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NEW My Little Pony at Build-A-Bear Workshop {Giveaway} CLOSED

My Little Ponies Build A Bear MommyBBuild-A-Bear Workshop is bringing the magic and friendship of the My Little Pony brand to their stores. For the very first time, you can make-your-own Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash!

The My Little Pony plush allows Guests to engage with these iconic characters in new and exciting ways at Build-A-Bear Workshop and uniquely personalize Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash like never before. You can add a signature cape, style their beautiful mane and tail, add shoes, or even clothing.

Occasionally, we watch My Little Pony on tv and I love the fact that the shows and characters I really liked when I was little are back out for my little girls to fall in love with too.

Rainbow Dash Build A Bear MommyB

Miss A and Lil’ C both loved the fact that Rainbow Dash got to come live with us. Lil’ C even tried Rainbow Dash’s brightly colored cape on just for fun. I mean come on, can you really turn down a face like this?!?!?

Build A Bear Rainbow Dash MommyB

Both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Pony retail for $24 at Build-A-Bear Workshop {without any extra clothing or accessories}. The question is….can you really just pick one??

Pinkie Pie vs Rainbow Dash MommyB

To give you a little hand, here’s your chance to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop so you can experience the magic of creating your very own furry friend no matter who you choose.

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Also be sure to check out Build-A-Bear Workshop on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.



We received an adorable Rainbow Dash in order to provide feedback. The opinions expressed in this post are honest, however yours may vary.

P&G’s “Most Loved” award-winning brands with Terrence J {Giveaway}- CLOSED

Are you a Proctor and Gamble fan? Perhaps you never even noticed how many P&G products are in your own home from Cover Girl®, to Venus®, Bounty®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Dawn®, Febreze®, Swiffer® and Tide® and beyond. I know in my own home I can’t even count how many, there are that many P&G products.


Terrence ‘J’ Jenkins, {who grew up in North Carolina, woo hoo!!}, the new co-anchor of E! News alongside Giuliana Rancic, shares a memory from being on set and realizing how cool P&G products are.

Ready to win your P&G prize pack??? Enter here to win:

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Gombby Channel App – Fun, Wholesome Learning

I am always on the search for wholesome apps that I know my girls can play and I don’t have to worry about them seeing or hearing anything that I wouldn’t personally share with them. Even moreover, when they are playing I prefer for them to be learning something whether it’s school related or values based.

Then I saw this video of a new Apple app. Check it out:

Gombby’s Green Island – Show Reel from Big Storm Studios on Vimeo.

Wow right?!?! Talk about an app that nurtures you preschooler in so many ways. This app builds character, instills values, and teaches children about how things work, and even offers three different language settings; English, Spanish, and Portugese.

Gombby app

Best of all, the Gombby Channel App is FREE and comes with 3 downloadable games. If you like what you see and want to encourage the growth and learning experience that the Gombby channel touts, you can purchase additional downloadable games.

Go ahead, try it out, you may just gain a happier, more respectful, and curious child. Click HERE to head to iTunes to download the Gommby Channel App. {It’s also a giveaway entry}. Also check out the Gombby Website where you and your child can check out Green Island, meet the characters, and find out more about Gombby.

MommyB Knows Best is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Make sure you follow as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning. Giveaway ends February 5th, 2013.

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This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest thoughts and words. Yours may vary, but like mom always says, “You shouldn’t say you don’t like something if you don’t try it!!”

Healthy Resolutions for Kids {Giveaway}

Have you made resolutions for yourself, perhaps to live a better, healthier life? Do you make family resolutions? How about resolutions for your children? My girls are still pretty young, but there are things I hope, dream, and pray for them this year. I want Miss A to do well in school, I want Lil C to flourish as her own individual, and of course I hope that they are both loving, caring people who think of others, among many, many other traits and values.

In general, my girls are pretty healthy when it comes to eating, being active, and overall health, which we are very blessed by. However, there are always improvements we like to make to continue to give them the best lives possible, and I’m guessing if you’re still reading this post, you may have a special child(ren) in your life that you care about as well.

Here are some of my personal tips that I’ve used to encourage health in my girls lives and also some that we will begin to implement and work on.

Get Active!

Whether you participate or not {strongly recommended}, take your kiddos to the park, enroll them in sports classes, go for a family hike. It’s great for them physically, but also builds confidence, if done in a group encourages social growth, and makes them happier *see endorphins.

