Baby Trend Double Jogger {Guest Post}

Baby Trend LogoCheck out this creative point-of-view review by MommyB Knows Best’s newest guest blogger Danielle M and let me know what you think!

On your mark, get set … and we’re off, jogging – walking, rather – down the sidewalks of my small town, tunes from my iPod drifting out of the speakers of my Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller. My boys, ages two and 3 months, and I are perfectly content in this roomy, two-seater stroller that offers a smooth ride. I get my exercise while they get a nice comfortable ride and a view of the world around them.Baby Trend does a tremendous job at offering plenty of room for two, and spacious storage for cargo for all the expected and unexpected events that might arise on a walk. It also offers a five-point harness to secure children in comfortable multi-positioning seats, which is great for moms on the move. There should be no excuses for not getting out and jogging until baby is 6 months of age because this stroller allows you to snap in a car seat for the youngest of riders. You can start burning off that baby weight immediately.

Another strength is its durability. With its easy-to-maneuver handling and large bike wheels, this stroller can go almost anywhere. We have taken it on all types of terrain, even hiking trails in the woods, with no problems. Six cup holders and speakers for an MP3 input are both nice added perks.

Baby Trend Double Jogger

Despite its versatility and the smooth ride, there are a few drawbacks. Moms, this stroller is not for the petite among us. You need some pretty serious muscle to heft this baby in and out of the car. When folded down, it still takes up a large amount of space. The back wheels pop off for easier storage in vehicles, but it’s even a tight fit in the back of my SUV. What about the trunk of a car? One other concern: if you’re an avid runner, the wheels occasionally wobble and shake when jogging. It makes for an uncomfortable ride for the small passengers.

For the money, though, this stroller is splendid and offers great accommodations. I am thrilledwith it and find it to be very useful in taking my little sight-seers out for a stroll. I would give this Baby Trend Stroller 4 out of 5 stars.

Danielle M. Guest BloggerDanielle M. is a former elementary classroom teacher who is now a full-time “domestic engineer” dedicated to instructing her two sons, ages two and three months. She lives in rural upstate NY and spends her free time being outdoors as much as living in a place with six months of winter will allow. She’s also a bargain-hunter and coupon-clipper who prides herself on never paying full price for anything for her boys.


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  • It was a good review. The only part I take exception to the jogging with a baby under 6 months old. It isn’t because they don’t fit in the seat. They do not have proper head control and you could really do some serious damage (even minor damage isn’t worth it). Don’t believe me? put a glass of water 3/4 full in the seat and take a light jog. Look how much water sloshes out and around. Obviously children’s brains aren’t as delicate but shaken baby isn’t anything to mess around with. I liked it though- good points and she touches on all the important things you don’t always think about when looking for a stroller.

  • I own this stroller and love it! I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old. I do not really use it for jogging, but it is great for walks. I take it on trails through the woods it is so easy to push! Much easier than a regular double stroller.

  • Scottiev is 100% correct in saying that you should not jog with the jogging stroller until your infant is 6 months of age and older. This is even stated in bold print when you buy the jogging stroller and in the directions. When writing the review, I meant to say “exercise” instead of “jog”: “There should be no excuses for not getting out and (jogging) exercising until baby is 6 months of age because this stroller allows you to snap in a car seat for the youngest of riders.”
    Thank you for commenting on it so I could catch my mistake 🙂

  • Have any of you tried this stroller indoors ie getting it through double doors in the mall or even single doors for running errands or is this more of an outdoor stroller??

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