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Mindbloom Life Game {Guest Post by DaddyB}

Mindbloom_Logo_SmallThe Mindbloom Life Game is a new online game and app aimed at helping you make positive changes in your life. Self-improvement systems are only effective if they’re continually used by those who are hoping to make a change. Thanks to the social gaming techniques and behavioral science tactics at its core, Mindbloom has a great shot at keeping us engaged and on the path to making those positive changes stick.

Mindbloom - Life Tree

I’m admittedly a bit of a self-help fanatic. I’ve read numerous books and I’ve used a few different productivity software programs. Mindbloom looks like nothing I have encountered. It includes points, a gaming system, and an immersive, multimedia environment centered around your life tree. The branches of the tree are based on the areas of your life that you want to improve. You can choose as many or as few as you want. They include: Career, Creativity, Finances, Health, Lifestyle, Relationships, and Spirituality.

After you pick your life areas, you add the actions that you need to take to improve that area. You can create your own action or choose from the tool’s many suggested actions. For example, in the Health area, under Nutrition, there’s a pre-loaded action called: “Drink Water”. You can then schedule the actions on a calendar.

As you do your good deeds, log in, and record what you’ve done, you earn seeds which are like points that can be used to redeem things. You can use the points to unlock songs for inspiration or send a friend sunshine or water for their life tree.

Here is a great video to help understand what Mindbloom is:

Getting Social on Mindbloom – A Forest of Friends
Mindbloom’s social aspects are one of its strongest points. A healthy competition or knowing that your friend will be watching your progress could be a key factor in your success. Of course, you can only benefit from this kind of positive peer pressure if you have friends who also use Mindboom. Going through the changes and improvements with a friend can only help make you more successful.

Inspirational Aspects
I like how Mindbloom incorporates inspiration. It’s been something that I feel other personal improvement systems have lacked. Typically, they offer no more than quotes. Mindbloom has images, quotes, and even songs to provide a kind of inspirational slideshow to encourage you. What inspires one person may be drastically different from what might get someone else going. With this in mind, Mindbloom allows members to upload their own images or music. Logging in and seeing a picture that reminds you of your goal or hearing an inspirational song could have a big impact on your overall success.

Mindbloom - Inspiration


The Bloom App’s Reminders
The recently launched Bloom app for iPods and iPhones will help extend the benefits of Mindbloom. The app’s reminders may be entire system’s most powerful feature. Getting a reminder to stay on track with that new habit could make all the difference in the battle to make a change stick. It’s easy to forget that new commitment you’ve made when you get back into the groove of your regular day. An occasional buzz from your phone could shake you out of your routine and remind you to incorporate that new habit.

The Mindbloom program for your laptop or desktop computer if mostly free. It includes that great immersive experience that I described. There’s also a paid pro version that gives you access to all of the music and all of the images. The mobile iPhone app (Bloom) is free as well, but it seems to focus on just the inspiration and reminder aspects.

With any self-improvement system, book, or app of any kind, it all comes down to your likelihood to use it on a regular basis. I feel that Mindbloom’s social capabilities, tied into sites that you’re already engaged in, and the Bloom app’s reminders may be the biggest strengths to make it a winning software. Try it out and see if you can make those changes in your life that you’ve been putting off.

Learn more about Mindbloom from their website: and check them out on Facebook too:

This is a sponsored post and I was able to try the Mindbloom program for free in order to complete this review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions. Yours may vary.


Hooray for my Birthday?

Jenn Birthday 2010

Yep, today is my birthday, I am officially another year older. Hooray, right??

I may have confused you with the question mark in my title, but let me explain. I grew up having great birthday parties, no matter how much money we had, or rather didn’t have, my mom made sure our birthdays were special, fun, and filled with great friends. There were even birthdays that held some pretty great surprises. I always looked forward to my birthday and was particularly bummed out when the water pipes burst one year at my school on my birthday and the school was closed for the entire day.

This may lead you to believe that I am crazy about birthdays, which I am, {sort of}. As you’ve seen from some of my posts, including my Birthday Bash month long series I go big {not too crazy} with my girls’ parties. I love to see the smiles on their faces, them playing with their friends, and really enjoy organizing their day and making it special. Now, that I’m a mom, perhaps like you, I take great pride in making sure my girls needs are met sometimes at the expense of my own. While I know that’s not always the best thing for me, it’s how I was raised and how I am as a mom too. Thus, one reason why when my birthday comes now I am very excited to be able to spend time with friends and my family, but I just don’t get as excited or “into it” as I used to when life was more about me.

