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Happy Future Organic Baby Line

Happy Future LogoAre you a parent to a child with sensitive skin? Whether it’s diaper rash, eczema, or sensitive skin that is triggered by any slight irritant it’s not easy knowing which products will help and which will make them worse. Happy Future, one of the few certified organic baby skin care lines, is one of the best options available.

Happy Future products are made with ingredients that have no nut derivatives, are paraben free, made without silicone, perfumes, or artificial coloring and even their packaging is recyclable. So not only good for baby but good for the Earth, who could ask for more? Me, I ask that their products also work, what are great, organic, Eco-friendly products if they don’t work?

I used Happy Futures Liniment Lotion (Diapering Lotion), Moisturizing Cream for Face & Body, Non-Rinse Cleansing Lotion, and Delicate Cleansing Gel Shower & Bath. Each product is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, so I felt safe trying them out on my own girls who suffer from different degrees of eczema, neither of which are extreme cases, but all-in-the-same it is something that bothers them, and something I want to make sure to take care of.

Happy Future Liniment Lotion

We found that bathing them every other day, (a good practice to have with kids who have Eczema anyway,) with the shower and bath gel followed up by the moisturizing cream and worked great at keeping the girls skin smooth and soft. In between baths the Non-Rinse Cleansing lotion came in handy and had a gentle non-medicinal smell so I didn’t mind using it throughout the day.

This is the first year we’ve taken Baby C swimming, it seems that the chlorine really irritates her girly bits, which is nothing we saw with Little Miss A, so needless to say the Liniment Lotion has come in extremely handy. The lotion is soothing {from what I can tell} and takes the red away, making baby and me {mommy} feel better. Wondering if any of you have ever had the same issue with chlorinated water.

Thanks to Happy Future I have products I can use on the girls and feel good about them being safe for their skin, resolving their skin problems, AND being good for the planet too. I encourage you to check them out for yourself, whether or not your child has a mild or severe problem I would highly recommend them.

Get your Happy Future products here: and check out their other site here:

Do your child(ren) have skin issues? How have you tried to make them better/avoid irritations and flare-ups?

Kid Basix Review

Kid Basix LogoI am the mom who, for some reason, has had THE worst experience with leaky sippy cups. No matter what brand we’ve used, how much they tout that they are no-spill, inevitably they end up dripping all over the place.

Somehow Kid Basix has designed my miracle sippy cup. Let me introduce you to; the Safe Sippy 2. I did everything I could to try to make this sippy leak, I shook it, held it upside down, rolled it around, and it still maintained it’s no-spill feature. Unbelievable!

Kid Basix The Safe Sippy 2

This sippy cup holds 11 ounces, which is the perfect amount of liquid, in my opinion. The Safe Sippy 2 features 3 different adaptors, which allows the sippy to almost grow with your child.

Adaptor #1– The Sippy Plug allows your little one to tip and sip their drink like any other sippy.

Adaptor #2-The Straw and Straw Adaptor transforms The Safe Sippy 2 into a “big kid” cup so when your child’s ready for the next step it’s super easy to convert to the straw option.

Adaptor #3– The Travel Plug. If you’re going far or travelling a long distance this is an accessory you MUST have to keep the liquid right where it’s supposed to be, inside the cup and not all over everything else.

Another great bonus to The Safe Sippy 2 is that the plastic handles are removable so your child can have the option to keep them on or take them off, plus it’s great for minimizing dishwasher space.

Kid Basix Sippy Cup LineNot only are the Kid Basix products made to stand out with their sporty, colorful designs, but they are also BPA-Free and made from stainless steel. They produce baby bottles, sippy cups, and sports bottles so when you fall in love, {and you will} every member of every age in your family can sport Kid Basix.

To purchase your Kid Basix drink holders and find out more information on their complete line visit their website: and check out their Facebook page too:

Have you ever used Kid Basix? What sippy cups have you found that surprise you {in a good or bad way} and how did they surprise you?

I received products from Kid Basix in order to complete this review. This in no way impacts my opinion of their products and the opinions expressed above. The review is based on my opinion and experiences with Kid Basix products, yours may vary.

