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The Children’s Place Online Order Cancellations

After needing to update our girls’ wardrobes we did some shopping at The Children’s Place earlier this month. During a special promotion we received Place Cash to spend on purchases at a later date.

Yesterday I took advantage of a quiet moment to order a few things we were still lacking, excited at the great prices and the fact that The Children’s Place carries size 16 in girl’s clothing. After using my rewards coupon and Place Cash I checked out.

This afternoon, however I received an email that my orders had been canceled, which seemed very weird to me. After about an hour on the phone (34 minutes on hold and the other on and off hold with a very polite customer representative), I was told someone had hacked Place Cash numbers and used them from purchases and as a preemptive strike The Children’s Place was cancelling all online orders using Place Cash.

I received an email with new coupon and rewards codes, I’m a little surprised they didn’t offer anything for the inconvenience of having to reorder and being on the phone for so long. Also, I’m a little apprehensive filling up the cart again and also hoping we don’t miss out on any styles/sizes that we were able to “purchase” yesterday. I understand these things happen and the rep at The Children’s Place has been very understanding.

If you are stuck in this same situation, and would still like to use your cash, hopefully you won’t be on hold for the same amount of time, but be sure to call 1-877-752-2387.


Please comment here to let us know what your experience was.

Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” Event Video

This is a sponsored post in an effort to showcase car seat safety initiatives highlighted in the video below.

Three New York City newborns will be making their first ride home in one of America’s safest cars as part of Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” event. The program focuses on creating awareness and educating parents on child safety.

Instead of making the journey home through the streets of New York City in a taxi – an experience that does not legally require a car seat – the parents participating in Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” event opted for a ride home from the hospital with their new bundles of joy in a fully-equipped 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander – an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) highest-rated “Top Safety Pick+” vehicle piloted by professional drivers. Their touching personal stories have become a series of short web films that contrast the craziness of the streets of the big city, with the calm, precious moments shared between three newborns and their parents.

Check out the video:

This is a sponsored post in partnership with car seat safety initiative.

CoolSculpting® Treatment {Giveaway}

CoolSculpting Logo

CoolSculpting LogoMost mommas I know, including myself, struggle with weight issues. Unless you’re like some of the amazing skinnier-than-before-they-were-moms that I know {not to name any names.} Whether it’s weight gain in general or problem areas, it’s hard to lose the weight after we’ve had kids. Even after I lost the baby weight I had gained when I was pregnant with Miss A I still had some lingering jiggly bits around my middle that no amount of Jillian Michaels workouts or Weight Watchers programs could take off {and I loved both}.

Perhaps like you, there were times when I wished I had a magical machine in my closet that I could step into really quick and just tone up that area. While I don’t personally own something like that or know any magic tricks, not even the basic ones, I am excited to find out that there are machines like the ones in my daydreams that are non-surgical and reduce the fat in trouble areas of both women and men.


CoolSculpting® is the safe, effective and non-invasive way to reduce fat in common trouble areas that tend to be diet- and exercise-resistant. It is an FDA-cleared procedure that gently and effectively reduces fat in problem areas of the body. This results in noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in the treated areas. What makes CoolSculpting® different than other fat reduction procedures is its patented cooling technology that targets and eliminates fat cells.

During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells in specific areas of your body. When fat cells are exposed to cooling, it triggers a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a reduction in fat bulges that is visible in most patients in two months. Isn’t that cool?

Here’s a video that breaks down the CoolSculpting® Treatment process:

In case you were wondering, it is a medical fact that fat is uniquely susceptible to extreme cold. Basically CoolSculpting® turns the fat cold, the fat cells crystallize, break down, and then naturally eliminated by your body.

The treatments are about an hour per treated area and typically are very calm, people have been known to check email, read, and rest while undergoing treatment. It’s nice to know that there is minimal discomfort, and most patients resume their regular activity immediately after treatment. Being a mom there’s no time for pain and resting, so it’s a great alternative to surgical methods.

Just like any program results are long lasting and sustainable with a healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting® is a premium procedure, only offered through top doctors across the country. Go to to locate a treatment center and join the conversation on Facebook.

I have not personally tried the CoolSculpting® procedure but it sounds great for after I lose some of this baby weight from Baby C and I would definitely consider it, again in conjunction with a healthy diet and being active. All those things go hand-in-hand.

The best part is… you can win a CoolSculpting® Treatment! This contest is being held on 14 other blogs. One winner from the group will receive a CoolSculpting treatment (valued at $1500). Use the form below to enter!!!

