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Just Dance Video Games by Ubisoft for Me and Them

I love dancing. I used to go out dancing when I was in college and when DaddyB and I were dating we often went out dancing. Now that I am a mommy my nights out are usually game nights or spent going to a restaurant. I have considered taking dance classes for fun and exercise, but again finding time in my hectic schedule for an additional activity is just plain hard.

Both of my girls, Miss A, who is 4 and a half {as she would proudly exclaim}, and Baby C who is now 20 months old LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance. Seriously they do all sorts of styles anywhere, in the tub, in the kitchen, on their beds/cribs, on mommy’s back, so much so that I often will have to ask them to take a break so they don’t choke-break-something-break-someone-get-dizzy-and-so-on.

Ubisoft Logo

I have found the perfect game(s) though. Thanks to Ubisoft we can have our cake and eat it too with Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2. Personally I think these are amazing gifts for anyone who likes to dance, young, or not so young. If you haven’t picked up a copy or sent yours yet it makes a great Christmas present or even upcoming birthday presents too, and if you like to dance it’ll give you and the recipient a good excuse to play together.

Just Dance 3What I like about Just Dance 3 on Nintendo Wii:


  • Variety – 45+ songs by various artists and several different play modes, make it easy for you to be choosy
  • Non-Stop Dancing – Just Dance 3 has a great non-stop mode that allows you to “dance your heart out” without the interruption of song selection or point tallies.
  • FUN! – With great songs from hot artist like Katy Perry, Cee Lo, Jessie J, I get to have fun dancing around the livingroom.
  • Calorie Burner – Depending on the song you choose and how “into it” you are you can really work up a sweat which is always a plus, right?


I personally didn’t love all the songs on this game, but you’d probably have to be a pretty eclectic person for that to happen anyway. Also, there are some songs on the game that I wouldn’t want my girls to hear, and the game is rated E+10, meaning best for everyone ages 10 years old and up. Depending on your parenting style this age recommendation may vary, but again there are some “safe” songs you can choose and dance with your kids to.

Just Dance 3 Screenshot

It seems like Just Dance 3 is pretty hot right now, and I would definitely recommend it for purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Just Dance Kids 2Just Dance Kids 2 for Nintendo Wii left this impression on me:


  • GREAT for kids of different ages – even Baby C gets her own controller and dances away
  • Classic songs that are both fun and help kids learn {left and right, numbers, etc}
  • Trendy songs – from great children’s artists like The Wiggles, Imagination Movers, Yo Gabba Gabba and more.


All the songs are kid-appropriate based on lyrics, I love that they have their own game that’s more their age. In addition, this game offers classic kids songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “The Hokey Pokey” in several languages. We love promoting learning other languages in the B household, do you??

Just Dance Kids 2 Hokey Pokey

Both games can be purchased for use on several game platforms like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Head over to Ubisoft website here: to check out more details and make your purchases for the dancers in your life and if that person is you, have fun and happy dancing!!

I received both Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2 in order to give my thoughts on these products for this review. The above thoughts are my honest opinions, however yours may vary. 

Hasbro – Games for the Family {Guest Post)

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop


Playing games with my children is more than just spending time together. Studies have shown the importance of spending quality time, actively engaging with your child is to his or her development. On top of that, I find that games serve other important purposes as well. And the best part? The kids don’t realize it; the benefits may vary with each game:

  • Strategy
  • Decision-making
  • Social skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Math
  • Patience

This is just a short list, of course.

MommyB let Hasbro know how much my family loves games, and they asked if I’d be interested in writing a review. Imagine my surprise when my box came and we received TWO games.

Scrabble Alphabet ScoopScrabble Alphabet Soup

Initially, I thought my boys would not be interested. However, much to my surprise they actually picked this game first to play.

As long as your child can recognize letters, he or she can play. My boys are 12- and 11-years old. They vary in academic ability, typically avoid playing word games with me, claiming I know all the words because I am a writer. The beauty of this game is that it puts us all on the same playing level.

