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Readeez CD/DVD Winners

Readeez Review and Giveaway CDCongrats to Amy B. and Courtney H. Who were picked by and won their very own copies of Readeez. Ladies be sure to check your emails and send me your addresses within 48 hours or new winners will be chosen. For those of you who didn’t win please be sure to check back next week and following dates for more great reviews, tips, and giveaways from MommyBKnowsBest!

Cartoon Madness

Cartoon Madness CI know cartoons are for children and not necessarily supposed to make sense to adults or make sense in general. However, I can’t help but ask myself when I watch TV shows with Little Miss A what are these characters doing, thinking etc.

Here are some of our favorites and some of my recent ponderings.

Nick Jr.

Go Diego Go – Why is Baby Jaguar still a baby and will he ever grow up? I thought animals grew faster than humans.  Also how can Diego drive? Isn’t he like 10 years old? Where are his parents when he’s surrounded by pumas when he should be afraid of being eaten? Who is Diego’s real family? On Dora Diego and Daisy were brother and sister but on Go Diego Go Diego’s sister is Alicia…hmm maybe there is an illegitimate daughter somewhere in this mix.

Backyardigans – I used to ask what Uniqua was but then we wikipedia’d it and found out she’s not really anything according to the creator. Now I’m wondering why Uniqua is the only non-animal in the bunch?

Cartoon Madness WonderPetsWonderPets -Why is the sink always full for Tuck to get out? Don’t those school kids clean up? And what’s up with Linny, they say, “she,” when referring to her and she dresses in girl costumes sometimes but why is she often portrayed like a boy?

Max and RubyWhere are these children’s parents?? In fact where are most of these and other cartoon’s parents? Maybe they feel like the parents will put a damper on the adventures? We probably would!

PBS Kids

Clifford The Big Red Dog – Why hasn’t Clifford unintentionally hurt anyone? He’s a mess and huge! Where do Emily Elizabeth’s parents get all that money for dog food? Perhaps their cover is the beach shop….

Caillou Caillou is 4 years old and his little sister has more hair than he does, why doesn’t he have any hair at all???Cartoon Madness Curious George

Curious George – Shouldn’t Chef Pisghetti and Professor Wiseman be in jail for their multiple health code violations of letting a monkey (and cat) into their restaurant and museum?
Playhouse Disney

Cartoon Madness Special Agent OsoSpecial Agent Oso – Why is this panda teal and yellow? Is there a back story, like he was douced with acid or came from another planet?

PS. Did anyone notice in Christmas Dora that she is playing with Boots, Isa, and her other friends when they are toddlers yet in the show she doesn’t meet them until after she’s older? Mmmmhmmm 😉

These are only a few of my ponderings and obviously cartoons aren’t made to make sense but I had to get it off my chest. Anything you notice in your child(ren)’s cartoon shows that “bug” you?

Handfuls Handprints Review Part II

Handful's Handprints Part IISome of you may have read my Handfuls Handprints Review Part I and if not feel free to click on the link and check it out. Basically, Handfuls is a wonderful handcrafted impression “company” that imprints anyone’s hand or foot print using very fine techniques creating an amazing keepsake.

When we went to pick up our piece Little Miss A was super excited because she though she was doing the imprinting process again. I must confess I loved the process too. Jenny Bertleson, the owner of Handfuls Handprints was very gentle and sweet and made the imprints fun. Read More

Readeez Review and 2 Giveaways {Closed}

Readeez Review and GiveawayLittle Miss A and I couldn’t help but bop around our house listening and watching the materials from Readeez. There were even points in the songs where Miss A took out her inflatable guitar to rock along with the quirky songs.

I love Readeez because they remind me a little of the band They Might Be Giants’ style , if you don’t know who they are then stop reading my blog! No seriously TMBG is probably best known by parents because they are featured on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Higglytown Heroes, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Although they have some pretty awesome adult hits as well. Read More

Worst Gift of 2009

Pop Pop Review

I’m sorry to say that I’ve come across the worst gift ever. It’s the Mugen Pop Pop Bubble Wrap and here it is in all of it’s horrible giftedness glory. Honestly, I can’t believe someone would pay money for this item, but it was a gift to DaddyB from a coworker so I guess for a cheap purchase they were thinking it was a good choice, I beg to differ.

Basically this piece of crap plastic has several buttons (all of them do the same exact thing,) and you push it to hear a click. I guess it’s supposed to be a simulation of popping packing bubbles, although if you ask me there’s not much resemblance. Once you click the “secret” number you get a surprise sound, like a door bell or a dog barking etc.

DaddyB thought it would be a good idea to give it to Little Miss A and she liked it for all of 1 second. It was hard for even me to press the buttons, much less the fingers of a 2.5 year old. But the best part of this toy is that I figured out the “secret” number of presses to actually get a so-called fun sound…yeah it’s 100. Who wants to push this thing 100 times to get one 1 second everyday sound?

I’m hoping DaddyB’s coworker got this thing on sale because if you ask me $2.75 is way too much to pay for this Ban Dai flop.