Smart Balance Kids MommyB Active Family Collage

Have Fun with Food

We like to make food faces on pancakes, drink out of fun straws, cook together, make mustaches out of everything, especially milk and color our foods with food coloring to brighten up any plate.

Fun with Food MommyB

Enrich their Lives

Give your child opportunities to volunteer, and learn about a senese of community. Visit museums and historical landmarks. Let them express themselves through art, dance, writing, help them find their best means of self-expression and celebrate it!

Healthy Kids MommyB

Make Healthier Choices

Trade out treats for fruits, hide veggies where the kids will least expect it, and make sure your children get plenty of hormone-free calcium. Since Lil’ C was 1 year old we’ve been trying to get her to drink milk, any kind of milk, soy, almond, chocolate, and used every trick in the book, we’ve given it a few months and just last night at dinner, because “sissy” LOVES milk {and if I could caps the LOVES even bigger I would, I have not seen a child who enjoys milk more than Miss A} we offered Lil’ C a medicine cup of Smart Balance® Kids Milk and she drank it! Baby steps!!! In the long run we’ve seen our girls make healthier choices on their own and hope they continue to have the desire to be healthy in all aspects of their lives. {See left photo, “Save a turkey! Eat a brocolli”, even though it’s not exact spelling, I was happily surprised to see this come home with Miss A.}

Smart Balance Healthy Choices Collage

What healthy resolutions would you like to make for your own children? If you’re not already giving your kids Smart Balance® Kids Milk, here are some reasons I personally would like you to check out and consider the switch.

3 Milks shot[2]

All varieties of Smart Balance® Kids Milks offer calcium and extra Vitamin D to support strong bones; as well as DHA and EPA Omega-3s to help support brain and heart health with two glasses a day. The milks are produced from cows with no artificial growth hormones.

Children ages 12 months to 24 months have their own, specially formulated milk with prebiotics, iron and other essentials for growing toddlers.

Smart Balance® Kids Milk come in three varieties and is sold at all Harris Teeter grocery store locations.

And last but not least, these milks are available for one lucky reader to WIN!

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This is a compensated post, however all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions. I am excited to bring Smart Balance Kids into my own home and yours as well. As always your opinions may vary, but if you like me you’ll try it 😉

2013 Travel with Shell on the Road {Giveaway}

Did you travel this holiday season? If you’re anything like my family just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that the trips have.

Being the wife of The Coaster Critic means that we’re theme park bound as soon as it’s park season on the East coast, and since both of our families live out of state we’ll be making some trips North to visit them, not to mention blog conferences, and family trips and hopefully {hint, hint hubby}, a trip to the beach this summer.

I know that my brood isn’t the only family who’s already planning road trips for 2013, and when it comes to travel here are some travel tips that may come in handy:

According to the Shell Mechanics Survey*, the four best tactics to prepare your vehicle for the 2013 travel season are:

  • Inspect tires for air pressure, tread depth, rotation, etc.
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Fill up with a high quality fuel
  • Check / change engine oil and oil filters

*The Shell Mechanics Survey was a 7-minute online survey conducted by StrategyOne. The survey was fielded from March 30 – April 2, 2012 and sampled 450 automotive mechanics across the United States. The margin of error is +/- 4.62% at 95% confidence.

Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines contain 20% more active cleaning agents than before, helping protect engine’s intake valves and fuel injectors from performance-robbing gunk. No other gasoline protects better!

Many may be surprised to learn that driving can often be more economical, fun and flexible than flying. According to a May 2012 Car Care Council analysis, a family of four travelling 1,000 miles round trip could save $1,000 by driving instead of flying.

  • The average cost for a family of four to drive 1,000 mile round trip is $350
  • The average cost for a family of four to fly 1,000 mile round trip is $1,441

In fact, The B family as a whole have always traveled by car, which makes for easier trips especially with little kids. Between the extra stops for potty training, not having to worry about my kiddos bothering any other passengers {other than hubby and myself of course}, and unexpected stops where we’ve made some pretty awesome memories too.


So if you’re planning your family’s 2013 trips, I encourage you to check out Shell On the Road website, on Facebook and on Twitter and for TWO lucky MommyB Knows Best readers, enter to win a $50 Shell Gas Gift Card.

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This is a sponsored post with specific brand statements, any opinions  or personal stories in this post are my own.