We had a lot of fun, and our game lasted only about fifteen minutes straight out of the box. After the winner was declared, they both asked immediately to play again.


  • No reading required (during game play)
  • Fast- paced
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches word spelling recognition
  • Kids will love it


  • Can be noisy (ours was!)
  • Little player interaction

I am planning on buying this game for my brother’s kids. At just nine-, seven, and four-years-old, it is one that they can all play together and don’t have to have a parent to help. I would recommend it to everyone.

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Jib Jab Personalized Bedtime Book App {Guest Post}

Jib Jab Story Screen Shot

I try to be a good mother. I teach my kids to wash their hands, be polite and not act like bullies. I also teach them a very important lesson that many kids seem to have never been taught: The world doesn’t revolve around you, buddy.

But let’s face it — sometimes it’s nice to feel like, even for one brief, shining moment, that it is all about us. And kids love it when they have something personalized just for them. It gives them a feeling of ownership, and it captures their attention.

Knowing this, I was really excited to try out a new line of kids’ books from JibJab. You know JibJab, right? That’s the hilarious company that makes those electronic greeting cards, the ones where you can add your face to the dancing characters and send it to all your friends so they can laugh at you. Don’t act like you’ve never Elfed Yourself — you know you have.

Well now JibJab has created JibJab Jr. This is a fantastic ebook concept for the iPad. Instead of plugging your boss’ face into a turkey, you plug your child’s face into the main character of a book. And suddenly, your kid becomes the star of his very own personalized story!

This app is super easy to use. It comes with one free book — a cute story about a kid who makes a ginormous pizza. Once you select this story, you’re prompted to create either a boy or girl character.

 Jib Jab Boy or Girl

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Heelys Not Just for Kids

Heelys Wave Skate Shoe

Girls YellingI am the mom who rolls her eyes at the kids who race through grocery stores playing tag, I’ll admit it I’m big on manners and being respectful of others, is that such a bad thing? I feel like kids can be kids but also be mindful of others at the same time. Thus, one of the reasons why moms like me may not like Heelys shoes. In case you’ve never heard of Heelys, you probably don’t live on planet Earth, but they are shoes with wheels in the bottom, aka skate shoes, and have been very popular with children especially.

Well, now they’re asking moms to try them. I’m a mom, I don’t hate Heelys and secretly thought they would be fun to try out, although DaddyB said I should take out some extra liability and life insurance before attempting to manuver on Heelys.

My first few tries at Heelys were slow going, of course I wanted to make sure I didn’t die seeing that I still need to work on my will, and the girls would probably miss me. But after a few good tries I was rolling around in the kitchen and dining room. Read More

Perfectly Perrywinkle Back-To-School

Perfectly Perrywinkle Back-to-SchoolLittle Miss A, my oldest, my first-born had her first day of Pre-K yesterday. In preparation I made sure she had a few days of Little Gym summer camp since she’s been home with me 24/7 pretty much.

And even though summer camp gave her a little taste of what school would be like she was still nervous about going to school.

Days leading up to school DaddyB and I talked school up telling her what it would be like, how much fun she would have, and tried to calm her fears.

Miss As First Day of PreschoolYesterday morning when she woke up she was in a great mood, {which at 4 years old sometimes can be a toss up}, she got dressed in her school uniform, but most importantly added her Perfectly Perrywinkle headband to complete the cutest preschool outfit ever. {Sorry for the mobile pic but our main laptop is in the “shop”.}

Aside from being super cute the headband was customized to Miss A’s school colors, red, white, and navy, and at Perfectly Perrywinkle you can request colors to go with your child’s favorite outfit, your family’s favorite sports team, or you can select one of their pre-made headbands listed on their Etsy site.

The headbands are a little pricier than most of Miss A’s other headbands, but for one she can wear to school anytime we’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it, plus they make perfect gifts, *hint, hint!!