Although, I do not go crazy about “my day” I do enjoy hearing birthday wishes, going out to dinners and piano bars 😉 with my friends, and getting sweet, thoughtful gifts as well. I also enjoy my birthday because my girls, especially Miss A, gets very excited and proud of all that she has done to prepare for Mommy’s birthday. I want to let my family know I am grateful for them and happy that they went out of their way to celebrate me. So I let them love on me a little more, let them spoil me even though I don’t necessarily need it, and enjoy my birthday celebration.

Jenn Birthday 2010

Do you feel the same way about your birthday? Totally opposite? How does your family help you celebrate? 

YesVideo {Guest Post and Giveaway – CLOSED}

YesVideo DVD

I am one who loves gifts that have thought and personality to them, not something from a shelf that anyone could get. I want to feel special and loved and YesVideo can help in creating the ideal gift for holidays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. With Christmas just around the corner this would be a perfect chance to create a gift for someone you love.

YesVideo DVD

As a child I loved making family videotapes on VHS tapes, but now we have no way to view these fun memories. Instead of having them collect dust in your house, you can now through YesVideo conveniently transfer them to DVDs. This a great service where you can send your old homemade videotapes, 35mm slides, movie film reels, prints, and digital videos and photos and have them nicely converted to a DVD or Blu-ray disc to view in your home. Through YesVideo you can also add some personalization to the DVD which is a nice feature if you are planning to use it for a gift.

So how does it work? Log onto and start the easy step-by-step guidelines for your order. I chose to send some old VHS tapes and prints that were not in digital format. When creating your DVD, you are able to choose special features like a personalized title, background, and music style. I was also able to choose the order in which the photos would be in for the DVD. Then print out a shipping label and send it off. In a few weeks you will be enjoying a new DVD format. This process can also be done through local retailers in your area; visit their website {} for details. Read More

Heelys Not Just for Kids

Heelys Wave Skate Shoe

Girls YellingI am the mom who rolls her eyes at the kids who race through grocery stores playing tag, I’ll admit it I’m big on manners and being respectful of others, is that such a bad thing? I feel like kids can be kids but also be mindful of others at the same time. Thus, one of the reasons why moms like me may not like Heelys shoes. In case you’ve never heard of Heelys, you probably don’t live on planet Earth, but they are shoes with wheels in the bottom, aka skate shoes, and have been very popular with children especially.

Well, now they’re asking moms to try them. I’m a mom, I don’t hate Heelys and secretly thought they would be fun to try out, although DaddyB said I should take out some extra liability and life insurance before attempting to manuver on Heelys.

My first few tries at Heelys were slow going, of course I wanted to make sure I didn’t die seeing that I still need to work on my will, and the girls would probably miss me. But after a few good tries I was rolling around in the kitchen and dining room. Read More

Ten Ways to be a Good Friend Online {Guest Post}

Girl FriendsI am not always the best girlfriend I could be. In fact, even though I have grown up and am still live in the same town, I have only one handful of local girlfriends that I would consider true friends. However, I have been blessed by a ton of friends that live many, many, many, miles, away.

In the digital world, filled with social media platforms, it is a blessing to be able to stay connected. Being friends on Facebook or following each other on Twitter is a great way to stay connected and just like any relationship, a friendship takes effort. Of course you have to make yourself available, but being interactive with your friends is essential.

Here are 10 ideas to be a better friend in a digital world. Read More

Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids

As you all know, my girls are little, at ages 1 and 4 {mostly for the 1 year old} I can pretty much get away with dressing them up in the costumes I think are cute. Miss A definitely has her input, but can be swayed for sure, as long as the costume is cute and girlie.

Last year the girls dressed up as Snow White and her, {ahem} poison apple. Baby C was a cute poison apple for sure though. See:

B Girls Halloween

Adorable girlies 🙂 I loved that they were themed too, and so did everyone at the parties we attended and houses we stopped at. The girls got lots of, “ooooohs” and “ahhhhs” and “Oh my goodness, they’re too cute” ‘s. I loved it. And this year while both of them are somewhat agreeable I decided to pair them up again.