Interview with Candice Olson of HGTV’s Divine Design {Giveaway}

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview HGTV’s Divine Design diva herself, Candice Olson. I know some of you who are my DIY, decorating droolers are jumping out of your chairs right now! I was very honored to have been able to get some great holiday decorating tips, that I didn’t think of myself, and learn a little bit more about Febreze products that she recommends using during this season.

Check out the video for her answers to my questions about holiday decor, and child safety:

MommyB Knows Best is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a great Febreze prize pack.

Febreze Giveaway

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I received a complimentary Febreze gift bundle in return for writing this post. The above message are my own words and thoughts

New and Improved Peek Away {Guest Review and Giveaway}

Peek Away Logo

I’m jealous of nursing mamas who seem to easily master breastfeeding without the need for additional gear like nursing covers and pillows.

But for those of us who need or desire these products, there’s a product that functions as a pillow, nursing cover, change pad and purse all-in-one – the Peek Away 4 in 1 Essentials Nursing Kit.

I reviewed the original Peek Away kit on a Mommy B guest post about nine months ago. Recently, Peek Away unveiled a new (and definitely improved) kit.

The Peek Away is 14.5″L x 6.5″H x 5.5″ when it’s folded. It has a strap that clips onto it for carrying it like a purse. Tucked inside is a nursing cover that features a “rounded” collar so you can peek in on babe while he or she is nursing. It unfolds into a changing pad that’s fairly thick and cushy. At the end of the pad, there’s also a pocket you can stuff diapers into and a reusable wipe container you can easily open one-handed while holding onto baby. There are also two additional pockets you can use for keys, your cell phone, credit cards, etc.

Peek Away Pic 2

It was designed by a husband and wife who found it was difficult to travel as frequently as they did while conveniently nursing and having the essentials they needed easily accessible.

The original Peek Away had several design flaws including a short pad, bad stitching and poor quality materials, among other concerns. The owners of Peek Away were fully aware of the quality concerns with the original kit which they said were a result of the manufacturer not following the company’s specifications for materials or workmanship.

The company worked with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to secure a manufacturer to redesign the product. Based on my experience with the original version and the latest version, they have successfully addressed areas I noted needed improvement in my previous review for Mommy B and more.

  • Straps – The previous version only had one strap. If you wanted to use it to secure the pillow around your waist to prop baby on, you obviously couldn’t use it on your nursing cover at the same time. The pillow now has its own removable strap and the nursing cover has a “built in” adjustable strap.
  • Changing pad – The length of the pad has been extended, making it a much more practical size to change a squirming baby. The height of the pillow is also higher now and the foam is much firmer. The original Peek Away that I keep in my car is much “squishier” and when folded, doesn’t hold its shape well. Also, the top of the improved Peek Away pad (the part that touches baby) is now lined with canvas and the back side is made with neoprene.
  • Integrated wipes container – Quality of the plastic and the snap top on the wipes container seems much more durable. The lid on the original Peek Away actually broke off mine the first time I opened it.
  • Fabric – The prints for the previous version were bright, pink or green floral, which a mama who likes more subdued prints would not likely love. The new prints include a classy black and white pattern, trendy brown and a gray with subtle flowers. The thickness on the nursing cover has also been improved but is still lightweight.

Peek Away picAfter using the original Peek Away for nearly a year, I’m excited to see this much-improved version of a kit that is practical and convenient for nursing mamas on-the-go. My only regret is that I didn’t have this version during the early days of nursing my second child as the improvements that were made indeed make this a much better product.

The latest version is much worthier of the $47 price tag whereas the original version definitely was not. You can purchase Peek Away on their website or at several retailers across the country.

MommyB Knows Best is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a Peek Away 4-in-1 nursing kit to make nursing-on-the-go an easier experience for mom and baby.

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Peek Away provided products for this review, however, the opinions expressed are the author’s honest assessment of the product.

Jamie BioAfter a 13 year PR/communications career, Jamie K. took on her most challenging (but rewarding) job – fulltime CFO (chief family officer). She currently lives in Northern Virginia, her 4th “home” state in 5 years thanks to her officer husband’s Air Force career.

Easy Holiday Cookies Recipes for Kids {Giveaway}

Smart Balance Kids Cookies MBKB

Cookies Kids MommyBKnowsBest

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays with my kiddos is to bake cookies. I get to spend time with my girls, teaching them how to cook, giggling, and getting to smell and eat yummy treats we made with our own hands.

