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Chocoley Chocolates

Chocoley Logo Just in time for me to start losing this baby weight comes Chocoley Chocolates. All kidding aside Chocoley is amazing.

For candy making this is the best tasting stuff out there, trust me, Little Miss A agrees, and I’d know because I’m a HUGE choco-holic. In fact, Miss A and I had some fun using the Kids Chocolate Candy Dipping Kit recently to create our own concoctions. Take a look: Read More

Introducing the Ball Canning Discovery Kit (Giveaway) {CLOSED}

So my luncheon was a success, Baby C was good for Daddy B, she even took a nap and Little Miss A got treated to some McDonalds (long story short, we gave the lunch I packed for her to a homeless man who needed it more.) I abhor being late, but now that I’m a mom it’s something I have to get over. So, I was very tense being a few minutes late for the luncheon, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

I had no clue where to sit so I grabbed a seat next to three great women, Kathy from Kath Eats Real Food, Emily from The Front Burner, and Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point, right away I noticed these ladies were total foodies, I felt a little weird sitting there, being a stay-at-home-mom who usually eats standing and often with my fingers, but again I don’t think anyone really noticed. From what I gathered I think I may have been the only mom blogger there, which was pretty cool. The girls and I talked a little about Virginia and DC as two of them are moving away very soon. Read More