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Little Gym of Huntersville/Lake Norman Spotlight

The Little Gym of Lake Norman/Huntersville A few weeks ago I wrote a fun story on why Miss A and I love The Little Gym of Huntersville and Lake Norman. If you haven’t read it, shame on you! If you want to make it up to me check it out here:

As you may have noticed The Little Gym is a big part of our lives and many of our friends attend classes as well so I’d love to tell those of you who I don’t chat with on the phone all the time a little more about one of our favorite places in North Carolina. Read More

I’m Here!!!

Type-A Mom LogoWe, (Daddy B, Little Miss A, Baby C, and I) made it to Asheville last night and I’m getting ready to head to my first Type-A Mom Conference. I am not going to lie, a part of me is freaking out, “What am I doing? I don’t know a soul (well not in real life at least), I don’t know where I’m going, everything is new new new.” New situations often freak me out, I’m a creature of habit and like to plan and schedule and while I have my schedule set I’m not sure what will happen if I need to feed Baby C (who is still not taking a bottle,) if there is an emergency…see, here I go again, I over-analyze and worry, worry, worry.

Fortunately for my husband’s sanity there is a part of me that’s really excited, excited to meet new people, check out other bloggers, hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks from the seminars, oh and have some mommy fun. While I have no clue about the ins and outs I have an idea that a few of the moms I’ve connected with will be ever-so-helpful, at least those are my hopes.

I am hoping to tweet and write a few Facebook status updates throughout the day so keep up with what’s going on: MommyB Knows Best Facebook and MommyB Knows Best Twitter

Feel free to leave me some comment love and build me a little self esteem ūüėČ Here…I….go!!

A HUGE Thank-You

I wanted to take a few moments to point out some amazing people and great companies that have made it financially possible for me to be able to attend the Type-A Mom Conference this year. I value each of the relationships I’ve built with you and appreciate the sponsorships. Please take a moment to help me thank them by checking out their websites, products, organizations, and services.

No Fizz CharlotteNo Fizz Charlotte Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy hydration in the Carolinas through community outreach events and student health education programs.

They advocate for the importance of drinking water, while challenging the students and families of the Carolinas to avoid carbonated soft drinks and sugar-added juices. They also advocate for proper heat-related illness education and safety implementation, specifically for athletes of all ages throughout North and South Carolina.

Currently, No Fizz Charlotte Inc. is hosting a 60 at 60 Hydration Challenge to encourage people around the globe to hydrate. Check out their websites and show them some support here: and

Dipe n' Go

Dipe N’ Go is a great product created by Rose Marie Iskowitz and RMI Enterprises, LLC.

Dipe N’ Go is an all-in-one portable changing mat has been specially designed to hold everything a parent on the go needs to take care of their child’s diaper changing needs! Dipe N’ Go¬†is made of soft, machine washable fabric which has multiple pockets for everything from spare diapers to powder and wipes and is one of the largest changing mats on the market.

Check out Dipe N’ Go and RMI Enterprises, LLC at: be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook via their links as well!

Phoebe NursingwearPhoebe Nursingwear is a great company that features everything for expecting and nursing moms from clothing, to pumping, to baby wearing and even accessories.

If you’re looking for brand names you’ll find Japanese Weekend, Bravado, Bebe Au Lait, Mayreau, Moby, Medela and more. Be sure to stop by their website: and check them out. And if you’re headed to Type-A mom my wardrobe is from Phoebe Nursing, tell me what you think!!

Market Mommies Market Mommies: Mommy Biz Listings is a wonderful website geared around connecting great mom-owned businesses with fun mommy bloggers. The site promotes featured businesses and blogs alike as well as articles, link-ups, shopping events and directories for both companies and blogs.

Check out Market Mommies’ newsletter and go to their website: for more information. If you are a mom-centered business or a blogger sign up to enjoy the benefits of being connected.

Please check out my sponsors and help me support them for donating towards my Type A Mom Conference trip. Thanks again to all the great companies who make it financially possible for me to attend and thanks to each of you readers and fellow bloggers who’ve encouraged me to attend, most of all my awesome husband, Daddy B!!

Co-Host MommyB

Mom AdviceRecently, I was approached by to co-host a great discussion giving “words of wisdom” to expecting and new moms. Maybe they asked me because my website threw them off, “MommyB Knows Best.” ¬†¬†While I admit I don’t know it all, (shhh don’t tell anyone, it may ruin my reputation!), I sure do love giving new moms some of the advice that helped me along the way, including, “Listen to the advice that everyone gives you, but only use what you feel is best for your family.”

Whether you’re not a mom yet, a mom-to-be, or a seasoned mommy, this chat is for everyone. ¬†Participants of the chat will automatically be entered in an Avent giftbasket giveaway so be sure to tell your friends and family to come chat with me too.