Will Blog for Pampers and a Giveaway Too {CLOSED}

Will Blog for Pampers

Will Blog for PampersWe are a Pampers family through and through, although I’ve always had intentions of trying out cloth I never could bring myself to use anything other than Pampers. I know they work, we’ve used them since day 1 when Little Miss A was born over 4 years ago, and I am totally the kind of person who has the, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality.” {Although you will never hear me use the word a’int in normal conversation.}

When Pampers told me the exciting news that they were launching improvements for their Cruisers line I was elated. But then I wondered how they could make, in my opinion, a really awesome diaper even better. Here’s how:

Pampers is taking their Cruisers line and giving it a softer, quilted backsheet, very similar to the beloved Swaddlers that we wish all diapers were like. Honestly, I have not heard one mom say they didn’t fall in love with Swaddlers when they used them. Cruisers are also getting a longer absorbent core, for even more protection, and drier skin for your baby. And lastly, one of the most FUN innovations is….OSCAR!!!!

Oscar the Grouch Pampers

 Yep, that’s right folks, Oscar the Grouch is making his debut appearance on Pampers Cruisers. Just in case your child is having a rough day, you can literally turn them into a cranky pants kid. Plus it’s nice to look up and see the furry eyebrows for a laugh when you’re wrestling with your active toddler trying to get the clean diaper on.

Aside from this green grump, Sesame Street’s finest also appear on the diapers, from the lovable red monster Elmo, to the crumb creator himself Cookie Monster your kiddo will love seeing their favorite characters on their diapers. Baby C loves running around in her new Cruisers.Baby C in Pampers Cruisers

If you’re not a Pampers family, but have been wanting to try them out, {like a few of you who I have been chatting with here and there} your chance has come!

Pampers has offered to give one lucky MommyB Knows Best reader a chance to win their very own pack of Pampers Cruisers with the new, and improved features.

How to Win

Tell me what kind of diapers you currently use. Whether they are cloth, disposable, or homemade. I’d love to hear your favorite brand. And if you’re thinking about switching I’d love to hear why. And even if you don’t use Pampers and don’t want to try them out yourself consider donating the prize to a local charity or family who is unable to cloth diaper for one reason or another.

Not Required, but we’d love it if you’d go check out Pampers here: on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

RulesGiveaway ends August 8th @12:00 am. The winner will be chosen at random, verified, emailed, and announced in a Winner’s post. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the email from MommyB to claim the prize, if the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen at random. You must be a US resident and 18 years or older to enter.

I received a bag of Pampers new design diapers to try out, this in no way impacts my honest thoughts on the product, but allows me to give you a complete review.

Kid-Free Restaurants? You weigh in

Kid Free RestaurantRecently, a restaurant in western Pennsylvania announced that they are no longer allowing children under age 6 to dine in their facility.

McDain’s Restaurant and Golf Center in Monroeville, PA., says the new, “no-kid” policy will take effect July 16.

Restaurant owner Mike Vuick said there’s “nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can’t control their volume.” He said all that screaming and crying disturbs many of his customers, and also states that “children might be the center of their parents’ universe, as it should be. But he says they’re not the center of everyone else’s universe too.”

As expected some patrons support the policy and Vuick’s choices for his own business and others are offended by the policy.

There are many other places like housing (in some states) and job interviews however, where it is illegal to even ask about your family status, however it appears that Vuick is within the law as it’s his business.

What do you think? Click on the poll answers below to add your opinion.

What is your take on the "no children" policy in restaurants or other businesses?

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SwaddleKeeper Spotlight and Giveaway {CLOSED}

SwaddleKeeper Sleep in a BoxBabies are always swaddled after birth in the hospital, and most parents continue this method once they get home, wanna know why? Babies love to be swaddled! SwaddleKeeper – Sleep in a Box is like the Lexus of swaddle blankets. SwaddleKeeper is a swaddle blanket with a cotton padded head support, and has openings near face and feet that allow for safe breathing and easy diaper changes.