Miss A has agreed, {and actually is excited} to be Toy Story’s own Lil’ Bo Peep, and Baby C will be her sheep. I am still deciding on which sheep costume I want for Baby C, but here is Miss A’s costume from and one I think is cute for Baby C too. What do you think?

Family Halloween Costumes

We were completely satisfied with the quality of the costume. I really like that the costume came with a cute shepherd’s crook to complete the outfit. Once Miss A put the costume on she did not want to take it off, but alas I convinced her. I love that  fact you can layer with long sleeves or take off the pants depending on the weather outside, because sometimes, depending on what area you live in you can’t tell if it will be warm or cool. One thing to think about when purchasing costumes it that this Halloween costume, and most costumes, do not come with shoes, which is not a big deal since we have a couple pairs of plain black shoes that will coordinate nicely. Also a small note our pants ended up being a little long on Miss A but nothing a little rolling won’t help, plus when in doubt I always say go with a bigger costume than smaller because it’s easier to make alterations.

I also love it when whole families dress up in a theme too, I tried to get DaddyB to dress up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba a couple of times, but he just wasn’t having it. Maybe in a few years he’ll warm up to the idea.

What themes have you dressed your children or family up as?

Have you seen any really creative costume ideas? has a wide variety of costumes whether you decide to go with a family theme or not, check their website out here:




I received a costume from in order to complete this review. My opinions in this post are my own, honest opinions. Yours may vary.



Discovery Place Kids – Can Can’s Masquerade

Baby C Dress Up

Above ALL else, my girls favorite activity for play time is playing dress up. No matter if it’s trying on fancy dresses and shiny, plastic jewelry, or wearing their favorite character costumes, they could play dress up all day long. They have danced, ran errands with me, and even eaten in their dress up clothes, and if I would allow it I’m sure they would have slept in them, tiara and all, {ouch!}.

Miss A Dress Up





Lucky for us, my girls ultimate dream is coming true. The biggest dress up night of their lives {yes all 4 years for Miss A and 1.5 for Baby C,} is coming on October 21st, and you can come too!



Discovery Place KIDS' Can Can

Can Can, Discovery Place KIDS’ awesome mascot, invites you to her Masquerade Ball at Discovery Place KIDS-Huntersville. Put your fancy pants on, shine your dancing shoes, and get ready to celebrate the Museum’s one-year anniversary!

Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served for the young and young at heart. Masks and costumes are welcome but not required, but of course you know my little ones will be dressed up for sure, and maybe mommy and daddy too!

Friday, October 21, 2011
6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
105 Gilead Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Purchase tickets online or call 704.348.1994 to purchase over the phone and for additional information.

Cost per ticket is: $25 per child (ages 1-13 years) & $50 per adult (ages 14 and up).
*Children younger than one are free

All proceeds from this event will benefit the educational programming at Discovery Place KIDS-Huntersville.

So won’t you join me and my “dresser-uppers”, Can Can, and The Charlotte Moms {who are giving away 2 tickets through 9/25} for this fun night to celebrate Discovery Place KIDS’ first birthday?! We would love to see you come out and support the community and have fun with the kiddos too.

What are your child(ren)’s favorite characters to dress up as?

Kid Basix Review

Kid Basix LogoI am the mom who, for some reason, has had THE worst experience with leaky sippy cups. No matter what brand we’ve used, how much they tout that they are no-spill, inevitably they end up dripping all over the place.

Somehow Kid Basix has designed my miracle sippy cup. Let me introduce you to; the Safe Sippy 2. I did everything I could to try to make this sippy leak, I shook it, held it upside down, rolled it around, and it still maintained it’s no-spill feature. Unbelievable!

Kid Basix The Safe Sippy 2

This sippy cup holds 11 ounces, which is the perfect amount of liquid, in my opinion. The Safe Sippy 2 features 3 different adaptors, which allows the sippy to almost grow with your child.

Adaptor #1– The Sippy Plug allows your little one to tip and sip their drink like any other sippy.

Adaptor #2-The Straw and Straw Adaptor transforms The Safe Sippy 2 into a “big kid” cup so when your child’s ready for the next step it’s super easy to convert to the straw option.

Adaptor #3– The Travel Plug. If you’re going far or travelling a long distance this is an accessory you MUST have to keep the liquid right where it’s supposed to be, inside the cup and not all over everything else.

Another great bonus to The Safe Sippy 2 is that the plastic handles are removable so your child can have the option to keep them on or take them off, plus it’s great for minimizing dishwasher space.