*Disclaimer: CoolSculpting® is not intended as a weight-reduction program or for overweight individuals. The grand prize winner must first be assessed by a CoolSculpting® provider of ZELTIQ’s choosing to ensure he/she is a good candidate for the procedure. If the grand prize winner is not assessed as a good candidate, he/she will not be eligible for the treatment portion of the grand prize. The best CoolSculpting® candidates are near their ideal body weight with bulges of diet- and exercise-resistant fat.

This is a sponsored post, I have received compensation to write for CoolSculpting® however I think it’s a really great program and my honest opinions of the program are expressed above. Yours may vary.

Just Dance Video Games by Ubisoft for Me and Them

I love dancing. I used to go out dancing when I was in college and when DaddyB and I were dating we often went out dancing. Now that I am a mommy my nights out are usually game nights or spent going to a restaurant. I have considered taking dance classes for fun and exercise, but again finding time in my hectic schedule for an additional activity is just plain hard.

Both of my girls, Miss A, who is 4 and a half {as she would proudly exclaim}, and Baby C who is now 20 months old LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance. Seriously they do all sorts of styles anywhere, in the tub, in the kitchen, on their beds/cribs, on mommy’s back, so much so that I often will have to ask them to take a break so they don’t choke-break-something-break-someone-get-dizzy-and-so-on.

Ubisoft Logo

I have found the perfect game(s) though. Thanks to Ubisoft we can have our cake and eat it too with Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2. Personally I think these are amazing gifts for anyone who likes to dance, young, or not so young. If you haven’t picked up a copy or sent yours yet it makes a great Christmas present or even upcoming birthday presents too, and if you like to dance it’ll give you and the recipient a good excuse to play together.

Just Dance 3What I like about Just Dance 3 on Nintendo Wii:


  • Variety – 45+ songs by various artists and several different play modes, make it easy for you to be choosy
  • Non-Stop Dancing – Just Dance 3 has a great non-stop mode that allows you to “dance your heart out” without the interruption of song selection or point tallies.
  • FUN! – With great songs from hot artist like Katy Perry, Cee Lo, Jessie J, I get to have fun dancing around the livingroom.
  • Calorie Burner – Depending on the song you choose and how “into it” you are you can really work up a sweat which is always a plus, right?


I personally didn’t love all the songs on this game, but you’d probably have to be a pretty eclectic person for that to happen anyway. Also, there are some songs on the game that I wouldn’t want my girls to hear, and the game is rated E+10, meaning best for everyone ages 10 years old and up. Depending on your parenting style this age recommendation may vary, but again there are some “safe” songs you can choose and dance with your kids to.

Just Dance 3 Screenshot

It seems like Just Dance 3 is pretty hot right now, and I would definitely recommend it for purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Just Dance Kids 2Just Dance Kids 2 for Nintendo Wii left this impression on me:


  • GREAT for kids of different ages – even Baby C gets her own controller and dances away
  • Classic songs that are both fun and help kids learn {left and right, numbers, etc}
  • Trendy songs – from great children’s artists like The Wiggles, Imagination Movers, Yo Gabba Gabba and more.


All the songs are kid-appropriate based on lyrics, I love that they have their own game that’s more their age. In addition, this game offers classic kids songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “The Hokey Pokey” in several languages. We love promoting learning other languages in the B household, do you??

Just Dance Kids 2 Hokey Pokey

Both games can be purchased for use on several game platforms like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Head over to Ubisoft website here: to check out more details and make your purchases for the dancers in your life and if that person is you, have fun and happy dancing!!

I received both Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2 in order to give my thoughts on these products for this review. The above thoughts are my honest opinions, however yours may vary. 

Jesus and Santa – How Do You Explain Christmas to your Kids {Guest Post}

Christmas Angel

Christmas AngelThe Christmas tree all lit up with presents under it excites my nearly 2 ½ year-old-son. When we ask him why we have them, he says, “For Jesus’ birthday.” He also thinks Santa and his reindeer are pretty great, but he doesn’t really understand the concept of Christmas.

He was so young for his first two Christmases that we just celebrated the season. He didn’t know what Christmas was and who Jesus and Santa are and we didn’t have to explain it to him.

This year is different – he’s at an age where he asks questions and gets excited about things. This year, we need to tell him about Jesus’ birth and the jolly fat man who brings presents to good little boys and girls.

But how do you explain that to a 2-year-old who still can’t quite comprehend what you’re telling him?

Like Mommy B mentioned in her post about “skipping” Thanksgiving, the holidays have gotten so commercialized, especially Christmas.

