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Scandinavian Child I have found that Scandinavian Child, also known as SCI Child comes up with the most creative, awesome products in the world of kid things. I’m always wondering what they are going to come up with next and immediately was drawn to their cool Beaba 360 Spoon.

Baby C {now almost 20 months},{when should I stop calling her Baby C, if I call her Baby C forever will she stay little, no? Okay :(}, is doing great using her forks, in fact some days I think she is going to break the plate when she gouges into her food, and she’s actually doing pretty well using her spoons too, however the kid spoons that I have found are often too flat so it was great to try out the Beaba 360 Spoon with her.

Beaba-360-purple-green spoon

Here is a video of Baby C using the Beaba 360 Spoon. Please ignore the bed head, she just woke up and is eating breakfast, and Miss A is narrating *LOL*

Overall we really like the Beaba 360 Spoon. My favorite things are:

Bright colors – they really stand out from the other utensils, making them easy to grab when Baby C is hungry.

Easy to hold – more so for children who are just learning to use utensils, Baby C does better with smaller utensils but she has amazing fine motor skills, look how she holds her crayons with no training if you don’t believe me {I swear she was born that way.}

Baby C pencil grip

 Good Depth – the actual scoop part of the spoon is great for picking up small things like Cheerios, and peas and helps give little ones confidence by preventing frustration that comes from dropping food with traditional utensils.

Kickstand – the spoon comes with the back end that is used more for a lock, however I was able to use it as a sort of “kickstand”, if you will to hold the spoon up to keep from tipping over small cups and bowls like yogurt.

Lastly, I love that the product is BPA and phthalate free, a must in today’s purchases. Yes there are spoons that will be cheaper and I have those in my utensil drawer too, however I would recommend at least purchasing one of the Beaba 360 Spoons as a “training spoon” for your toddler. They are $10.00 on the Scandinavian Child website and come in three different colors depending on who you are buying them for. Head over here: to check them out.

I received a Beaba 360 Spoon from SCI Child in order to write this review, however the opinions and words expressed in the post above are my own. Yours may vary.


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  • I love the little hook on the end of the spoon! My daughter leaves the spoon in her bowl and a lot of the time the spoon will slide down into her oatmeal/spaghettios/etc. The little hook on this would stop it from doing that! I didn’t even know they made these! Awesome!

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