As I’ve found out from previous years, some holiday cookie recipes have multiple steps and are definitely not conducive to making with kids. For me, when I’m baking with the girls, I’d rather focus on having fun and enjoying the experience than making award winning cookies {I’ll save those recipes for my annual cookie exchanges.}


Here are some awesome, kid-friendly holiday cookie recipes that I encourage you to make with your children:

Easy Holiday Cookie Recipes for Kids @MommyBKnowsBest


If your kids like to dunk their cookies in Smart Balance Kids Milk, these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from OhMy! SugarHigh will stand the durability AND taste test.

Holidays shout, “MINT”!! So if mint is your flavor these cracker-based cookies from are super simply mint-errific.

If your little ones are chocolate lovers, pair Smart Balance Kids Chocolate Milk with these Chocolate Meringue Kisses from

Do your kiddos love rolling out dough? This recipe is perfect for them: Palmiers from my pal Andria at Adapted from Barefoot in Paris by Ina Garten

While a little messy, these Snowball Cookies from are easy to make and delicious to eat. *Substitute Smart Balance Kids Reduced Fat Milk 1 for 1 for a lighter cookie.

When you’re eating a peanut and butter sandwich you’ve got to have a tall glass of milk to wash it down and when you’ve tried Martha Stewart’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint cookies make sure you reach for Smart Balance Kids milk.

It’s hard to get any easier a cookie, but this S’mores Cookie Pizza recipe from may be the King of easy holiday cookie recipes for the kids.

Of course with any holiday cookie you make with your kiddos, it’s a must to have a glass of milk, and why not make it a nutritious, vitamin-packed, hormone-free glass of Smart Balance Kids Milk. I know my kiddos deserve the best, and I’m betting yours do too!

I’d love to hear what your favorite kid-friendly, holiday cookie recipes are! Leave a comment below.

Happy baking and Happier Holidays!!!

Smart Balance Kids Cookies MBKB

If you’d like to try some Smart Balance Kids milk for yourself here’s your chance to enter to win 2 free Smart Balance Milk Coupons. Enter here:

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This is a compensated post, however all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions. I am excited to bring Smart Balance Kids into my own home and yours as well. As always your opinions may vary, but if you like me you’ll try it 😉

10 Things You Can and Should Do With Blue Bunny Ice Cream {Giveaway}

10 Things You Can Do with Ice Cream

I have to admit, in case you couldn’t already tell, I love ice cream. It has been one of my favorite treats since I was a little kid, and honestly one of the few ways I get my dairy in. Although I know it’s, as Sesame Street would now say, “a sometimes food”, I do enjoy a good ice cream occasionally.

Blue Bunny has totally spoiled me with their awesome flavors, but moreover their quality ingredients. Whenever I tell anyone about Blue Bunny I am always gloating about the products that they use in their ice creams. You can just tell the quality is different from a number of their chilly competitors.

Here are a few things you can and should do with Blue Bunny Ice Cream:

10 Things You Can Do with Ice Cream

1. Host an ice cream party. Whether it’s a children’s ice cream social, having a mom’s night in with yummy treats, a party celebrating ice cream itself, holiday soirees, or any occasion really, there’s always room for Blue Bunny ice cream.

2. Drink your ice cream. You can make a milkshake, rootbeer {or any kind of} float, or just wait until your ice cream has melted into a milky puddle and slurp away. Yum!

3. Hide some in the freezer. Here’s one for your bucket list. Buy a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor, and hide it underneath the frozen veggies or other food that you know won’t be touched much by your spouse or children and enjoy it all by yourself savoring each bite.

4. Make an ice cream creation. Using ice cream as the main ingredient, check out recipe websites and Pinterest for ways to enhance your ice cream treat. A few of my personal favorites are ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pie, and of course ice cream cake. I have yet to try fried ice cream though, have you??

Blue Bunny Adult Ice Cream

5. Try a new flavor of ice cream. Be brave and be bold. If you’re the type of person who always gets the exact same scoop of chocolate ice cream every time you’re in an ice cream shop, mix things up! Add a new flavor to your current favorite or if you’re not quite ready for the full flavor switch consider adding toppings to dress up your go-to.

6. Make your own ice cream. Now I have yet to do this on my own, although Miss A told me the other day she knows exactly how to make it because Max & Ruby give instructions on their show. {Max and Ruby are two cartoon character bunnies.} I really do want to try this and see how it goes, plus I know my girls would LOVE to help.