Some stores begin decorating for Christmas even before Halloween is over. Christmas trees and Santa figurines start appearing in windows and lining shelves a good two months before December 25 and we start asking one another, “What do you want for Christmas?”

How do I explain to my son who Jesus is and why we celebrate his birthday while balancing who Santa is and why we get presents? How do you ensure your children know the true “reason for the season”? What do you tell them about Santa (besides that he won’t bring you presents if you’re not a good boy/girl)?

Guest Blogger - JamieAfter a 10+ years communications career, Jamie K. recently took on her most challenging job yet – as a
fulltime CFO (chief family officer). Currently, she lives in Alabama with her husband, an officer in the Air Force, and her toddler son and infant daughter. She’s a big fan of deal sites, attempts to be eco-friendly, and struggles daily with the great balancing act of being a super mom.

Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream Review {Giveaway – CLOSED}

Carmex SkinCare Line

Carmex LogoThe cool weather has arrived, well most days here in Charlotte, although to be honest we’ve had a few 70 degree days, completely baffling to me. Nonetheless, my poor girls’ skin has already been effected by their seasonal eczema. I love this time of year for so many reasons but the cold, itchy, weather is not one.

I recently found out that Carmex has a skin care line. I am always looking for new products to try out on the girls’ skin to help with their dryness, so this came at the perfect time.

Carmex SkinCare Line

I started off trying their Healing Lotion, which is a daily moisturizer that contains aloe & vitamin E. I love the smell because it smells like Carmex Lip Balm, but not overwhelming. I was a little nervous about application because the cream felt a little oily as I put it on the girls and for a few seconds after, but oddly enough it actually feels silky smooth after it soaks into the skin. Read More

Invisalign – The Real Tooth Fairy

Invisalign_logoVote for Invisalign™ as the new Tooth Fairy. No, Invisalign™ won’t put money under your child’s pillow in the place of a lost tooth, but in my opinion what Invisalign™ actually does is much more beneficial, sorry Ms. Tooth Fairy, you may need to start looking for another title.

Invisalign™ is doing amazing things in the world of orthodontics for children and teens, and for adults as well. Straight teeth are important for all ages to ensure proper chewing, improve self esteem, and can alleviate or prevent physical health issues caused by poor teeth alignment.

In fact, about 4.5 million people in the U.S. are wearing braces or other appliances to achieve a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, according to the American Association of Orthodontics and one in five of those orthodontic patients is an adult. At some point I may be one of those five patients.

My toothy story:

In general, I have teeth that are relatively healthy, but unfortunately my mouth is too small for all of my teeth. At age 28 I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and much to my surprise I only had two instead of the average 4. {I won’t complain though because I know this meant half the healing time and half the cost.} My teeth are crowded and as a result, some of them are now crooked or overlapping. I can really notice the lack of space between my teeth when I floss and not only is it harder to make sure my teeth are clean, but it’s frustrating as well. As I grow older I feel like they are just getting more cramped and as I’ve been looking at options with my dentist and online I came across Invisalign™. Read More

LeapFrog Product Party

LeapFrog logoAll four of us at the B household love a great themed party, and when Mom Select and LeapFrog approached us about the opportunity to throw a LeapFrog inspired party at our house we were totally in! (Who wouldn’t be?)

We asked all the moms to dress their kids in green in honor of LeapFrog colors, and made some tasty treats to share with our friends.

Not only did we get to play cool games like, “Frog, Frog, Toad” (like, “Duck, Duck, Goose”,((which the kids loved!!)), but we played, “Tad Says” (kids always enjoy any version of “Simon Says”, plus it tires them out and helps them to get ready to listen too!), and most importantly, kids and moms got to use the new LeapFrog LeapPad™  learning tablet, LeapFrog Tag™  Reading System, and the LeapFrog Tag™ World Map.

Here are some pictures of the party, snacks, activities, cute kids and all:

LeapFrog Party

A handful of the attendees already owned a LeapFrog Tag™, but for those who weren’t familiar with it found it to be a great choice for children learning to read, I always suggest this product for children who are a little more cautious with their belongings, since the pages in the book are made from paper and can be torn if not careful, {or if you’re like our family and have little ones who like to grab everything aka Destructo.}  One lucky mom left with a brand new LeapFrog Tag™ for her daughter just for attending this awesome event.

