffee outreach program, which they were very thankful for.

As you can see here, I made my concoctions of deliciousness with my Starbucks VIA, a splash of Torani Hazelnut flavored syrup, and Coffee Mate Natural Bliss {and a yummy blueberry muffin.}

Torani Collage

I loved my Torani Hazelnut flavor. The first time I used it though I had no clue how much to add and definitely went a little overboard and my coffee ended up pretty sweet, and I like sweet coffee to begin with. But once I got my “recipe” down by eyeballing it I loved the taste and what Torani added to my regular cup of coffee. I would recommend using less to start off and adding more to taste.

I also got to try out Torani’s Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice syrup, but I am not a huge fan of Sugar-Free products in general and this remained true in my taste-test of this sugar-free flavoring. If you don’t mind splenda or need sugar-free products for health reasons I think it’s great that Torani has so many Sugar-Free flavor options for you to choose from, just not my cup of tea coffee.

Torani Flavored Syrups are available at:

  • Cost Plus World Market
  • BevMo
  • Walmart
  • Smart and Final
  • Most major grocery stores
  • (wide assortment of flavors)
  • and (widest assortment of flavors)
And guess what??!?! You can get 10% off right now when you enter the code “shespeaks” at at checkout.

This is a sponsored post by and Torani. I received products and coupons in order to offer my honest opinions. The above words are my own true thoughts about the products I reviewed, however your experiences may vary.

Funny Food Network Fans

It’s an alliteration, you see what I did there 😉 Anyway….Recently I had the joy of checking out some great hilarious recipes. In case you’re not a gourmet cook you may want to see these recipes and learn a thing or two from the professionals.

First up is the famous butter-loving queen herself Paula Deen.

Peas in Pot - doolloop

Photo by doolloop flickr Creative Commons


English Peas

Cook Time: 5 Minutes           Level: Easy          Serves: 6-8 servings

1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
2 cans (14 1/2-ounces) English peas, drained

Melt the butter in small pot and add the peas. Cook over medium heat until peas are warm.

Next up, the lovable Rachael Ray

Bacon - Sappymoosetree

Photo by Sappymoosetree - flickr Creative Commons

Late Night Bacon (because it’s different than morning bacon??)

Cook Time: 5 minutes     Level: Easy    Servings: 4 Servings


8 slices bacon

Place 2 sheets of paper towel on a microwave safe plate, lay the bacon out on the paper towel not overlapping the slices. Place 2 more sheets of paper towel on top. Place in the microwave on high for 4 to 6 minutes.

Unfortunately these recipes are NO JOKE, but I thought they were funny enough for an April Fool’s Day post. Have you ever seen any recipes like this?

What are you doing for April Fool’s Day today??

PS Sorry about the Q-Vids, I’m getting back on those next week, with illness, Baby C’s birthday, and an unsightly cold sore I’ve had to skip a few weeks. But I’m compiling some great questions for you!!

MommyB’s Fecipes

I would consider myself a pretty decent cook and I am great at following recipes and making them my own. Most of the time with two little girls, one, soon to be two websites (that’s another post in itself), housework, errands, Miss A’s activities and being always on the go, I don’t always have time to make something spectacular. So I decided to write a post about MommyB Knows Best’s Fake Recipes or Fecipes. Recipes that aren’t quite recipes, rather just a couple of things thrown together to make something decent to munch on. Check out my first Fecipe:


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