Join me tomorrow, at 12:00 noon eastern standard time for this great LIVE text chat and¬†Avent giveaway. Here’s how to make sure you get a chance to chat:¬†go to and¬†sign up for your free account (no strings attached) today or tomorrow morning before the chat begins so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Then tomorrow at 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard time go to this link:¬† and sign in using your username and password and chat away!

Hope you get a chance to jump in on this fun discussion and help me kick off my first co-hosting “gig” with a big bang!

What is your “best” piece of mommy advice???

MommyB and Me: Attending Play Date Tips

Play Date TipsWhether you are a pro or a newbie at play dates each one can be a challenge. From meeting new people, figuring out what to wear, and even play date¬†etiquette, yeah, that’s right, there are definitely some do’s and don’t in the play date world, but don’t worry I’m here to help as much as I can.

General play date tips include dressing according to what type of play date you’re having, if you’ll be on the ground playing with your child wear something comfortable, or if you’re having a fancy brunch (yeah right!!) wear your cutest (stain proof) dress.

Aside from the obvious, making sure the time and location are good with you and your child, there are a number of things that come into consideration for a successful play date.

Attending Play Dates at Someone’s Home:

– Check to see what the age range of children will be to be sure that your child will be able to connect. Most of the time 4 year olds don’t want to play with just babies and vise versa.

– Get a feel if the toys will be age appropriate and what kind of child proofing is done within the home. With older children come small toy parts and perhaps not as much child proofing, of course I ALWAYS think parents should watch their children at play dates, but going to events that are age appropriate will save you some of the stresses of checking baby’s hands and mouth every 5 seconds.

– Make sure your child is healthy, no one likes when their children are sick and even worse if you’re the one who caused it you may not be invited to another play date in the future.

– Offer to bring a snack, even if the play date is only for an hour snacks may come in handy for calming children down before the trip home.

Always offer to help clean up, even if you don’t end up cleaning it’s still nice to extend the offer.


Attending Play Dates at a Public Location

Print directions or type in the address on your GPS before you leave so your familiar with the area

– If this is your first get together be sure to tell a friend or spouse where you’ll be

РBe sure to sunblock, bug repellent, hydrate, potty your child up accordingly before heading out.

– Ask what other attendees will be wearing/what color their stroller is or some identifying item so you won’t have to ask everyone at the location if they are in your play group.

– Wash your and your child(ren)s hands or sanitize before and after play and be sure to follow the sick rule for both in-home and public play dates.

Play dates are supposed to be fun so following these few simple steps will make your job less stressful and able to enjoy playing with your child and meeting new parents and their children.

What play date tips do you have?? Have you ever been to a “crazy” play date, tell us more!!

A Year Already?

MommyBKnowsBest BlogiversaryI can’t believe I started this blog, MommyB Knows Best, a whole year ago. Just like with my babies, it goes by so fast! It seems like just the other day I was in bed dreaming of all the things I was going to do with my blog, some of the aspirations have been accomplished above and beyond and others have fallen by the way-side.

I feel very blessed to even have 1 reader, much less many of you who read every posts, follow me on Google Friend, Facebook or even Twitter. I could not ask for a better audience and am very impressed that you even care what I have to say. I hope that you’ve appreciated my honesty about products and services, my fun tips and tricks from colored pancakes to things, “You Oughta Know“, and even my blurbs about the farmer’s market and an upcoming mom conference.

In this next year I hope to remain true to my review process, being honest and pushing products and services to¬†their¬†limits, continue giving fun and personal tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way, and giveaway some great prizes to you, my fans.

I’m not huge on change, but I hope to change a few things, including, but not limited to, the look of my blog, spruce it up a little, writing more posts about mommy tips, and bring you even more new and creative products and services to check out.¬†If there’s anything specific you’re looking for on MommyB Knows Best I’d love your input as usual, feel free to comment on this post.

In honor of my first year I’ll be doing a few giveaways throughout the day so if you’re not subscribed to my emails this may be the day you want to sign up and also be sure to check Facebook and Twitter, hint hint.

MommyB’s Niche??

MommyBA few months after creating MommyB Knows Best I wondered, “What makes me stand out from other mom bloggers?” I hadn’t the slightest clue, I thought about writing for the bi-racial crowd, doing articles on hair, controversy, etc since my daughters are biracial but then I thought I didn’t want to limit myself to speaking about just that topic, and I’m sure I could have still written pieces outside that genre, but I decided not to go with that knowing that I can always write posts in the future on that topic on my current blog. After not really coming to a conclusion about what I really wanted MommyB Knows Best to be like I decided I would just keep writing how I was and hopefully through writing find my niche at some point in time.

As I am preparing for the Type-A Mom Conference I’ve been reading a bunch of different blogs, and checking out some websites on ettiquite, dress, what to bring, all the stuff a newbie like me needs to know. One site I stumbled upon, Blog Conference¬†Guide for the (Un)Experienced was amazing for doling out such information.

(I can’t quite remember from my very late night of research last night if I actually found this tid-bit of information here or another site, so I apologize.) As I was reading the post it continued to speak on introducing yourself to fellow bloggers and how you should tell them your name, your website/blog’s name and describe your blog and niche in a couple of sentences…again with the niche stuff!!!

