Birthday Bash: Sweet Tweets – Rainbow Bright

When Miss A decided that she wanted a rainbow party I was thrilled. I think color themed birthday parties may be one of the easiest themes to plan around. Traditionally, rainbows are: “ROYGBIV”, {red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet}, but more often than not we combine the indigo and violet to make purple or: “ROYGBP”, which doesn’t quite sound as fun, but works in the whole scheme of things.

While searching for all things rainbow I found a great selection of colored items at one of my local party stores, candy, buckets {which I didn’t end up using}, and even a rainbow number “4” piñata. I have however noticed that not all rainbows are made equal. I’m not sure why it happens but I see a lot of rainbows with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, but somewhere along the lines purple is always left out. I wonder to myself, “Is purple dye more expensive to make than the others?” Or maybe the manufacturers would rather have an odd number so yellow can be the middle color. Who knows.

Nonetheless, throughout my search I’ve seen a mixture of some of the rainbow colors represented in this colorful arc. That’s why I was not surprised in the least when we received our rainbow cookies from our great friends at Sweet Tweets. Red, orange, and yellow with accents of blue, green, and white arrived we were more than delighted.

Sweet Tweets Rainbow Cookies

You can clearly tell that this is a rainbow and I love the added accents on the fluffy clouds. They made the perfect treat for the party! My favorite part however was that the cookies were sweet and just the right texture, not too soft, not too crunchy. YUM!

They also made great accents and take-home gifts for the party.

Sweet Tweet Rainbow Party

If you haven’t contacted Sweet Tweets for your next party you should check out her latest creations and order yours before she books up for your birthday month. Check out their site here:

I received products from Sweet Tweets in order to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinions regardless. Your opinions may vary.


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