Building Confidence for Biracial Girls – Yay9! Review

This is a review and review samples were used in this review.

As my girls get older I want them to know how beautiful they are, because they are created in God’s image. Through books and talking with several biracial parents and biracial people themselves I know that often times biracial children have a hard time figuring out who they are. I know I am only a small piece in their puzzle to loving themselves, but as a mom teaching them self worth and confidence in who they are is one of the more important values I want them to own.

I’ve tried to learn tips and tricks for styling their hair and feel like I do a pretty good job with the resources I have. DaddyB and I tell them all the great things not only about their looks but about the people they are. We often have dates with each child on their own to connect and let them know how special they are. Of course we do also focus and celebrate their uniqueness.

When Miss A was about 3 I stumbled on this Sesame Street video:



I was so excited to show it to Miss A and also bought her this really cool shirt to go with it: {pictured on right}

And of course as Lil C grew up she got this as a hand-me-down and loves wearing it. We always ask the girls which one they are or is their favorite.

Another fun company that celebrates diversity and being who you are, was brought to me by another awesome blogger is Yay9!.

Yay9! is a company that wants to be an experience for little girls who celebrate their own style. The characters Joyce, LuLu and Violet represent each one of the company founders’ girls and their unique personalities. Not only that, but they are also celebrating diversity and encouraging my girls to love their hair, skin color, and their style.

Addye Durant, the creator of Yay9!, has a vision to make Joyce, LuLu and Violet part of a movement and with our support, expand their projects and brand.

I love reading the about pages for businesses and that is no different for  Yay9!. You can tell from the get-go that they are a fun company and this transfers to their products as well. I love that the brand is great for little girls, tweens, and teens too.

We had the opportunity to check out a couple of their tees and I thought the packaging of the shirts was very creative. They were wrapped like candy and included really cool and large hair bobble hair ties. These shirts do run very small so I suggest ordering big since they do have some shrinkage too. The girls LOVED the designs can you tell?!?!


Yay9 Collage MommyB.jpg


How do you teach your children confidence?

Be sure to head Yay9!’s website to read more, shop, and check out the Joyce, Violet, and Lulu in action.

I also encourage you to visit their Indiegogo page and if you like their vision, make your contribution, and get your perk.


We received review samples of Yay9! products in order to give honest opinions. Review samples are placed into consideration and are only posted if it is something we believe is important to share about. We like Yay9! however we understand your opinions may vary. Thank you for being considerate and having an open mind while reading this post.


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  • think this is so important, as someone who grew up with not a lot of confidence and shyness, i try and compliment them in various things they do well, say, how smart, artistic, etc.. whatever they feel is important and they put effort in.

    • Cynthia, thanks for sharing and how awesome and brave of you to instill courage and self confidence in your own children. Do you find that you’re more outgoing as an adult or just want your kiddos not to have that trait?

    • They loved every bit of getting them from the packaging to the fun characters. I may do their hair like the characters one day.

  • I do love those shirts the girls are modeling. And your girls are of course beautiful! I love my boys – who are part Hispanic. I am 1/2! I dated a man (who my husband would like me to forget) that was Chinese. I think we would have had beautiful babies! And my boys BFFs are … 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Caucasian and another set it 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Caucasian. I definitely celebrate diversity and think the children that are a result are freakin’ awesome. And how do I give my children confidence. Uhm. Hum. Well, my little one has no shortage. My oldest I simply tell him what he does that is awesome and encourage him to try his hardest on what he can improve on with practice. I hope that makes sense. But improving on something can give you confidence just as much as knowing what you already rock at.

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