Kid Basix Sippy Cup LineNot only are the Kid Basix products made to stand out with their sporty, colorful designs, but they are also BPA-Free and made from stainless steel. They produce baby bottles, sippy cups, and sports bottles so when you fall in love, {and you will} every member of every age in your family can sport Kid Basix.

To purchase your Kid Basix drink holders and find out more information on their complete line visit their website: and check out their Facebook page too:

Have you ever used Kid Basix? What sippy cups have you found that surprise you {in a good or bad way} and how did they surprise you?

I received products from Kid Basix in order to complete this review. This in no way impacts my opinion of their products and the opinions expressed above. The review is based on my opinion and experiences with Kid Basix products, yours may vary.

A Teddy Bear Picnic – Charlotte Giveaway {CLOSED}

Teddy Bear Picnic Bear Lineup

Teddy Bear PicnicEvery teddy bear, that’s been good
Is sure of a treat today
There’s lots of wonderful things to eat
And wonderful games to play

Beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They’ll hide and seek as long as they please
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!

Hooray for summer, for play, and especially for picnics. I wanted to bring something fun to you, my amazing readers, and I decided what would be more fun than a Teddy Bear Picnic?!? What child, {and parent} wouldn’t love to attend a picnic with the cutest Teddy Bears, tasty snacks, and fun friends?

For this fun event, I have partnered with North American Bear Company, who I love and have worked with in the past. They have provided 8 of their most fun bears as dining pals to this event. Here is a sneak-peek at some of the bears that they’ve provided:

Teddy Bear Picnic Bear Lineup

Along with North American Bear Company there are a few other companies who are pitching in some great goodies for my guests. Musselmans has provided a cute picnic basket with fruity goodness, great printables by Charlotte superstars: Anders Ruff made specifically for this event, and amazing local photographer Jamie from Photography by Jamie Lea will be on-site to snap some fun pictures of the kiddos among some other great tasty surprises.

The official Teddy Bear Picnic will be held Saturday, August 6th, in the Charlotte, North Carolina area at brunch time and you are invited. I will be your hostess and my beautiful 4 year old, Miss A will be joining us so there are 7 spots up for grabs to this amazing Charlotte event your child {and you} won’t want to miss.

If you are not in the Charlotte area you may still be in luck. North American Bear Company is giving one lucky reader a bear of their very own so they can have their own Teddy Bear Picnic too. Entries will be pulled from the same general pool so any of the entrants are eligible to win this great prize.

Please note for the Teddy Bear Picnic:

  • 7 children (and 1 parent) will be selected to attend this event {feel a little Willy Wonka-esque to anyone else}.
  • Parent or primary caregiver must be able to attend the full event with the child selected.
  • Ages 3 and up (preferably under 10 years old).
  • 1 child per household please.
  • Location will be revealed to the winners 1 week prior to the event.

How to Win

Head on over to my {first ever} giveaway tab on Facebook here: and be sure to enter all of your information for a chance to win an invite to the Teddy Bear Picnic. If you are unable to attend because of location or your schedule please be sure to write UNABLE TO ATTEND in the entry section to be entered for the North American Bear Company Teddy Bear drawing only.

RulesGiveaway ends July 29th @12:00 am. The winners will be chosen at random, verified, emailed, and announced in a Winner’s post. The winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email from MommyB to claim the prize, if the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winners will be chosen at random. You must be a US resident and 18 years or older to enter.

Glimpsing God

Glimpsing God CoverAfter having so many friends dealing with hardships, reading about acquaintances or friends of friends tragedies on Facebook, for me, it’s been very integral in making me thankful for everything that I’ve been blessed with. Yes, there are moments we all want to complain, we want sympathy when we’ve had a long day with the kids or the car breaks down, or things just don’t go our way, and that’s okay, but in the end we are blessed and the book, “Glimpsing God; Snapshots from one family’s enduring faith through unbelievable trials.”  Rachel Alkire’s amazing true story reminder of why we should be thankful for what we have and her family’s personal journey with faith and tragedy.

As Chapter 1 begins there’s no real shadow of what’s to come in the following chapters however Rachel’s faith is presented. I love how she speaks about God being more than rituals and ceremonies and how we’re always looking for the God that fits our “rules”. If anything, throughout this book she shows how the God we are looking for is there for us but in His way, not always the way we are hoping for. Read More