Do you have a runner up for Worst Gift of 2009?? What is it? I HAVE to know!!!

chicBuds Review

chicBuds ReviewLook what I found in my stocking! Actually chicBuds sent me a sample to try out for my blog and all I can say is I’m a lucky mommy. I don’t even know where to start with these amazing head phones. I think it was love at first sight 🙂

From the flavorful packaging descriptions that almost make you want to bite into these yummy ear-glitz electronics to the amazing functionality it’s a product that every mommy should own.

I’m not huge on buying things just because they’re cute so there’s a chance I might not have picked these up on my own, but honestly these are the best headphones I’ve used for several reasons.

Read More

Kustom Memories Spotlight

Kustom Memories SpotlightI hope you enjoy my first and last spotlight of 2009. This spotlight features Kustom Memories, a small family owned company focusing on making fun, educational, personalized products for children.

The company is family founded and  Kustom Memories ensures that every product they send out is of the highest quality. Many studies show that when children become a part of what they read, see and listen to it builds confidence and self-esteem while increasing literacy and retention. What a better way to learn than by having fun?!? Read More

Veggie Tales DVD Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

Veggie Tales Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful GivingThe story of Saint Nicholas comes to life in this fun Veggie Tales movie: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. From start to finish this film was a great movie on so many levels.

As holiday cheer is spreading through the town, everyone is excited about their own Christmas plans and gifts. Unfortunately, Laura the Carrot and her family may not have a Christmas at all. All of the Veggies try to think of ideas to help out, but Bob the Tomato, in usual Veggie Tales fashion has a great lesson/story to share. So off Bob and Larry go “back in time,” to tell the story of Saint Nicholas.

I was very interested to see how this animated film aligned with the history of Saint Nick. I had never heard the full story myself, only bits and pieces so it was very interesting for me to watch and learn. Plus it’s always great to learn about other cultures and their versions of Santa. Read More

A Touch of Cheer

Christmas CheerToday has been a pretty decent day, not too great, but not bad at all. I’ve actually been fighting my second cold this pregnancy, (I don’t remember being sick at all when I was pregnant with Little Miss A,) and I’m actually feeling pretty good despite my somewhat scratchy voice.

Although we had a busy day planned, pick up my Handfuls Handprints final product, (for Part II review,) go to a fun art kids place where Miss A could have played and created even more masterpieces for me to hang on the appliances, walls, give to DaddyB for his office. Then of course grocery shopping, laundry, <insert other mommy type domestic goddess duties> and generally a busy, but fun-filled day for us.

Unfortunately around 9:30 it started raeetiling, (a mixture of rain, sleet, hail of course), and being that we’re in a Southern state, and some of the drivers, not mentioning any names, aren’t the best of drivers when inclement weather strikes. I figured it best to get our grocery shopping done, mandatory when all you have in the fridge are a bag of sun dried tomatoes and 10 oranges from hubby’s boss for Christmas.

I left A in her jammies, they were cute monkeys anyhow, and because her curlicious hair cannot go without several products and combing I opted for a winter hat. Thank You God for making curly haired girls (did I just say that?!?), but thank You even more for hats! Now, I never ever do this, (well not since Miss A was under 6 months, not that I think a mom shouldn’t), but for some unsaid reason I try to make sure Miss A looking good, even if I’m not the most stylish mom on the block.   But today we, bum-ily headed across the street to my second home, Super Target. Got our shopping done, the entire trip consisted of me putting items in my cart and Miss A saying we needed eggs. “We don’t need eggs, A.” Then found out we needed eggs to make more cookies, oh because we only have about 50 on our counter, my bad 🙂 After our trip I decided we’d stay off the roads as much as possible and hope for a nap.

No nap, but we did have lunch, tidied up the house, did some laundry, got a fun video letter from Santa and got our mail and packages. As Miss A and I were sitting on the couch enjoying a little bit of Dora the Explorer, a very educational children’s program 😉 we heard a bang on the door and I went to check it out. Come to find out it was the crazy UPS guy, who, after trying to open break my always locked storm door, normally knocks loudly and rings the doorbell at a minimum of 3 times. But I’ll forgive him this time because he brought me some cheer for the holiday.

Warning sidebar about to occur in 5,4,3,2……1. I was writing in my baby journal today that it’s hard to enjoy this pregnancy because I’ve been sick and the holidays are stressing me out and realized that I need to, in general, slow down and enjoy life, I’m definitely letting it pass by too quickly and not enjoying it as much as I should be. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post….

With that being said, with my reviews I’ll sometimes get a box that I’m not sure what’s in it, but usually once I open it I’ve expected it. Today I got something from Williams Sonoma and know that I didn’t order any Christmas gifts and didn’t have any reviews coming from them. Then I thought perhaps something I ordered on Etsy or other sites may have come in a random box. Much to my delight, the item actually WAS from William Sonoma and is a GYNORMOUS carmel apple that BabyB and I can both enjoy, at the same time. Now I would take a picture of me with the apple, but like I said not really hot mommy today, so I won’t scare you for now.  But here’s an even prettier picture.

Williams Sonoma

In short, this gift really warmed my heart and it was totally unexpected, I love gifts that are unexpected, I think that it makes them even more special. So thanks to the ladies at 4 My Mom and Company 5 for making my day and reinforcing my need to slow down and enjoy life and it’s little or in the caramel apple’s case BIG pleasures.

How do you slow down and enjoy life being a busy mom or dad???