Well I thought about it and as of right now I think I may have an idea of my “niche” if I were to have one. What is it?? Okay don’t laugh…. I think I’m pretty good at taking products and services to review (not including spotlights) and giving my readers an honest review and going above and beyond to test them out, even in weird ways.

Examples? I once tested a product’s stickiness using my daughter’s Step 2 table, and it held, I constantly push the weight limits on toys making Miss A (who’s about 38.5lbs) really pushing them to their limit. I try to really¬†delve¬†in to be sure I’m giving readers what they’re looking for and even sometimes have to do a post like, “Where are they now?” because sometimes my opinions of things have changed and I want clue you all in on that.

So maybe it’s really just quality control and honesty, but for now I’ll at least call it my niche.

Do you think it’s okay to call it my niche? What’s your niche/something you’re good at?

Type-A or Bust??? Maybe Bust?!

Type-A Mom LogoWhat the heck am I talking about??? That’s a good question. I’m actually a little confused myself. Being in the mom blog world of course I’m interested in getting to know other mom bloggers, (most of my mommy friends have no clue about mom blogs other than mine,) and of course learn more about how I can do a better job to satisfy my readers.

Along those lines, I’ve been looking at Mom Blogger Conferences, I checked out Blog-Her and would have loved to have gone but Baby C was too little (in my opinon) so I scrapped that and looked around a bit. After checking out several different options, keeping in mind that Baby C is still exclusively nursing…not wanting to take a bottle, I thought Type-A Mom Conference may be a good option for me. It’s about 2 hours from home and near Biltmore, which the family and I have been interested in visiting anyway.

So now….I’m in a¬†quandary, I’d really like to go to the Type-A mom Conference but me being the¬†worrywart¬†that I am so many, “what if’s” are popping in my head. I’m actually not going to type them all out because I think that would just perpetuate my worrying which is not productive for anyone. Hubby would be going with me and watching the girls while I’m at sessions and in between sessions and during breaks I’ll be with them either nursing Baby C or hanging out. He’s such a great hubby! He actually was one of the people encouraging me to attend.

Wonka NerdsSo we’ll see what I end up doing, but I’m more than likely attending. I’ll be the nerdy newbie in the corner. I’m actually pretty outgoing but just the thought of being in a room of accomplished mom bloggers for some reason freaks me out a little. The hotel block is gone, but I’m hoping to work something out so I can still stay in the same hotel at a reasonable rate and hopefully get my business cards printed up and shipped to me in time too. Did I mention I have still not “officially” registered…again my nerdy apprehension overtakes me.

If you are attending Type-A Mom Conference I’d love to hear from you, feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to hook up with some great mommas!

Where Are They Now?? Product Reviews

Where are they now? I love watching TV shows where they show where some of my favorite 80s and 90s actors are now. So, I thought it might be a good idea to give updates on some of the products I’ve reviewed to see if I still love them, or if things have changed…

In no particular order¬†here is my, “Where Are They Now?? Product Reviews segement #1.

Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel – I still love this towel, it’s the only baby towel that we have that fully covers Colbie and is so thick even after so many washes. No fading, I am looking forward to buying more so I don’t have to keep washing the one I have over and over again to avoid using Baby C’s other towels.

Tommee Tippee¬†Sippy Cup – Sad to say but after I wrote this review I’ve had a horrible experience with this “spill-proof” cup. Number one after washing the cup it was very difficult to put the valve back in place. For some reason it wouldn’t snap back into place. Secondly the plastics were very thin which was nice, but makes it hard to screw the top on the sippy cup, so I am a little disappointed now that I’ve had longer to test it out.

Japanese Weekend Clothing – Even though it’s been almost 5 months since I had Baby C, the nursing wear that I received from Japanese Weekend has really held it’s own. I am still loving how comfy the pajamas are and enjoy seeing myself shrink in them as my baby weight is slowly coming off.

Chelsea & Main Diaper Bag – When I first got my Chelsea & Main diaper bag I thought it was so huge, now that I’ve filled it up with goodies for Baby C and even a few things for Little Miss A I wish i had something a little bigger. If you’re the kind of mom that likes to travel light it’s definitely a great bad, but I like to have anything and everything I can possibly fit in there.

That’s all for now, have you had any afterthoughts about products you’ve purchased?

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Hooked on Phonics Review GiveawayIn case you haven’t heard I love Hooked on Phonics. Just in time for school to start, I was able to do a review for their Learn To Read Program where Miss A quickly learned her ABCs, she is now spelling out words and beginning reading thanks to Hooked on Phonics. Check out my full review here.

This time I was sent their Master Reader program for children ages 7 and up that is so packed full of learning goodness that I could barely lift the box when it arrived on my doorstep. I was hoping they didn’t just fill it with bricks and much to my delight there were several great Hooked on Phonics Master Reader materials. Read More