At the LeapFrog Tag™ World Map table, some of the children were able to explore the world with their moms. This interactive map not only helps learn geography, but it also teaches your child about the people who live across the world, different languages, explains about each culture and has lots of fun learning games. It is one of my new favorite LeapFrog products because we want our girls to know that there is a whole world full of amazingly different people out there and what better tool to do it?!?

The majority of the kids were drawn towards the LeapFrog LeapPad™, of course, it’s like mom’s tablet or a cool video system with a large screen that interacts through touch and movement. The kids loved the video and picture function of the LeapPad™ as they built their own stories. They also got to check out some well-known character based learning games and I kid you not, it was very hard to get the children to share this one {which is a good thing}, but I was able to pry it away occasionally to let those who hadn’t tested it out have a chance.

Here are my thoughts on LeapFrog products:

All-in-all the party was a great opportunity for moms got to watch their children interact with these toys in a non-store setting, at their own pace and many of them left the party saying these LeapFrog products were on the top of their holiday shopping list. And the B family fell in love with LeapFrog a little more that day.

I’ll leave you with this cute picture of the kids giving me their best, “surprised” faces. Aren’t they cute!!!

LeapFrog Party Kids

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host a Learn, Create, and Share Party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions expressed in the above post.

My Twinn Doll Review

My Twinn LogoBecause my girls are biracial often times it is hard to find dolls for them that have features like theirs. Sometimes we will find dolls with some of their features but they’ll be missing one or two important features. Now it’s not essential that they have dolls that look exactly like them, and of course we want them to have all kinds of dolls because God created all kinds of people, however it’s always nice for my girls to be able to have things to relate to in all areas of their life.

I want my girls to love who God created them to be inside and out and with My Twinn Dolls facilitates that desire. Each My Twinn Doll is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, pose-able, and 18 inches tall. There are so many customization options like; face shaps, eye color, skin tone, and hair color/length/texture/cut/bang options. Artisans also hand-paint on freckles, birthmarks, eyebrows, plus the doll’s cheeks and lips are enhanced with hand-painted colors as well.

The My Twinn Doll website makes it easy to choose your custom options to create a doll that resembles your 3 to 12 year-old child. They also have you submit photos of your child to ensure that they capture their features as best as possible.

My Twinn Website

After making our selections that best fit Miss A, submitting our photos, and filling out the birthmark form, we excitedly waited for our doll to arrive. I don’t know who was more excited to open the My Twinn Doll packaging, {which was super cute by the way} but once I saw her I knew that My Twinn did an AMAZING job. See:

My Twinn Doll Face

Here “Olivia” is in comparison to my very tall (95% height for her age) 4 year-old:

Miss A and My Twinn Doll

And here they are faces next to each other, no it’s not 100% but being her mom I see all of Miss A’s faces and I think they did an amazing job and didn’t make it look too similar to be creepy, you know what I mean! I actually did Miss A’s hair to look like “Olivia’s” too.

Miss A and Twinn Doll Faces

Miss A was delighted to see her doll and immediately named her Olivia, and started playing with her. Because My Twinn Dolls have 18 joints you can pose them and better yet they can actually sit up, unlike a lot of dolls we currently own. Miss A loved this feature. She also was excited to see her birthmark on the doll and said, “Her outfit is adorable.” Lucky for us My Twinn has clothing for their dolls, and also for your child. A My Twinn outfit for Miss A is already on the Christmas list.

Speaking of Christmas, or the holiday season in general, be sure to check dates to see when last orders for specific dates are. Standard My Twinn Dolls run about $149.00 retail value and includes your customized doll and one clothing choice from select My Twinn options. There are so many extras that you can purchase as well including earrings, wheelchairs, clothing, and more.

Now you may be thinking $149.00 is a lot for a doll, yes, I completely agree, however My Twinn really isn’t “just a doll”. Personally I feel like this is a keepsake that is so personal to Miss A and there is nothing out there that I have found that compares to her being able to say, “This doll was made for me, to look like me”. It’s durable and made with great quality, but also made with great care. If something happens to the doll there are care options and resources to “fix dolly up”.

If you are interested in purchasing this doll, or want to ask for it as a gift, or even go half-in with someone else here is the link to the My Twinn Doll website: and you can check out their Facebook page here:

Also you can win your very own My Twinn Doll and here’s how:


My Twinn is hosting an online contest through December 5, 2011. Log onto to enter!

What are you buying your children for Christmas? Would you consider one of these awesome dolls?

I received this My Twinn doll in order to give my honest thoughts about My Twinn Doll’s website and product. This in no way effects the outcome of my post and all opinions are mine, however yours may vary.