SwaddleKeepers come in so many great fabric choices it’s hard to choose just one. My favorite, being a mom of two girls would have to be the Minky Fabric: Hot Pink SwaddleKeeper. I think it’s great that not only are there different styles but SwaddleKeepers come in three different fabrics, the Minky Fabric I just mentioned, a flannel, and a lightweight cotton, so you can choose what fabric works best depending on the season your baby is born. (SwaddleKeeper also comes in preemie and doll size as well.) Read More

IKEA Crib Recall

SNIGLAR RecallAbout 26,000 of IKEA’s SNIGLAR cribs between the United States and Canada are being recalled. The main reason for this recall is that in some SNIGLAR crib kits the four bolts used to secure the mattress support are not long enough. This can cause the mattress support to detach and collapse, creating a risk of entrapment and suffocation to a child in the crib. Fortunately, there have not been any injuries reported from this product malfunction so far.

This recall involves SNIGLAR non-drop-side, full-size cribs with model number 60091931 (the model numbers are printed on a label attached to the mattress support,) that were sold from October 2005 through June 2010.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada…announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

For additional information, contact IKEA toll-free at (888) 966-4532 anytime, or visit the firm’s website at

Bebe Au Lait Review

Bebe Au Lait LogoBaby C has completed her first review 🙂 Hooray!!

Like most babies, little Baby C is not a huge fan of baths (yet). She’s not a huge fan of being naked and cold and wet, until it comes to hair washing time, and then she’s in heaven. We are currently giving her sponge baths on the kitchen counter, but that’s going to change soon since she has her very own “big girl” belly button. Hooray for her first milestone! So of course we have the baby wash, washcloths, and water, but we also have the Bebe Au Lait Hooded Infant Bath Towel.

Since this is our second child we’ve accumulated about 10 cute hooded towels, but this Bebe Au Lait towel is my favorite by far. In fact, I’m sad when we have to wash it because then I can’t use it. When I gave Baby C her bath using this towel was the first time she didn’t cry during bath, it could have been the fact that mommy is faster at bathing than Daddy B, but I really think it was the comfort and warmth of this towel. Read More

Little Stinker Butt Spray Review

LogoButt Spray? What’s that?? Well, I have to say this is the one and only time I have ever, or will ever say, “butt” and “yum” in the same sentence, but Little Stinker Butt Spray smells yummy!

I found Little Stinker on Twitter and thought it was such a neat idea. Little Stinker Butt Spray is useful for getting rid of stinky smells using natural, organic ingredients. By using safe ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, Little Stinker Butt Spray is 100% okay to spray directly onto your little one’s bottom. Can you believe that?? Read More

Halo SleepSack Swaddle Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Halo SleepSack Swaddle ReviewI love seeing newborn babies in the hospital, not only are they an amazing blessing but they also look like cute little burritos swaddled in their blankets. I don’t think I ever got the hang of wrapping Little Miss A up quite like they did at the hospital though. I think I’d compare it to when you go get your hair done at a salon and try to recreate it yourself the next day with no help. But nonetheless I swaddled her, people unwrapped her to see her hands and feet, (I guess to make sure they were still there,) and I re-swaddled her again.

Being that I’m a short mommy I’m sure she was scrunched pretty tightly in my womb so I wanted her to feel like she was at home. So I did my best to wrap her tightly, but being a first time mom I didn’t know there was a much easier way than folding, using my knees, mouth, elbows and any extra body parts I had available to perform the perfect baby swaddle. Fortunately for my resourcefulness and great word of mouth from other moms, I found Halo. Read More

Chelsea & Main Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Chelsea & Main Review GiveawayChelsea & Main is a new parenting brand designed for moms and dads who want the best in products for their new baby. Their design team combines great design, style, and function to create the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Their designs are warm, vibrant, colorful, friendly, and energetic-distinctively Chelsea & Main. Designed hand in hand with a team of new parents, Chelsea & Main offers the greatest attention to detail, up-to-the-moment looks and best quality, all at a fantastic value.

Best yet, all of their bags are available at and $25 and under! I love my Chelsea & Main Flap Pocket Diaper Bag. While the name isn’t very flattering, I love so many things about this bag. Before my Chelsea & Main bag I had been using a Nine West bag-turned diaper bag, so the bag wasn’t really made for diapering or mommying but looked cute. Well, my Chelsea & Main bag has both. I love the cute flower print, since I’m having another girl I figured it was appropriate. Read More