Perfectly Perrywinkle’s headbands are for any age, brand new baby girls through sassy moms and can dress up any outfit. The headbands and materials are made with great care and cute fabric and you can really tell. Make sure you check out their Facebook page and feel free to tell them MommyB sent you.

I received super cute samples of Perfectly Perrywinkle headbands for this review, which in no way effect my opinions expressed in this post. All opinions expressed are mine, however yours may vary,

Kid Basix Review

Kid Basix LogoI am the mom who, for some reason, has had THE worst experience with leaky sippy cups. No matter what brand we’ve used, how much they tout that they are no-spill, inevitably they end up dripping all over the place.

Somehow Kid Basix has designed my miracle sippy cup. Let me introduce you to; the Safe Sippy 2. I did everything I could to try to make this sippy leak, I shook it, held it upside down, rolled it around, and it still maintained it’s no-spill feature. Unbelievable!

Kid Basix The Safe Sippy 2

This sippy cup holds 11 ounces, which is the perfect amount of liquid, in my opinion. The Safe Sippy 2 features 3 different adaptors, which allows the sippy to almost grow with your child.

Adaptor #1– The Sippy Plug allows your little one to tip and sip their drink like any other sippy.

Adaptor #2-The Straw and Straw Adaptor transforms The Safe Sippy 2 into a “big kid” cup so when your child’s ready for the next step it’s super easy to convert to the straw option.

Adaptor #3– The Travel Plug. If you’re going far or travelling a long distance this is an accessory you MUST have to keep the liquid right where it’s supposed to be, inside the cup and not all over everything else.

Another great bonus to The Safe Sippy 2 is that the plastic handles are removable so your child can have the option to keep them on or take them off, plus it’s great for minimizing dishwasher space.

Kid Basix Sippy Cup LineNot only are the Kid Basix products made to stand out with their sporty, colorful designs, but they are also BPA-Free and made from stainless steel. They produce baby bottles, sippy cups, and sports bottles so when you fall in love, {and you will} every member of every age in your family can sport Kid Basix.

To purchase your Kid Basix drink holders and find out more information on their complete line visit their website: and check out their Facebook page too:

Have you ever used Kid Basix? What sippy cups have you found that surprise you {in a good or bad way} and how did they surprise you?

I received products from Kid Basix in order to complete this review. This in no way impacts my opinion of their products and the opinions expressed above. The review is based on my opinion and experiences with Kid Basix products, yours may vary.

Frecklebox Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Frecklebox LogoIf you haven’t heard of Frecklebox you may just want to make it your go to for personalized gifts. After checking out their site I fell in love with Frecklebox’s personalized goodies. As a mom with two daughters who have untraditional names, (that’s what you get when you have a mom who’s name was #1 for like 10 plus years), personalized gifts are ever more of a big deal to us.

Frecklebox Sheriff LunchboxIf you peruse the website you’ll find old-school style lunch boxes, colorful storybooks, boys and girls style growth charts and so much more. My favorite item from Frecklebox are their place mats. Before I received the girls personalized placemats I assumed they would be nice, but I didn’t expect them to be as high quality as they were. The plastic material used is super thick and I’m not worried in the least that this placemat, (like some store bought placemats) will ever fall apart, even for the messiest eater. Read More

I Heart Jonas DVD Review

I Heart JONAS ReviewWant to fall in love this Valentine’s Day? If you’re already a fan of the Jonas Brothers you’ll be crushing on them even more after you watch the I Heart Jonas DVD. If you’re not a fan, the acting, or lack thereof, may bother you, but in general the storyline is pretty decent for being a tween/teen Disney show.

The Disney Channel TV series JONAS premiered on May 2, 2009.JONAS was created by Roger S.H. Schulman and Michael Curtis, and stars the Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Nick, and Joe – as well as cast members Chelsea Straub, Nicole Anderson, Jon Ducey, and Frankie Jonas, the brothers’ real-life brother. The brothers appear as three members of the fictional band JONAS who try to live a normal life in the face of stardom. The show won the 2009 Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV: Breakout Show. Read More