Camp Food Sprouts {Guest Post}

If you are like most parents, you are probably excited that school is out and that summer is almost here! No more car lines, packing lunches, homework or time sensitive projects. Summer is a time for fun and most of all it’s a time for your child to relax and make wonderful memories.

If your kids are like most American children their summer activities may consist of hanging out with friends, swimming, playing in the sprinklers, reading books, watching movies/TV, playing video games, and depending on their age, spending time on electronic devices.

If you’re like me, you don’t want your kids sitting in the house, watching tv or playing video games all day. You want them outside, playing and running and being an active kid. Let’s face it, our culture is an online culture and is becoming even more so every day.

We all want our children to be well rounded individuals, to have more than we had as children, to know more and of course to be greater. We strive for our children to be both tech savvy and earth savvy. We would love for our children to build a website and to build a garden. The question is: how do we get that balance in this fast paced, media-centered world that we are in? How do we show our children how the basics when that’s not the space we live in?

What if your child had the opportunity to go to a summer camp to learn real life skills while having a blast with other kids and making memories? Personally, it would be so fulfilling for me to see my little S walk into a room sporting a tie die shirt she made from veggies. I am giddy thinking of the look on her face when she sees the first sprouts from her egg carton garden. Can you imagine your child enjoying this wholesome experience??

These are just some of the many invaluable experiences that Camp Food Sprouts will facilitate for your child.

Camp Food Sprouts in Charlotte is a two week, summer day-camp, dedicated to teaching your child real-life skills and ensuring that your child has fun while doing it. At this unique camp, your child will engage in themed sessions that include art projects, cooking, gardening, water play, yoga and more. The camp also has chefs, farmers and nutritional experts throughout the camp to teach your child and give them a hands-on learning experience.


Camp Food Sprouts offers invaluable life skills and arts that your child may not experience at home or at another camp. This is truly a one of a kind, unique experience that your child will learn from and take with them throughout their life.

If your child is between 6 and 12 years old and interested in cooking, baking, gardening and having FUN this is the camp for them.

Check out more details on Camp Food Sprouts on their website: and tell them you heard about their camp on!!

Do your children love nature? Cooking? Gardening?? What’s their favorite outdoor activity??

Lisa is a Florida Native who currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children. B.C. {Before Children} Lisa was an R.N. Currently Lisa has a love for hairdressing, finding fun play spots around North Carolina and giving great parenting advice.

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