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It’s a well known fact that pictures capture memories and with Birthday Parties there are many many memories to be captured.

Often times there is the question of, “How should I capture those memories?” You can always take photos yourself, however there may be times when you want photos of yourself with your child or just want to focus on your child instead of all of the components of the party. That may be when you turn to friends to take photos. Now some friends can be great at taking the shots you want to see AND making sure they are good pictures, however you may find that you want your friends to enjoy the party and not worry about taking pictures or that you want a higher quality photo, that’s when I turn to professional photography.

Barbara Payne Photography Logo CharlotteNot every professional photographer is equipped to take good pictures of children, especially if they are involved in busy birthday activities. Barbara Payne from Barbara Payne Photography not only knows children and how to photograph them, but she’s a mom herself, so she understands how to get great shots from even the shyest child.


My favorite things about Barbara Payne Photography are:

  • She is patient with kiddos {and all her subjects}, making sure she gets the best shots possible
  • She has the talent and skill to take amazing pictures, which in the sea of photography is a big deal because she’ll be the photographer giving you clear, crisp pictures of your cuties with no editing tricks.
  • She has the most up-to-date, high-quality equipment and you will benefit by being able to have shots that some cameras or lighting just won’t be able to produce.
  • She offers in-studio and on-location shoots, perfect for a birthday party shoot and an in-studio birthday shoot.

Although Barbara Payne Photography can tout such great professionalism and works well with any age really her photos speak for themselves. Here are some great shots from Miss A’s 4th Birthday Bash:

Barbara Payne Photography Charlotte

Barbara Payne Photography Charlotte

Barbara Payne Photography Charlotte

Barbara Payne Photography Charlotte

See?!?! Barbara Payne Photography is located in Charlotte, however she’s always on the go, so if you’d like to get your pictures taken by her contact her through her website: or check her out on Facebook:

Which picture is your favorite? Who takes your birthday pictures? You, a friend, a photographer, Barbara Payne Photography?

I received digital photographs from Barbara Payne Photography in order to complete this review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine. Your opinions may vary.

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