7. Pose with ice cream. Whether you’re enjoying some delicious cones with your family, or maybe even doing a maternity photo shoot, why not!??!

MommyB Blue Bunny Ice Cream Maternity

8. Gift ice cream. If you have a friend who’s having a tough day, a gallon of their favorite ice cream, two bowls and two spoons can make a world of difference. Consider also bringing it as a housewarming gift or dinner party gift to serve for dessert.

9. Eat it!!! No matter if you are a cone or dish ice cream eater, whether it’s blended, fried, or just straight out of the carton, the best thing to do with your Blue Bunny Ice Cream is to eat it. YUM!!! The second best, however may be to…

10. WIN IT! I am giving one lucky MommyB Knows Best reader the chance to win 5 Blue Bunny Bucks, good for any 5 Blue Bunny products of your choosing. Good luck!!

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received Blue Bunny products in order to write this post. All opinions and thoughts expressed above are my own, however yours may vary, but if you don’t get your maternity pictures taken with a carton of ice cream, you really may wish you had. Just sayin’.

Introducing Smart Balance Kids Milk #spon {Giveaway}

MommyBKnowsBest Smart Balance Kids Milk

Moooove on over everyone…Smart Balance, the #1 healthy food brand in America, has just launched the first line of milk specially formulated for kids. Smart Balance Kids milk come in three delicious varieties: Smart Balance® Kids Transitions Whole Milk & Nutrient Blend, Smart Balance® Kids Reduced Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend, and Smart Balance® Kids Chocolate Low Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend. Each carton of milk is packed with nutrients like prebiotics, DHA & EPA Omega 3s, and vitamins to support healthy growth & development. Best of all, no artificial growth hormones!!

Having two growing girls, and with all the facts we know about hormones in milk, (among other food and drink) our family switched to organic milk about 8 months ago, so the fact that Smart Balance Kids has no growth hormones and is packed full of other “good stuff” really is a big deal for us and I hope that you feel the same way. Which is why I want to introduce you to the Smart Balance Kids “family”.

MommyBKnowsBest Smart Balance Kids Milk


Smart Balance® Kids Transitions Whole Milk & Nutrient Blend is featured in the red carton and is best for kiddos age 12-24 months.  Many pediatricians recommend whole milk as children transition from formula or breast milk to regular milk. Smart Balance Transitions delivers all the goodness of whole milk, and select nutrients for a strong nutritional foundation during this critical period of development.

Two glasses a day deliver:

  • DHA & EPA Omega-3s: to support brain & heart health
  • Calcium & Vitamin D: to support strong bones
  • Prebiotics: to support normal digestion
  • Iron: for healthy growth & development

Next you’ll find, Smart Balance® Kids Reduced Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend in the blue carton, which is best for children ages 2 years and up. This milk is great for active growing kids. As you may know, many pediatricians recommend that children switch from whole milk to reduced fat milk after 2 years of age.

And for a treat, or the kiddos who prefer a little chocolate, Smart Balance® Kids Chocolate Low Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend appropriately in the brown carton.
This milk delivers all the goodness of regular 1% milk, and select nutrients for active, growing kids… a taste kids love, chocolate!!

The two milk choices above offer:

  • DHA & EPA Omega-3s: to support brain & heart health
  • 30% Calcium & 50% Vitamin D: to support strong bones
  • Antioxidant Vitamins C & E: for a strong immune system

I’m super excited to share that Smart Balance Kids milk is being introduced in Harris Teeter grocery stores in North Carolina FIRST, but will hopefully be coming to a location near each and every one of you soon! {You can check out their website and social sites for locations near you.}

Here are my girls shopping in Harris Teeter for their first taste of Smart Balance Kids milk:

Shopper girls

Check out Smart Balance® Kids fun website with your kiddos here: and make sure you get your coupons and find a nearby location that sells Smart Balance® Kids!! Also be sure to “like” Smart Balance® Kids on Facebook page for informative and cute updates too.

I can’t wait to tell you more about our struggle with Lil C drinking milk and how we are using Smart Balance Kids in our home too! Stay tuned for upcoming posts and make sure you subscribe to my email if you want to know right away when a new post is up by entering your email in my sidebar.

If you’d like to try some Smart Balance Kids milk for yourself here’s your chance to enter to win 2 free Smart Balance Milk Coupons. Enter here:

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This is a compensated post, however all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions. I am excited to bring Smart Balance Kids into my own home and yours as well. As always your opinions may vary, but if you like me you’ll try it 😉